Ok, so it's probably NOT what he'd say if he looks back at you with this expression, but it'd be what he'd think.^^ Sentinel: mature and responsible on the outside, the devil's spawn on the inside.

Sentinel: ExCUSE me??
Ok...somewhat sadistic but ultimately just and fair, with a penchant for mischief.
Sentinel:...that's a little better.
*rolls eyes* Did I mention 'modest,' too? Charon's rubbing off on you.
Sentinel: I just protested being called the devil's spawn! Do you realize how disturbing that image is??
....*pause* Ugh. You know, you're right. Let's not bring Satan into the picture.
Sentinel: Thank you.

*grumble* Characters...taking up space...*grumble* Well, anyway, this is a quick sketch of Sentinel, and I feel like I've said all that could be said about it.^^; It's got no special meaning, I just like this expression on him, and I like the fact that he's throwing it over his shoulder at some unwitting innocent behind him.^_^ I think the part that turned out the best was his eyes, and according to Majo, I am improving on the back of his head, which used to be too flat (I think). That is good news.^^ The bad news though, is that apparently his nose is too big.XD I...I don't know what I can say to that...*snicker* Bannin-kun to ano ookii hana? *ROTFL...sounds like a bad anime episode!!!*

Sentinel: Ookii hana ga NAI!

Hai hai, wakatta wakatta. ....I should stop now before it gets really out of hand.^^