I saw this bridal gown in an issue of Bride's magazine and promptly decided that it would be an excellent way to practice the drapes and folds of clothing, at which I suck. *nods solemnly* The model in the photo is doing the exact same nonsensical pose this lady is doing, except without the decorative ionic column, so it's even more nonsensical.^^; There were other far more fetching and interesting gowns in that magazine (this one with lace was so gorgeous;_;), but my skill could not dream to render them down on paper, so I chose this relatively simple one.
I'm grudgingly proud of the way this came out, especially *grin* from far away. It looks like fabric if you glance at it really quick.^^; The photographers had her stand in what would probably be called "ambient" lighting though, so when I tried to be too clever and assigned a light source from one direction, I messed myself up. Fortunately it still looks ok. I think. A last word of criticism is in regards to that bodice. It's supposed to be a band of sequins/glittery stuff that sort of wraps around her bosom. I dunno, it looks kinda weird to me. Plus I couldn't make my pencil marks turn out glittery. So much the worse for me.^^;