My 2nd Sekka fanart (Sekka="Sesshoumaru no kazoku," or "Sesshoumaru's family." I figured if everyone else can come up with weird abbreviations for their favorite pairings, I can do the same with my favorite relationship.^^). Anyway, I like this one because of the composition and the way I drew Sesshoumaru, his fluffy is FUN and CONVENIENT! Now I don't have to draw his spiky armor!, I meant to say, he's not in Rumiko Takahashi-sensei's style, but he's still recognizable (I hope). That's the challenge with fanart, isn't it, to draw the characters in your own style, but not so deviant from the original that people look at it and go, "Ooh, cool OC!" Rin I thought turned out alright too, though maybe her expression's a little too old for a 6-8 year old (I wish I knew her freakin' age!>_<).
This pic, similar to "Battles to Fight" (in SR), is inspired by the hanakotoba (flower language) for lavender, which is "devotion." Or rather, in this case, it was more like, I wanted to draw a flower pic, so I went online to search for the appropriate flower to represent their relationship.^^ A "filial love" flower would've been ideal, but "devotion" is quite good enough.^^;; That being said though, the lavenders are pretty sucky.^^;;; (There aren't any good reference pics, everything's one big purple blob in a green field, and I wanted to draw the individual florets.;_;)

Sesshoumaru's expression has been described as "too nice" in this pic, which means my attempt at drawing the usual neutral non-expression didn't work too well (hmm...he actually looks...kinda melancholy...0_o).^^; Could've sworn he was less nice (or melancholy, whatever) in the original pic though...*puzzled* Does my scanner turn people into nicer, gentler versions of themselves?

...looking at this pic makes me think of that cute little song Rin sings in the hyounekozoku filler.^__^ "Watashi wa hitori de machimashou. Sesshoumaru-sama, omodoriou." ("I'll wait here by myself, so Sesshoumaru-sama, please come back.") Awwww...kawaii.^^ And he always comes back too! Just like a devoted doggie!! (Sesshoumaru's gonna kill me.)