A character design pic, much like "Master and Servant" was. These are probably the only times I will draw villains by themselves--because I need to know what they look like.^^; With that said, this is Xenos, father of the Sentinel, and the most evil character I've ever created. I HATE him with a passion, but the villains make the story go 'round, so I must be grateful to him for making the plot so interesting.^_^ This is, btw, a revised version of what Xenos looks like--the first one was *completely* different. He had short hair then, for instance. Perhaps one day I'll scan that first attempt too, for comparison.^^ (I think my 'guy-drawing' has improved...he doesn't look too bad...) Re: title. much should I reveal? Well, let's just say the title hints about his personality, and leave it at that.^^;