Who ARE You??

*blink blink* Gosh, he's...really good-looking as a girl, isn't he? Yeesh, scary.^^; So anyway, my muse decided that she really wanted to see a more "serious" pic of the Sentinel as an elven princess. Since I agreed, I promptly (well, maybe not so promptly) obliged with this little piece of work. He is really frighteningly pretty.^^ (Sentinel: I'd just like to inform you that you're going to die a horrible, agonizing death now. Kindly say your prayers.) *sigh* And now my favorite character is after me with soul-devouring demons...it's all in a day's work for this college student, let me tell you.
Originally this was supposed to be a serious pic, but somehow or another the chibis popped in there. Nemesis (and Thanatos, once he gets over his shock) is probably there to make fun of our poor Sentinel, and Charon...Charon looks rather traumatized, doesn't he?^^ Final note on design stuff: the Sentinel was originally supposed to be sitting on a bed or a couch with his feet on something else...obviously I didn't draw the furniture in, so it looks like his feet are resting on nothing (even though you can't see them under the dress...*snicker*).