Right Behind You

A technically impossible picture due to the kind of summoner Gen is.^^; At any rate...this is Gen Schuyler (pronounced "Sky-ler," in case you're interested), a character from Arcanum (NOT Arcanum: Sinon's Redemption, which is the...*ahem* "side-story"). Behind him is his (badly-drawn-but-I-like-the-head) favorite summon, Phoenix. Those two have good karma, yeah.
This is the first time I've ventured to draw one of the two main characters from Arcanum, and I'm nervous because I did not create them (I mean, well, I didn't create Amatsu and Shiva either, but...ok, off-topic^^;), I only sorta helped write their story.^^; (Which is, incidentally, not finished.) Character design and all that belongs to Majo-chan, of course.^^

Um, so yeah...I guess I'm kinda proud of this picture...sort of.^^; Gen was the best I could do, Phoenix, on the other hand, is sort of...sketchy.^^; She could benefit by some color, that's for sure. (Next goal: Learn how to color!) And Gen is missing those mysterious wrap things around his pants because I forgot them. Yup. He can take those off, I'm sure, so it's not a big deal, right?^^; And some final gripes: I hate his hands. And his expression is somewhere between maniacal and just plain stupid, which can't be a good thing, especially if you know anything about Gen (not maniacal and not stupid). Ugh. More practice.