After a really LONG break, I'm finally updating.@_@ Unfortunately I updated with a sucky picture after a day of thinking all my art needed to burn because they were so awful. I have two other pics going on, and both of them are not doing well. Figures.
Well, enough about that. This is the first headshot for SR, featuring Amatsu (duh), wearing a grin and a new outfit. Or the top of one. I mean, he's wearing the entire darned thing, but you only see the top of it. Right, I'm so coherent today. Anyway, this picture took a helluva long time to clean up, mainly because I actually bothered to clean up this time. All those grey spots were starting to seriously piss me off. The result is this nice clean white background, which makes me happy. *stares at pic* It looked fine on paper, but why does it look weird on the computer screen? Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
His hair was a pain in the neck (believe me, I want to say another body part) to shade, and it didn't even turn out that good.@_@ Parts of it did, I suppose. Like the top part. And maybe that bit on the lower right. Oh well, I like the outfit, at least. (The design on his shirt comes from the fancy bookstops my sister gave me.^^) So, that cloth drapes over his left shoulder, down the front and back, and is tied around the waist. It goes down to his knees, I think. He wears loose pants tucked into boots with it... One day I will draw him in really fancy clothes and call that pic "The Lord of the South." Just you watch. (Yeah, I have no idea where that came from.)