After the Kill

Majo did not want to draw the bad guys, but that means we have no idea what the villains look like.^^; So I ventured to make a character sketch of one of the foulest beings I've ever had the displeasure of writing about.^^; Everyone, this is Diablo, Lord of Eastern Hell. Incidently he's also impossible to kill and evil and won't leave Amatsu and Shiva ALONE and...and he's a GREAT plot device.^^; Which is why I hesitate in killing him off while Majo (who is not as evil as I am) is ITCHING to give him a horribly bloody, slow, and painful death.^^;
Er, anyway, the design.^^; Diablo isn't my creation (on the other hand, Tessel is), so drawing the first pic of him was/is nerve-wracking.^^; Think of it as a possible character design; once I discuss it with Majo (especially regarding the feral marks on his *face*), it might very well change.^^ It probably will, as a matter of fact... Diablo isn't supposed to be good-looking. I fear this pic might be too bish. This is also the first time I've drawn a really burly guy, so the arms were hard to get right.^^; I think there's something funky going on with his right shoulder... probaby too high. Ah well, it was fun to draw.^^ (And he's a lion demon, btw, that's why his belt's a tail.^_^ And since he's the Lord of the East, the crest thing at his chest has the kanji for "east" on it.^^ My Asian-ness reveals itself.^^;)
Wanna see Majo's version (she has the final say, Diablo belongs to her^^) of the wicked Lord of the East? Click kudasai.^_^ (Apparently my drawing of Diablo inspired her muse to draw him as well.^^; I feel kinda moved...^^) We agree that his arms and his build in general needs to be bigger and thicker and whatnot. Otherwise, that's basically his final design (and he doesn't have wrist guards).^^