Destitute Dancer

This is a hypothetical picture of Zane Blackwell's mother. Well, the picture is real, but the character design is still uncertain. She appears to be a poor ballerina trying to make her mark in the world, but her hair's rather too long, isn't it?^^; I was trying for a wild, nymph-like look, but I'm not sure it worked, and I also can't tell if her expression is slightly sad or slightly startled. (Or maybe she looks scared...^^;) When I first drew this, I felt sort of proud because she's not just standing there, she's actually in an interesting position. But now...I'm not so sure.^^; Maybe it's my own mood affecting how I feel about this pic.^^; (So if I'm happy everything will look pretty!)
And blast it, the scan turned out horrible.-_- Though I guess the gauzy skirt part wasn't ruined, so that's good...

And I wonder if she looks the type to be going out bar-hopping...?