There's certainly a profusion of Japanese titles saikin...I mean, recently.^^; This particular one means "firefly," because Rin is chasing them and yelling "hotaru-chan!".^^ Jaken finally makes it into a pic, turning this into the first TRUE Sekka piece. :) The Nintoujou ("Staff of Heads," surprise surprise) he's holding is actually my favorite part in the entire pic, I really like how it turned out (and this time I used a manga reference, ha!). Second to that, I suppose, would be Rin herself...I think I got her proportions the most correct in this pic, not to mention her checked obi really stands out against the broader checks on her yukata, and I think the effect is quite nice.^_^ Her half-assed foot even got complimented.0_o I think it's a good thing I hid the other one behind all that grass, because then it would've been, "'s a cute pic and all, but since when did Rin get a stump?" (It's to match Sesshoumaru's missing arm! XD ...ok, that's so wrong. Forget I said that.^^;;)
*giggle* Aren't little childen incorrigible? Jaken and daddy--I mean, Sesshoumaru--can hardly keep up.^_^ I personally think Jaken's exasperated "siiigh" is awfully cute.^^ And really, that's all this pic is: a piece of WAFFy waff, meant to satisfy the "aww" in us.^^ I mean, here we have two youkai, growing fonder and fonder of the little girl as time passes, watching her run after fireflies.XD Who needs romance in the face of this??^___^ (I do wish I can draw fields a little better though. It looks like she's running *into* one, but I think they're actually all in the field, there's just mysteriously no grass between her and Jaken.0_o) And to create more Sekka goodness! XD