Truth Unmasked

(11/20/02: Added ties, because Majo-chan said they had them.^^ I think the length is wrong though.-_-) The immortals in high school!^_^ This pic is for Majo-chan, who came up with the idea of sticking these four in school in the first place, with this pic.^^ We have already created dozens of hilarious scenarios involving their ordinary mortal lives, and I'm in the process of writing them all down into a cohesive story. It's hard!
But anyway, let me explain the situation in this pic. Charon and Sentinel just got their calc tests back. Charon got 100, but Sentinel got 3 points off on one problem. He doesn't know why he got it wrong, so he asks Charon, and at this moment in the pic, Charon is explaining (with unusual patience^^) the problem to the Sentinel. Meanwhile, Nemesis in the back notices this cute little scene and pulls Thanatos over, because they can't miss this perfect opportunity to tease their classmates.^_^ Hence why this pic is called "Truth Unmasked." Nemesis and Thanatos have just unmasked the 'truth' about the Sentinel and Charon: they're actually best friends!^_^