Force of Life

This is the Advisor of Letheron, dweller of the Oasis, Wielder of Flame, the Dancer, Force of Life. Ha, he has more titles than Nemesis!^_^ He's an original character in an original world, and the first one audacious enough to veer completely off the personality design I had planned. But I love him anyway...heck, for a while I was utterly obsessed with him and his friend Cerberus.^^ (NOT the three-headed watchdog of the Underworld.)
I've actually drawn the Advisor before, but the attempts were AWFUL. Since then I've gotten better, so I thought I'd try him again.^^ He underwent some outfit and physical redesigns, such as the addition of the ankh (Egyptian symbol of life) on his forehead when he uses his power. And besides fire, that sash floating around him is a weapon too.^_~