A Strange sort of family

Rin: Jaken-sama! I found some mushrooms for lunch!
Jaken: *grumbles grumbles mutters*
Sesshoumaru: *relaxes*
Welp. This turned out to be my last piece of "serious" IY fanart for a while. It's not one of my favorites (Rin looks strangely off), but I still like it. Jaken and Sesshoumaru both turned out surprisingly well, I'm especially fond of Jaken's expression and Sesshoumaru's hand draped on his knee.^^ Obviously, the premise here is that Rin got hungry, so they stopped for lunch. :) I'm just so fond of these cute little domestic scenes with them... *giggles like a mad fangirl*

Unfortunately (*gripe time*), the shading is something horrendous, and the background looks really fake. I never like my pictures with backgrounds because the bgs always suck. But then again I never like my pics without backgrounds because they look so empty. I can never win, can I?^^;;;;