A Head of Mischief

If you can't tell who my favorite character is by now, you haven't been paying any attention.^^; Here's the Sentinel (again), slightly younger than he is in the manga and in my Upperworld fics. The words all over the place are from his colleagues.^^ Clockwise from top to bottom, it goes~
Nemesis: ...at that point I just say to him, "Sentinel, whatever it is you're thinking of doing, count me in."
Thanatos: When he gets that look, it's really in your best interest to just stay out of his way.
Charon: If you mean moments of utter insanity, then yes, he certainly has his "moments."
As to what they're all talking about...the Sentinel's smirking widely in this pic.^^ Or he's supposed to be. But dang it looks like he's smiling nicely. No, NO, NO, stupid scanner!-_-;