It's a Zoo in Here

Aaah...this pic brings back fond memories of not-so-long ago, when Majo's computer was alive and we filled our nightly discussions with this burning question: What sort of animal best represents each character in Sinon's Redemption?? (Yes, we really were this sad.^_~)
Ok, so the answer to most of the characters wasn't that hard, since some of them were...well, animal demons (i.e.~Diablo the lion, Ginzaya the rattlesnake, Enma the wolf...). Others of the cast fell easily into place from aspects of their personality and how we like to describe them in stories (i.e.~Amatsu moves like a cat, Kali's vigilance is hawk-like...IMO, she looks so much like a Ba bird here that it's scary, because it was unintentional.^^;). As for the remainder...those come from inside jokes.^^ Parvati-panda was the result of too much alliteration, during which Amatsu-acorn threatened to commit author-homocide even as Shiva-squirrel "...."ed at us. How Shiva-squirrel became Shiva-turtle (and not just any turtle, a teenage mutant ninja turtle!) is quite a different story. Let's just say it fits him to a tee, when you really think about it.^^ (Majo's liking of turtles has, of course, nothing to do with her liking of Shiva.)

Needless to say, drawing this was not hard, because I spent most of my time giggling and making other gleeful noises that probably scared the residents of my head. The most difficult animal was probably Tessel-mouse in the background there, because we didn't really come up with an animal for her, so I had to make one up on the spot. I settled for mouse because she's sweet and soft, but get her mad and she'll eat a hole through you.^^ Or something like that. At this very moment in the pic she is threatening a retreating Enma (who is only retreating because authors have not yet decided on a face for him) since she fears for Parvati-panda's safety. Isn't Tessel such a sweet little thing?^^ And since we mentioned Parvati, I have to say she's my favorite animal in the entire zoo, because she's so chubby and cuddly! *squeals like a true girl* Besides which, I liked the way her expression came out the best, sweatdrop and all.^^

Ginzaya's adoring little hearts are a joke. I think. Gosh, actually, maybe not. Though the logistics of a rattlesnake and a lion getting together are rather staggering. I think I'm glad they're animal demons and not just animals. Well, even if Ginzaya does like Diablo, he's so busy getting pissed at Amatsu-cat for taking up the page that he probably won't even notice.^^; And for the record, I can't draw fur.