This is...a really weird pic.^^; After struggling with the SR characters, who are very fun to draw but give me migraines, going back to Charon and Sentinel is...very relaxing (they're so easy to draw!).^^; I liked both of their expressions (especially Sentinel's, I think), and since they seem kinda annoyed/exasperated, that's what I decided to call the pic.^^ And, er, please don't ask me why Sentinel's head is growing out of Charon's, I don't know. You may attach some symbolism to that if you wish.^^;
Unfortunately, the way this pic turned out, the top of Charon's head is gone, making him look kinda flat... And I didn't have room for the top of Sentinel's head!>_< Maybe this pic should've been called "Topless." But that'll definitely give people the wrong idea.^^;;;;