For Lady Parvati

This started out as a character sketch for Tessel, Amatsu's healer.^^; At the same time though, I was writing a story focused on Shiva's fiercely loyal healer, Parvati, who winds up...requiring Tessel's skills because of bad things that a certain author likes to inflict on her favorite characters. *ahem* So now it's actually an illustration of a scene in the story, where Tessel enthusiastically gathers up some books on healing that she thought Parvati would like, hence the title. The Japanese in the corner is just the Katakana for Tessel's name.^^ It's fun writing names in Katakana.^_^
Art-wise...I'm...kinda proud of this pic and yet irritated with it at the same time.^^; I love how Tessel turned out; her expression was exactly the way I imagined it, and I rather like the way she's holding the books and reaching out for another one. Plus she has POOFY pants!^__^ (Loves poofy pants, they're so fun to draw...) Anyway, the only thing that really bothers me is that I still think the walls are too empty (though I like the chart and the bookshelf and the chest^__^). I wish I could draw things like wall hangings well... Well, it's something to work on, in any case.^^