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Darakan: The New Nagual Homepage

There are too great
responsibilities for a single man;
only a lunatic, or the adequate person,
faces them.

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About the author

It does various years of way not intencional I saw me tied for always with one of the but old Mexican traditions, especific of the Nagualismo, but of a branch less acquaintance than that of Carlos Castaneda and other, what carried me to a training of years, in similar part and in different part. However, with the course of the years, came I to be trapped among two worlds, the world burocratic, escalafonary and middle-class of the present Mexican society, and the unknown world that is in front of us same, expecting to to be discovered by those that they run the risk.

On the other hand, was educated only by my father since the 10 months, and the fact of to be educated by an alone man, creates a special point of view, that is not machista, but with different interests to the of families but 'normal'. In my youth read several times the classical novels, as well as the books of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Rodney Collin, Bulwer Lytton, Colin Wilson, and other. The mixture of these influences, with the 'Nagualismo' and the moral structure of the 'Iching, the book of the changes', carried to a different, but full way of life.

It fits to emphasize that I am influenced by other authors less acquaintances, but that they carry in itself a heroic world until Corum Jhaled Irsei and the cycle of the Eternal champion, of Michael Moorcock.

My name is Alfonso Orozco Aguilar. I was born in Mexico January 21, 1972, and although my professional formation is the accounting, chances of the destiny carried me to discover a natural talent for the programming of computers. I have worked with Tp 6.0, Clipper in all its versions (That although is a 'managerr' of databases, follows seeming me a complete language if itself joint with Visual Objects 1.0 or Force), Visual Objects, VB 5.0 (With the courses of Microsoft), and Genexxus (GUAC! !!) among others tools. The job that carry out for a business has to see with what I call heavy programming: Not I refer to do a program that will use an or two persons each thousand years, but to programs that they are used for near 70 daily persons at the same time.

What is it a Nagual?

In terms little exact, but clear, will say that a Nagual is that that without losing its condition of human being, was carried in its moment to an election of life or death, in which in exchange for "something in its humanity", gained power without fault and love without doubt.

That is to be Nagual. Power without fault, love without doubt.

It does not remain clear. Why reference is done to the Nagual in the Homepage?

In 1988 it directed me to the preparatoria, and upon seeing that they were going to knock down a girl I avoided that they did it and the knocked down I went. Because of that, discovered a branch of the knowledge "esoteric", and to survive to the physical consequences of the collision, I did a pact, inside me, with full conscience of my acts. This pact is based at first simple, if there is people that does pact with the devil, owes for strength there to be people that do pact with the Law, and this is the oath that I did:.

By the evasive strength that live in my veins, I swear to dedicate my life to protect and nousery to all those that they seek the knowledge. Be through the serene wisdom, be through the wisdom of the movement. I ask the power to do that the justice prevail, not I invoke a revenge.

Due to that, and to a problem of youth (be read girlfriend), in three days I changed, leaving behind the youth, the love and the hope, to receive the maturity, the justice and the certainty. Through the years have gone deepening in that zone of the knowledge that some they call "supertitions", and other "The truth"

The only truth that have seen until the moment is that all we are in part beasts, and if we can control that part, without losing the humanity, we will have greater reservations of energy for complying with our objective.

During the epoch of the BBS i took the Nick of Nagual.

After to be introduced in the nagualismo, I dedicated me of full to exceed me like person and to establish a firm point financially speaking, for in a future to continue with the search of certain objectives. They were ten years of learning to handle personnel, to detect frauds, and to face me from time to time to moral conflicts.

In 1997 I discovered with terror that my hands were a species of appendix of the five computers of the house and the laptop, and by a moment I believed to see like the keyboard was destined to go 'taking' my life. The scare was tremendous. Because of that, decided to sell all my equipment, and to use alone the Pcs of the job, and I did it. The reasoning was somewhat similar to 'is Not possible to be a Nagual of high technology'

But although seem contradictory, I was thinking about that two weeks, and suddenly they began to fall me jobs extras out of the office, that they gave as a result other 4 Pc, FREE, that I did not want. As not yet I have the smaller idea of why step this, I try to do to live together the two worlds, and is not difficult. The machines are annulled to each other, the person makes the difference.

To end of the 97 an incident passed me with the Photos Kirlian that reinforced this.

In July of 1999 the things of such way were given that sold without wanting it all my computers, the seven. It was the moment of changing again to the heart of the wolf. The machines are annulled among itself, the person does the difference.

For these incidents, understood that yes is possible to be at the same time a Nagual of high technology.

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  • Red, the most important of the place
  • Blue, the ones that already helped me to revise RMA, my corrector of style and that already check. Thanks RMA! !!!
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