She's not really slinging... This is Merle, the same girl who was wearing that purple outfit in the anniversary pic.^^ Sorta kinda my alter-ego, except I don't look anything like that.
This pic was a pain in the behind, because I got to a certain point and just didn't want to work on it anymore. She's supposed to be in a dirty run-down house, but I just had no idea what to put on the floor besides, well, the floor. So finally I gave it up and now the pic is posted. I'm not too fond of it, but I dig her handgun.^^ I still have the original reference pic bookmarked. It was such so cool, silver and black and so sleek.^_^ *ahem* Anyway, I think I'm also proud of the hand holding the gun, and it's always a good thing when the hand turns out well.