Otou no Te

This pic gets my "favorite of the update" acknowledgement.^^ (Note favorite does not=best.) There are definitely things wrong with it, since I'm drawing hands and hands are, as any aspiring artist can tell you, IMPOSSIBLY difficult to depict correctly. That being said, I still think they're one of the most beautiful body parts ever, right up there with eyes.^_^ And since eyes are so often used in conjunction with romantic scenes (it gets really overdone after a while: you see the lovers' eyes, and they just quiver, and quiver, and quiver across the screen, until you wonder if they're not gonna quiver right out of the sockets), I didn't want to use them here.^^; I guess hands are used often too, but less often, and hand-holding is far more platonic than soulfully quivering-eyes into another set of soulfully quivering-eyes.

I saw this pic in my mind's eye very naturally, 1. because I love people touching my hands (hand massage the best thing on this side of the solar system), and 2. because I think a part of me has always thought Sesshoumaru's hands (er...now it's just 'hand') were pretty, despite those, you know, killer claws.^^; (My pretties! I like drawing pretties!!XD) ...*ahem* So anyway, his are feral, dangerous hands, and who knows how many people Sesshoumaru's killed with them. Yet, I can see this one little girl, reaching up to touch his hand without a trace of fear. Likewise, I can see him--an arrogant, human-hating youkai--allowing the touch. (Let's pour on the familial WAFF!) I'm talking about actual physical contact here, but a lot of that is wishful thinking on the fans' part (though recently, Rin has progressed to actually touching Sesshoumaru's fluff! XD).^^; So in a way, this pic represents what I'd like to see in the manga (tactile stuff!XD), but it's also a symbol of how Rin has 'touched' Sesshoumaru emotionally. In both cases, I wanted to portray a sense of tentativeness, especially on the part of Sesshoumaru (note he's not really...returning the touch^^), because that's how it stands right now.^_^; There's also this stark contrast between how large his hand is compared to hers. If he wanted to, he could break every bone in that hand, but he's not going to. Somehow that makes me want to hug myself.^^

So that's what I *wanted* to show, not sure if I actually *did* it.^^; Someone on WS mentioned that Sesshoumaru's thumb was too short, and at first I was like, "Oops, I guess I have an abnormally short thumb...0_o" But now that I'm comparing my hand to his hand for the upteenth time...*stare* Gee, I still don't know.^^;;; I have to say though, I'm very proud of Rin's hand. It...it actually looks like a little kid's hand, pudgy fingers and all. Ack, so cute! Sesshoumaru doesn't stand a chance!^^; Now the only thing this pic needs is color. And I keep saying that and I keep not coloring. *shakes head* And speaking of speaking...I've spoken too much.^^;;;; Owari owari...