Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'quantum axion particle'. Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
"quantum axion particle"
Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD

"quantum axion particle"
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
quantum axion particle:
  1. The term refers to the Quantum Axion Particle, which is the Only and Most Important quantum particle to be found within the realms of Incorporeality, Consciousness and 'Reality'! All the 'functions' and 'activities' that take place within Incorporeality depend upon the quantum axion particle and a number of functions and activities within Corporeality, as well as the very Existence of the Reality of Corporeality itself, depend as well upon the quantum axion particle and its abilities!

  2. (Note: As expressed here, it is very important, in QUFD Physics and when referring to any 'functions' or 'Realities' of Incorporeality, to use 'double apostrophes' or 'quotes', when expressing any word or phrase pertaining to any 'function' or 'Reality' of Incorporeality, in that such word or phrase, when applied to Incorporeality, may have a unique or completely different definition or meaning than when nominally expressed without the 'quotes', in reference to Corporeality. However, words or phrases of obvious reference to Incorporeality that are capitalized, such as Incorporeality itself, Consciousness or the Unknown, do not need to be 'quoted'! Nor do uncapitalized words such as quantum axion particle that are exclusively Incorporeal in origin, even when used in reference to a Corporeal function or Reality!)

  3. The quantum axion particle... that is, one particle, as well as all such particles, exist everywhere, non-locally, in the Cosmos simultaneously!

  4. There are two 'flavors' of quantum axion particles, the Positive axion particle, which is the basic Consciousness of God and all Positivity within the Cosmos, and the other particle is the Negative axion particle, which is the basic Consciousness of Lucifer and of all Negativity within the Cosmos!

  5. All of the external 'capabilities' of the quantum axion particle, are exclusively due to the facts of its internal 'attributes', which are:
    • It is the exclusive Unit of Consciousness within the Cosmos!
    • Such Consciousness arises from another 'attribute' thereof, that of Sentience, or 'Awareness', or 'Intelligence', or Spirit, such that, because of the axion particle's ability to be everywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously, the axion particle is 'aware' of everything that transpires anywhere, Knowing not only the 'mechanics' of such an 'action', but also the very 'Reason' for that 'action'!
    • Knowing the 'Reason' for any and everything, within itself, facilitates its external ability to create Condensates of both Incorporeality and Corporeality, based upon that specific 'Reason' or 'Purpose', for the creation of that (those) Condensates!
    • An axion particle 'expresses' the 'flavor' of its origin, either Positivity or Negativity.
    • The remainder of an axion's 'attributes' are primarily external in execution.

  6. Due to the fact of axion particles 'Knowing' of and about everything that is anywhere in the Cosmos, the axion particle(s) actually provide the very Floor, or Ground-State 'Reality', of the entire Cosmos! In other words, anything and everything that happens in the Cosmos, is therefore part of the immense 'Landscape of the Entire Cosmos', which takes place moment-by-moment upon and across that Ground-State which has been provided by the quantum axion particle(s).

  7. A necessity for all of the 'qualities'/'attributes' of an axion particle, which have been mentioned so far, as well as all of those to come, is that the quantum axion particle exists in a Realm, a 'Dimension', that Ground-State just mentioned, which is Unitary, Coherent, and of a Holistic 'Oneness', having no Past, no Present, and no Future (separately, that is!), because there is NO Time or Space within such a 'Reality', and therefore all 'Realities' of the Past/Present/Future, are One, or Unitary!

  8. The quantum axion particle, again due to its 'ability-to-Know-everything' (or its 'Sentience'!), also provides the Ground-Floor, or Ground-State, of every lesser Condensate of Incorporeality, that should exist anywhere within our larger Condensate-of-the-Cosmos, which is Infinite Consciousness or God! The 'Reason' for this, is that, of course, the axion particle, again, 'Knows' the 'Reason or 'Purpose' FOR the actual 'creation' of any Lesser Condensate, and therefore, in 'creating' that particular Condensate of Incorporeality, it also provides the basic Ground-State FOR that new Condensate, again based upon the very 'Reason/Purpose' for which that new Condensate has been 'created'!

  9. In that there are two (2) 'flavors' of the quantum axion particle, this means that any and all single axion particle(s), actually have the inherent 'ability' to actually 'Become' either one of the 'flavors', Positive or Negative. As to which 'flavor' an axion particle becomes, is dependent upon its 'Sourcing', or 'Re-Sourcing', as to whether that specific axion has 'chosen' to 'represent' either Positivity or Negativity, in the Cosmos!

  10. Of course, this relates to the fact that there are two 'Opposing-Forces' within the Cosmos, God, which is the 'Source' of all Positivity everywhere, and Lucifer, the 'Opposing-Force', which is the 'Source' of all Negativity everywhere!

  11. In that the 'home' of Lucifer, or the 'Luciferian-Complex-of-Consciousness-and-Reality', also known as the 'Nether Lands', Hades or Hell, is a somewhat lesser Condensate of Incorporeality, the 'Reality' of the basic Ground-State of Hades (just like any other Condensate of Incorporeality!), is that of its 'Reason and Purpose' of/for its 'Creation'/Existence, which is to 'foster' Negativity throughout the Cosmos, in Opposition to the Positivity of God! Therefore, the very Ground-State of Hades/the Nether Regions, is composed exclusively of Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness!

  12. However now, since the 'Reality' of the Cosmos does include both 'Opposing-Forces', of Positivity and Negativity, as the actual 'Reality' of Cosmic Existence, that means that the very 'Reason/Purpose', for the Existence of the Cosmos itself, needs to be 'reflected', then, in the very Ground-State, or Floor, of the Cosmos! This means, then, that that Ground-Floor of the Cosmos, needs to comprise both Positive and Negative axion particles! And the axion particles, Knowing of such 'Reality', thusly have Made it So!

  13. And therefore the very Ground-Floor, of the Entire Cosmos, is comprised of both Positive and Negative quantum axion particles, intertwined about each other everywhere, except within lesser Condensates of Incorporeality!

  14. And the 'Reason' for the 'exception' here, is that, in providing the basic Ground-State for any and all Condensates of Incorporeality, again the axion particles need to, besides providing that Ground-State based upon the 'Reason/Purpose' for the Creation/Existence of that specific Condensate, the axions also need to 'reflect' the fact of the Existence and 'Reality' of the 'Opposing Forces' of the Cosmos! Therefore, once a Ground-State, based upon the 'Reason/Purpose' for the specific Condensate has been created, the axion particles that should then come to 'reside' within the 'boundaries' of the extent of the 'Reason/Purpose' of that Condensate, now unravel or un-twine themselves, from each other, and now additionally provide the basic 'Order' (Positivity) and 'Chaos' (Negativity), of and for the vital 'functioning' of any and all 'dynamics' that shall now take place upon that Ground-State!

  15. The next 'quality' of an axion particle, is again based upon the fact that axions 'Know' everything there is to 'Know' in the Cosmos! And this time, what they 'Know', is that a new 'Life-form' is about to be 'Born' or 'Created'!

  16. And axions, again, are integral to the 'Birth' of any new 'Life-form', anywhere in the Cosmos, whether such 'Life-form' be a quantum particle such as a quark, or an atom, or a molecule, or a heart, or a complete human being, or an ant, a tree, a rock, a planet, a galaxy, a pulsar, a black hole, or anything!

  17. First of all, before proceding further here, I need to stress that we have been talking so far about Condensates of Incorporeality, which are always 'Born', or created, within Incorporeality, from other or larger Condensates of Incorporeality! And I say this, because I will soon be talking about Condensates of Corporeality, with reference to our axions, which can never occupy, or be found, within a Condensate of Corporeality!

  18. "And why is that?", one might ask! Because Condensates of Corporeality, are physical, material Entities, which are always comprised of 'the building-blocks' of physical materiality, the quantum forces, fields and gravity, atoms, molecules and so on! But never quantum axion particles, which are only found within Incorporeality!

  19. But the further 'Reality', is that all Condensates of Corporeality... whether Barry Bonds, or the United Nations, or the Iraqi Nation... have one similarity to a Condensate of Incorporeality, and that similarity is that they both have been Born or Created for some specific Reason or Purpose! Barry Bonds reason is to be Barry Bonds! The San Francisco Giants Team, as a Corporeal Condensate, exists to play Baseball!

  20. But also, a further Most Important Reality, of a Condensate of Corporeality (which may also be considered to be an Entire Dimension, in and of itself!), is that all Condensates of Corporeality, are either Born as a Life-form, or else come into Existence as a Creation-of-Mankind, in some way! Barry Bonds is a Life-form Condensate of Corporeality! The San Francisco Giants Baseball Team is a man-made Condensate of Corporeality!

  21. But, a further Reality is this! ALL Condensates of Corporeality, whether Born as a Life-form, or Born of the Creation-of-Man, COME FROM, or are BEGOTTEN, of a Condensate of Incorporeality! Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality!

  22. I could say that, indirectly, Barry Bonds was Born of his Parents, and that, indirectly as well, the San Francisco Giants are the result of enormous time, effort, investment and energies, by all who were, and are, involved in the Creation and On-Going 'Life' of the Team! But there is more to it than that, and it is all because Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality!

  23. And here we need to get back to our quantum axion particle again, because it is the 'Reason' FOR EVERYTHING within Corporeality! And the basic Reason for this, is that Corporeality, and everything within it, meaning everything in the Universe or the Cosmos, occupies spacetime, or Time and Space, which are created, or the results of, the quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity!

  24. But here again, we have a 'Simplicity', as to the Realities we are talking about! Because, as I somewhat implied earlier here, the very Basic quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, ARE THEMSELVES Corporeal, having also been Begotten OF Incorporeality!

  25. I've said that the quantum axion particle is Most Incidental TO the Creation of any Condensate of Corporeality, which comes from a Condensate of Incorporeality, or Consciousness, or, in effect, the axion particle! But there is more to it than that! Because, if we are 'creating' a Condensate of Corporeality, we firstly need to 'provide' the Time and Space which that exclusive 'Dimension', or Condensate of Corporeality, is going to occupy! And thusly we need the Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, in order to provide Time and Space, atoms, molecules and everything else required to 'Create' that new Condensate of Corporeality!

  26. "And WHERE are we going to get those Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, to 'occupy' that new 'Dimension', or Condensate of Corporeality?" (Actually, I should say, Condensates of Corporeality, because, if it is a human being, such as a new Baby, each and every atom, molecule and organ, of that new Condensate that is that Baby, will also have thousands of lesser Condensates, all within itself, which are those atoms, molecules, organs and such! As a new Dimension, that Baby will be the 'home' of multitudes of other 'Dimensions' within itself!)

  27. Well, the answer to the Question is, "From our quantum axion particle!" Yes! Within each and every axion particle, is the complete Corporeality of the quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity (and thusly Time and Space!), which are 'released' within the 'boundaries' of that new 'Dimension', that Condensate of Corporeality, by the axion particles of its 'associated' Condensate of Incorporeality! And thusly it is those Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, providing not only the Time and Space in which that new Entity exists, but also every sub-particle and organ of which that Entity-Dimension is comprised!

  28. But, WHOA! I'm going to 'back-up' here, to detail further, the incidentals of which I have just spoken! We now know that Condensates of Corporeality come from Condensates of Incorporeality, and that both types of Condensates are 'Born' of other Condensates of Incorporeality, all of which involves our trusty axion particles! So, let us now 'get the facts down pat', by going through the actual 'Birth' of a human Life-form 'Entity', from start-to-finish!

  29. They say it 'takes Two-to-Tango', and in this case, it does take the Incorporeal Condensates (as well as the corresponding Condensates of Corporeality!) of the Parents of the 'Soon-to-Be-Born-Baby', to 'do-the-initial-Dance', that will start the process! But there is also another 'Party' involved here from the beginning, that of the Condensate of Infinite Consciousness (God)! However, for more explicit details regarding the Corporeal side of this process, see QUALIA LXXX: Parturition in the Quantum Realms of Incorporeality!

  30. Those three Parties, as Condensates of Incorporeality, determine the 'actuality' of Who and What the 'Baby' will Be, with God 'providing' the appropriate Soul, of the required 'Level of Wisdom and Maturity', for the Life-that-is-to-be-Lived! The Parents 'provide' the extensive 'lineage' and 'phylogenetics', whether desired or not, that will be the 'Reality' of the new Life-form!

  31. The 'Life-form' comes forth, as a 'peak-of-criticality', or 'perturbation', within the Condensate of Incorporeality of the Mother... And I just said, the Condensate of Incorporeality, NOT the Condensate of Corporeality! ... which starts the 9 month Gestation Period. At the start of that period, with the Emergence of the new Life-form from the Ground-State 'Landscape' of the Mother's Condensate of Incorporeality, what has happened is that that 'Perturbation', or Emergence-of-Life, has now become a new Condensate of Incorporeality which, by 'Reason and Purpose' (i.e., the new 'Dimension' of the Baby!), has now separated from the Parental Condensate of Incorporeality of the Mother, but is yet contained within the Corporeal Condensate of the Mother!

  32. Now, it is within this 9 month period, when the Mother 'holds' the new Life-form within herself, that the new Life-form starts off, initially, as only a Condensate of Incorporeality, of the new Life-form to Be! Very soon, however, this Incorporeal Condensate within the Mother (which, incidentally, is incorporeal and thusly invisible!), then 'Gives Birth' itself, to the Corporeal Condensate, which will forever be the dual-'Twin' of itself throughout the Life to come! The quantum axion particles of the Incorporeal 'twin', provide the Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, which will supply the Time and Space and everything else (jncluding the genes, etc., which have already been 'programmed', by the Parents and God, via the Incorporeal 'twin' of oneself!), that will be required for that Corporeal Dimension of Reality, which that Condensate of Corporeality is to become!

  33. And thusly, the Condensate of Corporeality of oneself, having actually been Born FROM the Condensate of Incorporeality of oneself, within the Birth Process, now continues with its development and Maturation, into the actual Corporeal Baby that is physically Born into Reality! But, what is not realized, is that, along WITH that Corporeal Condensate of a Baby that has been Born, we ALSO have 'Given Birth' to the dual 'Twin' Condensate of Incorporeality of that Baby AS WELL! EVERY BABY consists of TWO CONDENSATES! One Condensate of Corporeality (i.e., of Brain and Body, and of Reality, and also visible!) and one Condensate of Incorporeality (i.e., of Mind, Consciousness and Spirit, and of 'Reality', as well as of invisibility!) And so each and every human being goes through one's Life, not only with the Corporeal Condensate of oneself, occupying the Time and Space that has been given to that Dimension at Birth, but also with the dual-'twin' Condensate of Incorporeality of oneself, occupying NO Time and Space, because it (and its quantum axion particles!) is yet a part and parcel of Incorporeality, the Cosmos, and Infinite Consciousness (God)! (Note: I hope by now, the Reader hereof truly realizes, that when I say that we all have a 'Twin' of oneself with us at all times, I do not mean to imply that such a 'Twin' even should 'look' identical or, in any way, be similar, to the Corporeality of oneself! Such is just not so!)

  34. The new Life-form now exists wholly and fully within the overall Condensate of the Cosmos in two ways: as a lesser Corporeality within the overall (lesser) Corporeality of the Universe (i.e., lesser than the Cosmos!), and as a lesser Incorporeality, within the Infinite Incorporeality of God and the Cosmos! Also, incidentally, this applies to ALL Life-forms of any kind, that shall be found on the QUFD Scale of Life, including trees and pulsars, all of which have a somewhat similar Birthing Process to that just described here!

  35. Now, I've also said that Man-made 'creations-of-corporeality', such as the United Nations, also have their Incorporeal 'Twins', of Consciousness and 'Reality'! In such cases, the Birthing Process is quite different, with the Incorporeality of the Proposed artificial-Life-form being extant within all of the thought, energy, attentions and more, which are 'put into the Project' over time, and which finally culminate in the Incorporeal 'concept' of the 'Reality', at some time along the way, 'Giving Birth' to some form of physical Reality of the Corporeality that was Proposed! By that time, the physical Reality of the artificial-Life-form Condensate of Corporeality, can surely be realized (if not 'seen'!), in all of the time, effort, investment and energies, that were expended on behalf of the Project, which 'represent' the invisible and Incorporeal 'Twin' of the Corporeal Reality, and which shall probably remain with that Corporeal Life-form throughout its entire Life-time, just as if it were a true Life-form instead of an artificial-Life-form! The point here, is that all of that Incorporeality, of the 'Twin', also exists as quantum axion particles that actually came from the living (human) Life-forms who 'put-their-time-and-efforts' into the Project, and thusly represent the incorporeal equivalent of the 'Mind' of the 'Entity-Life-form', which is probably yet, in some form, exercising some kind of 'Supervisory-control' over the Brain and Body of the Life-form (such as the Charter and Operation-Laws of the United Nations!)

  36. So, no matter what the 'form' of the Life-form, whether Real or artificial, Mankind or otherwise, for every Corporeal Brain and Body, of the Corporeal Condensate of the Life-form/Dimension, there is also a 'Twin' duality of itself, an Incorporeality of Mind, Consciousness, Spirit, and God (and also Lucifer!), that is 'included' as well, and which 'attends' that Corporeal Life-form during every moment of its Lifetime! And such a 'Twin' duality exists within a Cosmic Unity of NO Time and Space, in which its quantum axion particles exist everywhere in the Cosmos and 'Know' everything there is to Know! Whether or not the Corporeal Twin can 'access' the Mind/Soul of its Incorporeal 'Twin', depends upon whether such a Life-form/Entity actually has a functioning Maturity of Mind or not! (See further discussion on Maturity of Mind in this Dictionary, on the Website and in Father Jerome's Books!)

  37. The next 'attributes' of quantum axion particles that I will discuss here are the 'dynamics' and 'inputs' of/to a Condensate of Incorporeality, but before I do that, in order to make sure the Reader hereof is 'Clear', in their understanding hereof, I am going to, herein the following, reproduce a pertinent section of my latest Book, which, in effect, 'clarifies' the Context of it all! Here is that section of the Book, "God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!":
    (The 'Dynamics' of a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) of Non-Matter Incorporeality,
    i.e., the 'Dynamics' referred to by the term Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD).

    • QUFD
      is the term that refers to all of the quantum-level 'dynamics' that might normally and instantaneously occur within either the gigantic overall Quantum Unitary Field that is the Infinite Condensate of Incorporeality (our light-blue luminescent 'twin' Universe OR the gigantic Ocean of the Cosmos-God!) or within any of the lesser condensates of Incorporeality that exist within that overall Condensate-Field. NOTE: It is important to note, and repeat here again, that any and all of these 'dynamics', as shall be described here, are of the 'nature' of occurring instantaneously, in response to the quantum necessities (needs) of that single instant/moment (of the Cosmos, or of an individual human being, or of any other Life-form!), and then to NEVER appear again!

    • Coherence
      This is the most basic 'quality' or characteristic of any Quantum Unitary Field. It implies that, at the most fundamental level, all of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness are of a Unitary 'nature', are One, and are Whole and Undifferentiated, meaning that they are all 'Conscious', having derived themselves and their Sentience (see the later definition thereof!) from the Ultimate Source of such Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness (God)! And I will repeat this again. This is the most basic level of a condensate, the level of the Basic Ground-State of Existence of an Incorporeal condensate, where, for all purposes, the only thing that exists are the quantum axion particles of Consciousness! We could say that this is the 'basic state' throughout the entire Cosmos, in that, as we have already stated earlier, a quantum axion particle, and all quantum axion particles, exist throughout the Cosmos! However, this is not the nominal 'state of reality' for most condensates of Incorporeality, because each condensate exists for some basic reason or purpose (that reason or purpose which actually brought it into existence!), and therefore that specific condensate has any number of further 'inputs' to itself, beyond merely the Basic Ground-State of its quantum axion particles, and those 'inputs' DO impel and infuse that condensate to 'Be' that reason or purpose of which it 'Is'!
  38. So, as I have said, a Condensate of Incorporeality is where all the 'action' takes place, with regard to the 'Reason and Purpose' for the Existence of that Condensate, and it is, in effect, the 'Mind' of that Life-form/Entity! Such 'actions', in their 'occurrence' and 'functioning', do constitute the 'Landscape of the Mind' that occurs across the entire breadth of the Ground-State of that Condensate, with each and all of these 'actions' occurring on a moment-by-moment basis! These 'actions' are appropriately called the 'dynamics' of that Condensate, and these 'dynamics', in their operations, respond to any and all 'inputs', analyzing and considering such 'inputs', then again referring them to each other and to the basic 'Order' and 'Chaos' of the Ground-State, establishing any number of 'Levels of Order' (of adaptive-complexity!) along the way, representing 'thoughts', or 'ripples', upon that 'Landscape', until finally, after all considerations have been exhaustively 'considered', such 'dynamics' will consequently produce a 'peak-of-criticality' (before commencing 'consideration' of the next moment!), or a 'perturbation' (an actual 'Output-Decision', from that 'Landscape', to another Condensate of Incorporeality!)

  39. All of these 'dynamics', are 'functions' of the 'qualities'/'attributes' of our quantum axion particle(s), in the 'exercise' of that 'Sentience' and 'Spirit' within said axion particles! And our axion particles, of the Ground-State 'Landscape' of our Condensate, are using the nominal BEC Principles (and 'actions!) of 'self-ordering', 'coherence', 'complexive-adaptability' and 'correlation', etc., that any BEC Scientist anywhere, would logically 'attribute' to any Condensate-of-Scientific-Investigation! (See standard Definitions of such Terms elsewhere!)

  40. Now, as I have also said, these 'dynamics' require 'inputs', in addition to the basic 'Order' and 'Chaos' of their Ground-State! And where do we get these 'inputs'? Why, from our trusty quantum axion particle, again!

  41. Remember? Our axion particles exist everywhere in the Cosmos, and Know everything, or at least CAN Know everything, by Reason of their being everywhere! So, if our axions are to 'provide' the necessary 'inputs' to our Condensate, first of all, they (the axions!) have to Know just what to Look For! And what they are 'Looking For', specifically, is anything that might relate to the basic 'Reason or Purpose' of our Condensate! (As the 'processing' procedes within our 'Landscape', and various interim 'Levels of Order' are arrived at, which are established 'conjugations-of-relationships' based upon all previously-provided 'inputs', our trusty axions then again, and continuously, 'sweep-the-Cosmos', for potential or possible 'inputs', which might have some 'relativity', to the numerous 'Levels of Order', that our 'dynamics' are 'producing'! And this continues, moment-by-moment, each moment 'producing' a 'resolution' for that moment, and continuing until there is an 'Output-Decision' for the immediate 'Necessity-of-Reality', in the Time-Space Dimension of the Condensate of Corporeality!

  42. Then, that 'Output-Decision', from the 'dynamics' of that 'Landscape of the Mind', may be 'output' therefrom, in one of two ways, depending on what kind of 'Output' it is. If it is a 'perturbation' that is actually the 'Emergence-of-a-new-Life-Form', refer to Section 31 above, wherein such an 'Output' has already been discussed!

  43. However, if it is merely an 'Output-Decision' which is meant to be 'communicated' to another Condensate of Incorporeality (which would nominally have a differing 'Reason/Purpose' for its Existence, than our 'outputting' condensate!), then our trusty axion particles take over here again, but in a different way! Here, nominally, I am speaking of the Local Human Mind, in its 'Supervision' and control of the functionalities of the human Brain and Body, where the Upper Mind (Self/Soul) is the 'outputting' condensate, and the lower mind (the self!) would be the receiving condensate, of those 'communications', wherein such 'communications' would be meant to be 'passed-on' to the proper functions of the human Brain, via the Incorporeal-Corporeal 'Interface' between Brain-Mind in the glial-synapsial-junctions of the Brain. (See such details in other Definitions of this Dictionary.) Although I will be discussing, as I have said, the Local human Mind, the basic discussion here could also refer to any other Life-form as well, in the 'operation' of the Mind and Consciousness of that Life-form!

  44. Because another 'quality' that our trusty axions possess, relates to the very fact of their Unity and Oneness throughout the Entire Cosmos, where there is NO Time and Space, nor Past, Present or Future (Past/Present/Future are One and the same everywhere!) (When I speak of the Cosmos, I actually mean the 'Cosmos' of Incorporeality, and not the Universe, of both Incorporeality and Corporeality, which are lesser Condensates within the penultimate Cosmos!)

  45. Because those 'features', or 'attributes', which I just mentioned, i.e., Time/Space, Past/Present/Future, only exist within Corporeality, NOT within Incorporeality! But, since our trusty axions are the very means of 'creating' Corporeality, and Condensates of Corporeality, therefore our trusty axions are the very means of 'creating' Spacetime and the Past, the Present and the Future, that comes along with Time and Space! Again, all of such Realities, are the result of the Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, WHICH ARE CONTAINED WITHIN each and every single quantum axion particle! When our trusty axion(s) release the quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, into a condensate of Corporeality, then Time and Space, as well as Past/Present/Future, are likewise 'created' within that Condensate of Corporeality! The quantum axion particle itself, is the 'twin'-duality of the quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity of nominal Corporeality!

  46. Actually, our trusty axions can 'create' Corporeality in three (3) different ways! First of all, a Condensate of Corporeality can be 'created' as a new Life-form, as already discussed! Secondly, in order to enable the 'communications' of 'Output-Decisions' from one incorporeal condensate to another incorporeal condensate, a 'temporary' (momentary!) condensate of corporeality can be 'created', with the necessary quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, and Spacetime, to enable 'phase-space-shift communications', of those 'Output-Decisions', between incorporeal condensates! (One might ask the question, since both condensates are yet extant within Incorporeality, why can't the axions merely 'transfer' such 'Output-Decisions' from one condensate to the other? The answer is, because an 'Output-Decision' represents quanta that has already been 'processed' by the 'dynamics' of Incorporeality, and even though yet within Incorporeality, it is less-than-Incorporeal, because it is now 'relevant' to a specific Reality of Corporeality, and therefore it has to be 'transferred' as a 'corporeal-quality', which requires corporeal spacetime 'communications'!) When the 'communications' are received by the 'Landscape of the lower mind', the lower mind, having a detailed 'map' of the human Brain, then 'routes' that 'Output-Decision' (perhaps Love!), to the appropriate glial-synapsial-junction(s), of the proper section(s) of the Brain, for the Brain and Body to execute, in the Real World, that 'expression' of Love, that the Upper Mind (Soul) has just 'commanded'! And thirdly, again, our axions can likewise 'create' such 'temporary' (and momentary!) condensates of corporeality, as might be necessary to the processing of the 'dynamics' within any Condensate of Incorporeality, when such 'dynamics' might instantaneously be called upon to do so, as an interim processing 'requirement'! In the third case just previously, the 'temporary' condensate of corporeality is 'created' within the 'Landscape' of the Incorporeal Condensate doing the 'processing'. In the second case above, the 'temporary' condensate of corporeality is 'created' without, or external of that Condensate's 'Landscape', which is actually within the 'interstices' (or interleaving spaces!) between the sending and receiving condensates, which is actually part of the Condensate of Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  47. Okay, I've basically discussed how our trusty axions handle various 'output' requirements! However, I have to return to our 'inputs' here now, because the discussion of how and where these 'inputs' occur, is not complete, as far as our trusty axions are concerned! And in order to 'Tell this Tale', I have to introduce some futher quantum physics terms: Local Point-Location, and Non-Local Point-Location. (See the Definitions for both terms in this Dictionary.)

  48. The points here, beyond those other two Definitions, is that the 'inputs' to a Condensate of Incorporeality, may come from anywhere in the Real World (via the 'non-local point-locations' found within the lower mind, which 'interpret' all of the sensory 'inputs' to the human Mind!) or the 'inputs' to that Condensate from 'non-local point-locations' anywhere within Incorporeality! 'Inputs' from different 'Levels' of the same 'non-local point-location' may be accepted because there may be Time/Space or Past/Present/Future 'differences' between the two 'inputs'! However, if an axion might 'recover' the exact same 'input' for its 'collecting condensate' as another axion incidentally 'collects', the two axions will instantly Know it (axions Know everything in the Cosmos!), and will amicably agree to only one of the axions actually delivering that 'input' to the 'collecting condensate' for processing!

  49. As to the next 'quality'/'attribute' of our trusty axion particles, it is more of a 'possibility' or 'potentiality', than anything else! But, I will let my already-spoken words, from my Book, say what has to be said! Here is the 'quote':
    62. Needless to say, as a further coincidence here (getting back to our quantum axion particles!), since the quantum axion particle contains all the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, one can imagine the tremendous power contained within that single particle! Let us hope that mankind shall never use such a power as a weapon of mass destruction because, compared to the atomic or hydrogen bomb, a quantum axion weapon would not only annihilate our world, but also the entire Cosmos!
  50. Here's another 'quote' from the Book, regarding another 'quality' of our axions:
    91. Next, regarding our axions! Since our axions can actually 'see' the Past, the Present, and the Future, via their Unity and Oneness in the Cosmos, therefore, in providing 'input' to the self-ordering and complex-adaptability 'dynamics' of any condensate, our specific axions that are 'servicing' the particular Reason and Purpose OF that condensate, can certainly 'create', or 'see' (AS a POSSIBLE 'input' to that condensate!), something that may have NEVER existed before (therefore, as an 'input', it IS truly a 'possibility' or 'probability'!)
  51. One last point I will make here, as to the basic 'qualities' or 'attributes' of the quantum axion particle, and that is that nominally, whether an axion particle of Positivity or of Negativity, normally an axion exists with a whole-integer-spin 'Reality' of itself, reflecting its Oneness and Wholeness in the Cosmos! However, it is possible for that basic 'spin' to be changed to a half-integer-spin, within specific condensate-locations, when the 'positioning' of the axion particles is 'influenced', or 'affected', by axion particles of the opposing Polarity! And Note: that the use of the term 'spin' here, and said Definition thereof, has no relation whatsoever to the Classical Newtonian Physics term of the same name, i.e., 'particle spin', which is a Corporeal term, not related to Incorporeality! As to the discussion, as to How and When such 'change' to our axion particles, does or might occur, I will not go into such discussion here! Please Read the Book, at the bottom of this page, for such extensive details!

(See also the term 'quanta' in this Dictionary for further discussion.)

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