Ice Mermaid Garden

Behold, my first time drawing Kali, head general of the Northern Armed Forces! Figures she'd be in decidedly non-combat garb and actually not doing work (this is atypical, lemme assure you). Kali is taking a day off because Shiva said so (or something. I get the feeling Amatsu had a part in it too), and in this scene she's paying toll to enter a famous ice sculpture garden. This year's theme is mermaids, in case you couldn't figure out what those figures were.^^;
Her shirt was directly copied from a shirt I saw in the window of Ann Taylor's Loft, which just opened not too long ago next to our campus bookstore. It looks like a really classy store, I kinda want to go in.^^ But anyway, it was a pretty cream color, and as soon as I saw it I thought "Kali!" So that's why she's wearing what she's wearing.^^; BTW, in case someone doesn't get the shirt: the thing's all one piece, that top is sewn together and can't be pulled apart or anything. Tis just a shirt styled to vaguely resemble Japanese clothes.^^; In fact this piccie was originally an outfit design for Kali, but then I thought the way I drew her hand looked like she was dropping something, and it led to this.^^; Tis very sparse and sketchy, but I thought Kali looked rather nice. *shrug* And I have a certain fondness for the mermaid sculpture whose back is facing us.

Finally, that annoying blur in the upper left? That's because I carry my sketchpad around and the pencil gets smeared. The scanner *always* picks it up and I *always* have sucky scans that take forever to clean.-_- I'm going to get carpal tunnel for sure.