Mamoru Mono

"Sesshoumaru, omae...mamoru mono wa aru ka?" So that was what Inu-papa asks Sesshoumaru in the 3rd movie (which apparently was pretty sucky like the first and second, but had lotsa lotsa fanservice of the inu-youkai kind^^). It means, "Sesshoumaru, do you have someone to protect?" (Incidentally, the title means "Someone to Protect"...or actually it's "the protected one" but let's not get too technical here.) And when I heard that line all I could think of was, "Yes he does!XD He protects RIN!!!!" Just like a daddy ought to protect his little girl, and just like (I enjoy thinking) Inu-papa had to protect Sesshoumaru when he was a wee puppy.^_^
So, I was thinking on the topic of protection, and it occurred to me that what Sesshoumaru does is very much like "hovering." He never touches Rin (except for the first time when he revived her), he just kind of remains in the background until something happens, and then he's like, "RAWR! Take your hands off my kid!" A guardian dog spirit, of sorts.*snicker* And this pic was the result of that "hovering in the background" imagery.^_^ (Look at 'im hover! And billow!)

People on WS seem to really like this pic, and hey, I'm not complaining about their comments.^^; I was (pleasantly) surprised though, because like I said a gazillion times, I think the composition sucks.^^; It's too...linear.^^; (I hope to remedy that with later pics.) But otherwise, I like the way they both turned out... Sesshoumaru's clothes are really fun to draw in a nitpicky, detail-filled sort of way, and Rin...Rin's just cute and cooperative (plus that pose came almost directly from a manga pic..<_<). My Sailor Moon art influences are showing up in her eyes, as Majo observed, and it amuses me because I totally didn't mean to do that.^^;; Wish I were better at drawing backgrounds though (can you even tell those are mountains?@_@). And clouds. Clouds are the devil. They have no *lines*. And while I'm griping, I just wanted to say that Rin's head looks like it's positioned incorrectly on her neck, now that I'm staring at it for the upteenth time...^^; ....going to stop staring now or else this commentary will never end.^^;; Sekka forever!XD