If you are arriving at this Website in search of fancy pictures, graphics and such, BE ADVISED that you will NOT find such here! This Website is for and about WORDS, and it is for the thinking person who does appreciate WORDS - AND the nuances, inflections and such, that give various and sundry MEANING and UNDERSTANDING to, and with, the useage OF those words. Thusly, herein this Website, one will find WORDS used in such a way as to give information, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and KNOWING, to any individual so inclined as to be searching for such, in order to find MEANING and UNDERSTANDING, in one's OWN LIFE...AS that individual DOES CREATE, and/or need, such KNOWING. In other words, WORDS that can assist one in finding MEANING in, and to, THEIR OWN LIFE! THAT is what this Website is about!
In such a context, does this Website provide an appropriately suitable content for those in search of the Meaning of Life, Existence, Reality and much more, AND their own individual part, and participation, IN All That Is! SO, read on, and ENJOY, folks!

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: Be further forewarned, that one will NOT find, herein this Website, what is, in the business world of today, known as "business English" - a supposedly concise, expedient, efficient and practical English-language-useage-form of "every-day" necessity and transaction.
INSTEAD, what the Reader WILL FIND is what may be more precisely and succinctly known as "classical English", an English-language-useage-form of more "import", depth, and richness of "flavor" and understanding, than any other comparable "brand". (Okay, we're not talking coffee here, but the simile DOES apply!)
By and through the use of such a language-form, the Reader might come to "feel", understand, and to KNOW, a more thorough and complete "richness" OF what is being "communicated" herein, and thusly to more fully come to KNOW, not only what is being stated, described, conceptualized and communicated, but also to KNOW oneself, as to how each and every individual does, or might, relate, connect, or pertain thereto, what has been presented here.
IN SUCH A WAY, does this Website portray the MEANING, and understanding, of Life, Reality and Consciousness, that might be used BY the Reader hereof TO improve one's own life, society and our world.
Again I say, ENJOY, folks!


News, Announcements, General Information and Commentary, By, For and Of, the FREE and INDEPENDENT Homeless Person of INTEGRITY.
(Development of this News Sheet is still pending. Check back!)

Current Openings and Opportunities

The HOMELESS ISSUES AND SOCIETY(TRUTH, TRUST & HUMAN INTEGRITY) Website is expanding and enlarging its coverage of Homeless Issues, Society and the FREE and INDEPENDENT Homeless Person of INTEGRITY. Our new "HEARD ON THE STREET(TradeMark)" NEWS SHEET section needs enthusiastic, able and willing volunteers to Create, Compose and Coordinate the Content of the NEWS SHEET, while maintaining the Standards, Excellence and General Principles of the Website, that do determine, and exemplify, the Outstanding Context of what we are Providing and Giving to the Homeless Culture, Society and the General Public. YOU can be part of a team! A FREE and INDEPENDENT "part", of INTEGRITY AND RECOGNITION - of a "Participatory Democracy" organization that does provide Homeless Persons everywhere the Means, Information, and Inspiration TO HELP THEMSELVES BY GIVING "Unto Others...", that which Others do need, and at the same time improving your own Personal Situation and Existence/Life, through what you RECEIVE from others, AS A RESULT of what you DO in your Giving.

The following Positions/Opportunities are available (see end of Listing for requirements common to all Positions):

    to the Website, Responsible for Context and Content of the Website. Your independent professional input, to the Operation and Functionality of the Website, should enable you to establish (maintain or advance) your "Stamp", or mark, of Professional Recognition upon the Website, while contributing your extensive Talents and Abilities TO the Services provided by the Website and to the people the Website does Serve.

    Specific Requirements: Knowledge and Expertise in website operation technologies, including the leading edge as well as established technologies (HTML, "super" HTML2, Java, 3D, PDF, COMMONGROUND, Streaming "real-time" formats, M-Bone and other pertinent technologies).

  • Job # 2715 - VIDEO PRODUCER,
    to the Website, Responsible for Video Implementations of any and all Content therein, coordinating your Expertise and Input with the Website Operation and, at the same time, reflecting your own Professional "Stamp" of Excellence and INTEGRITY upon that which is Produced.

    Specific Requirements: Up-to-date Knowledge and Expertise on Video/TV/Satellite/Wireless/Internet/Intranet technologies; ability to contribute outstanding "Product", consonant with the Principles of the Website and its Operation.

  • Job # 2711 - 3D PRODUCER
    (Inquire for Details)

  • Job # 2417 - VIDEO ASSISTANT,
    to the Website, with Responsibilities and Requirements similar to the above listing #2715, yet willing to learn and grow into the Position, and certainly make your own Personal "Stamp" upon that which is Produced.

  • Job # 2412 - ASSISTANT to the Website Operator,
    Responsible for Coordinating Website Operation between all Departments and Functions, yet Respectful of the Integrity and Professionalism of all involved.

    Responsible for Execution of Website Operation and the Understanding of the Concepts and Technologies to be Implemented, as Directed by the Website Operation Team. You will still be able to make your "Mark" upon the Website by, and in, the Execution of your Professional abilities.


    COMMON REQUIREMENTS for all Positions:

1. A Personal Integrity toward that which is provided, and those who are Served, such as to be consonant with the Humanitarian and Spiritual Principles of this Website.
2. An Understanding of the scientific Principles of Quantum Physics, as Applied and Implemented in this Website AND throughout Human Society.
3. Respect for, and Concern with, Participatory Democracy, in the Implementation and Execution of all Human activities.
4. A Personal Spirit of Free and Independent Integrity, Concerned with, and for, Humanity and Society.
5. A Dedication to Truth and Trust, as eminently objective Principles of Life and Activity.
6. A selfless "need" for the integration of Oneself with Others and Society, in the enabling of One's Existence and Reality.
7. Possessing NO barriers to the Free and Independent Execution of One's Will and Integrity; i.e. (in other words), NO monetary or otherwise directly-compensable Requirements. You realize that the maxim is true - that the more One "Gives", the more One does "Receive", that which One does need, in order to be able to Give, as well as to Exist and to Thrive, in that Reality which is "created" BY Oneself!
8. Ownership, and extensive Expertise in all aspects of computers, their Operation and the Internet, is NOT required. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE, or own, A COMPUTER.
9. Ability to make Use of, and Knowledge of, any and all freely-available Resources of Society (AND the InterNet) IS required.
10. Ability to Work and Perform the Duties and Requirements of the Position from wherever One may "be" and at whatever times may be convenient to the Employee, coordinating, however, with all other Functions of the Website Operation.


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