Actually, it might be said that my Work (and this report) is merely an exercise in common sense because, in reality, there is NOTHING - no concept, no facts, no truths, no information, no KNOWING - that each and every one of us, ALL of humanity, DOES NOT ALREADY KNOW, or realize, deep inside ourselves, at the deepest subconscious levels of our KNOWING. Because ALL of this IS already "known" TO our evolutionarily mature Mind. IT IS A TEMPLATE, a "sense", a "feeling", a TRUTH, a REALITY - that does exist within us, because it does exist IN REALITY, in the quantum realms of All That Is.!

So, even though we may not have, as yet, an actively mature Mind - one that does function on a conscious, every-moment-alert-and-aware-and-KNOWING level of the Self - IT DOES EXIST WITHIN US, and we DO FEEL, deep inside of our personal ground-state of consciousness, the TRUTHS, and REALITIES, of that which we do perceive or are exposed to, IN THE MOMENT!

Of course, if we are living our lives NOT in-the-moment, but in the past or the future - well, then we just do not realize and experience such as I have just described. We are, in effect, "dead", to such truths and realities. In such a case, all that can be said is, "Heaven help us, those who are so!", for we/they are yet "children", in our immaturity of Mind.

Now, note that I have just said that much of humanity IS yet "children", as far as Human Evolution goes, in that they do not KNOW themselves NOR have a "knowing" of All That Is. BUT (and again I reiterate the point), the very statement bespeaks the question, "IS NOT that "knowing" yet resident within all of us?" And the answer is YES! The point IS whether one is CONSCIOUS OF such KNOWING. But it IS there, within each and every one of us! Such that, when one hears and sees THE TRUTH, of no matter WHAT IT MAY BE, anyone of us DOES RECOGNIZE IT for what it is - TRUTH! Because ALL KNOWING - of any and everything - IS innate within us, with our connection TO Universal (Infinite) Consciousness!

This is the reason that when a person reads something (such as this report or my Work) or hears something THAT THEY RECOGNIZE, whether knowingly OR NOT (whether one is conscious of it - in one's "waking", everyday alert-consciousness, OR NOT), any one of us DOES IMMEDIATELY "feel" that "inner recognition", which says, "I KNOW that, to be TRUE, or to be so, or to be as it IS (as told, or as presented)!" Thusly, WHETHER ONE IS COGNIZANT of it OR NOT, one CAN RECOGNIZE KNOWING, and the TRUTH. One "feels" IT, one KNOWS it - whether that person actually "knows" it (mentally, in one's corporeal brain) OR NOT! Because it IS there, in one's incorporeal Mind, and Soul (local consciousness), and in one's connection TO Universal Consciousness AND KNOWING, by and through oneSelf being a PART, an integral part, OF ALL THAT IS!

Incidentally, the amount or degree OF such KNOWING (of access TO the Self/Soul portion of the local Mind) depends on the degree to which one has "breached" that Veil of Unknowing and has activated one's evolutionary maturity of Mind, in making AWARE contact with the consciousness (PLUS conscientiousness AND integrity and much more!) of the Self/Soul and that which is beyond the local Mind. Such a degree of "awareness" and KNOWING can be minimal or it can be maximal, depending on the individual's personal level of Human Evolution (see my Work for further details on an individual's levels of "growth", maturity and Human Evolution).

BUT (Hallelujah!), IF one IS living-in-the-moment (as mentioned previously and further in my Work), THEN one IS "aware", and conscious, OF one's "connection" TO All That Is, and one DOES have KNOWING, AND maturity - evolutionary maturity - OF that human Mind! Such living-in-the-moment is certainly conducive TO that maximal KNOWING, and "breaching", of the Veil of Unknowing previously discussed.

Also, one of the biggest things that we all do in our lives every day is AVOIDING REALITY, in every way, shape and form (and I won't go into THAT topic here, but the reader hereof can review my further discussions and commentary on "avoiding reality" in my Work). Anyway, the point is, if one lives-in-the-moment, one does NOT HAVE ANY NEED to "avoid reality", because one TRUSTS that whatever happens "in-the-moment" CAN BE HANDLED, and can be accommodated, can be dealt with, and can be responded TO, in whatever way, or WILL BE, the best response FOR that instantaneous situation. This is, of course, all possible ONLY through KNOWING oneSelf. (Furthermore, "avoiding reality" is actually living in the Past or the Future, NOT the Present.)

OKAY, what I have just said is SO IMPORTANT, that I will repeat it again but from another point of view.
"WHAT constitutes that Veil of Unknowing?"
"HOW does such a "mechanism" exist?"
Well, first of all, it is quite apparent (to those who DO "know") WHO it is who does NOT want humanity to KNOW itself - LUCIFER, Satan, the Devil. It is he, who, through our daily actions and living of life, influences our every thought, deed, word and action, AS we do let him, NOT knowing any better.
"And HOW does he do this?"
Why through the ordinary societal "influences", which humanity has created AS the nominal, ordinarily extant "realities" of our everyday lives, AS influenced, of course, by the Luciferian Complex of spirituality.
"And what ARE those "realities" (or actually "pseudo-realities")?"
ANY and EVERYTHING! Your JOB, and ANY job! Your EDUCATION, and ANY "education", training or such "programming"! Your organizations, and ANY organization, rooted as such are IN the nominal need of human beings for COMMUNITY, and the "bonding together", of and IN common cause and endeavor! And much more! Authorities, officials, scientists, commissioners, politicians, etc., etc., etc. - ANYONE of authority (AND hierarchy - Oh, how he loves to use THAT against us!), in ANY WAY! ALL these sources can be considered to be the "root causes" OF that "Veil of Unknowing", which has been CREATED BY OURSELVES, humanity (AND our "history" - our historical actions, activities, deeds, etc.), at the gest and behooval OF Lucifer, as the Prince of this world, who would keep us IN the "darkness" of UNKNOWING, to his benefit!
"So, HOW do we break those bonds that bind us, and free ourselves OF Lucifer, in order to reclaim that KNOWING which is our birthright?"
Well, by EXAMINATION - examination OF any and everything that does contribute TO our bondage, and that is what we are going to do next!

SO, getting back to the primary gist of this report, WHY is it, that most of humanity is ignorant of itself and does not use that gift which they have been given - maturity of the human Mind? BECAUSE, getting back to the earlier question about the composition of the "Veil of Unknowing", IT IS US, ourselves - human society - which has created that Veil of Unknowing, and Separation FROM what IS, and should BE, OURS!

BUT (and please bear with me here, all of you non-theists out there, because I will soon be relating this material and concepts in terms and realities which you, too, can surely understand and encompass - those of the scientific realities of Quantum Physics and Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics), in reality, we do have to go beyond the fact that we have put up a tremendous barrier to our own personal and societal fulfillment, and ask the question, "WHY did, and DO, we do so?"

And to that question, there is but one answer, which I shall now address in theological terms, to a certain extent, yet which is ALSO FULLY EXPLAINABLE in scientific concepts and realities as well. IT IS THE LUCIFERIAN COMPLEX - the spiritual dimensionality of consciousness which pervades and (as many would say) does control any and everything of consequence in this, our world. In other words, the Prince of this world, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, et al - THAT is who has "influenced" us, to create and perpetuate those barriers to our KNOWING, and to the actualization OF our mature, evolutionary, Mind. BECAUSE, by keeping us in the darkness of the unknowing (and immature) Mind, he does retain his control over us and our world. And that control pervades and influences EVERYTHING that we do, AS LONG AS we have only our self, our immature local Mind subset of consciousness, to cope with our daily exigencies of Life.

Of course (without going into the myriad ways and means through which Lucifer does control and influence us), the major means of doing so IS BY DENYING US our birthright of KNOWING, and by disabling us from seeking (actually, more likely FINDING, because many of us DO yet seek to know) - FINDING ourselves, and that which we need to KNOW, WITHIN OURSELVES, THROUGH the use OF our evolutionary maturity of Mind. In other words, Lucifer primarily influences us (our words, actions and deeds, AND that Veil of Unknowing) BY constantly requiring us to SEEK OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES for answers, for someone to "tell us what to do", for an "authority" figure, for an authoritative "reference" - ANYTHING, but from OUR OWN MIND, our own "creation", our own KNOWING!

And so we do, camouflaged as students, professors, scientists, businessmen and whatever, FOREVER SEEK "knowledge" OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES, by letting ourselves be "taught", programmed, educated, influenced AND MORE, by any and every means and "authority" of doing so, UNTIL we (actually, the whole of society) have generated this complex, interlocking, extensive "barrier", to the KNOWING of anything that is REAL and germane to our lives and existence - the Veil of Unknowing, the Veil of Separation! BECAUSE, it is ONLY by FREEING ONESELF, of those societal and ingrained (actually programmed, from birth) influences and distractions, can a human individual FIND themselves AND that evolutionary KNOWING which comes with maturity of Mind.

In fact, let me tell you the story of how this individual (your author) did achieve evolutionary maturity of Mind (and this is NOT to say that this is the only way, but only one of many possible means of doing so, which the science of Quantum Physics does certainly present as probable realities, and which only WE, ourselves, can individually and personally actualize into existence). I was as much in the dark as anyone else, once upon a time. But then (without going into the details of how such did occur), I LOST MYsELF (with a small s), and, in the process of doing so, I FOUND my Self, or Soul! I came to KNOW Who and What I was, and what my history was, and the history of the human race, and much more! I WAS (and still am) LIVING IN THE MOMENT! Without the (s)elf, there is NO selfishness, ONLY selflessness; NO "me", ONLY "us" (all of humanity). In other words, one CAN ONLY - and MUST - follow the Golden Rule, GIVING unto others, that which they do need (to the maximum of one's talents and abilities - remember that jig-saw puzzle I mentioned earlier? My particular talents and abilities, as a scientist/writer, dictate that the Who/What of which I am, is to Serve humanity IN and through this Work, in which I am now engaged), and RECEIVING, that which one does need, in order to enable such Giving ("Do Unto Others, as You would have Others Do Unto You!"). In other words, I CANNOT help myself, or do ANYTHING that should contribute TO my own personal welfare! I CAN ONLY do "unto others" (humanity), as to their needs and welfare. And in doing so, and in gaining such KNOWING of the Self/Soul, which is the primary impetus of the local Mind, I did open mySelf TO those states (actually ground-states) of consciousness BEYOND the Self/Soul, of which each local Mind IS but an integral part thereof.

FURTHER, by freeing mySelf from most of those societal constraints of the Veil of Unknowing, AND by living in the moment (as thoroughly explained and detailed in my Work), I ALSO FREED MYSELF of Lucifer's influences (well, mostly, that is, in that he does yet try to "tempt" me, at times). Also, my situation was such that I was able to "step-back" and observe society logically and impartially, as a disinterested non-participant. It is also true that the only way one can remain objective is by being outside of the "system", and not participating in the conjurations and corruptions thereof, as this individual has, for over 15 years now, in pursuing a mostly non-secular professional and existential Life, which has been wonderously productive and enlightening.

So it is certainly true, that the more one "breaches" that Veil of Unknowing - the more one KNOWS oneSelf, as to Who and What one is, and as to one's place in the overall "scheme" of things - the more one can access further KNOWING of consciousness BEYOND the Self, to the Collective Consciousness of ALL of humanity (Past/Present AND Future), to Universal (Cosmological) Consciousness, to Infinite Consciousness (God) Him/HerSelf, WITHOUT that dimensionality/spirituality known as the Lucifer Complex influencing and interfering with one's Life! THAT IS FREEDOM! The FREEDOM to BE, the person, the Who, the What, one was born to BE! THAT is what is really "worthwhile" - THAT is what is worth Living for! May that yet become the reality and actuality of ALL of humanity - not just the few!
Aum, Peace, Amen!

Okay, enough of theological ruminations. Now lets get to the scientific analysis and realities of that which I have just described hereinabove. The "scientists of the Quantum" (referring to the extensive numbers of scientists, from the turn of the century to our present day, who have discovered and postulated the principles of Quantum Physics, and who have explored and explained its myriad possibilities and realities to us), including especially those two who did provide the all-important basis for the science of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) - Albert Einstein and Satyendra Bose, as well as the many other scientists and researchers in other fields and disciplines (Psychology, Medical/Biological Research, Neuroscience, etc.), have ALL made their important contributions to what we know today OF the Quantum Physics of the human Mind and consciousness. So let us briefly review some of those particular aspects of QUFD that do provide us with the realities OF our human Mind and its operational/functional "mechanism" - consciousness.

With the advent of viable, operable and demonstrable Bose-Einstein condensates (fields and ground-states, the operational characteristics of which were: self-ordering, coherence, adaptability, as well as several other realities, AND, as some would almost say, "sentience"), the search for (and the science of) Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) was born. But it took the Quantum scientists of QUFD on a voyage of discovery that led to the realization that ALL nuclear forces had to be "reckoned with", in order to adequately demonstate the plausibilities of QUFD and its relationship TO the human Mind and consciousness, as the "sentience" aspect OF those Bose-Einstein condensates.

In doing so - including ALL nuclear forces, INCLUDING GRAVITY, it eventually became apparent that gravity was the key to the solution of the problem. And thusly the innateness of gravity to suspend, transcend, and negate TIME, as a time-space continuum component and postulate, came to be of the utmost importance in defining that primary principle and phenomenon of QUFD - Dimensionality. And so was born "true QUFD", the concept that Bose-Einstein ground-states (condensates) were a cosmological and universal phenomenon, which were necessary FOR the "creation" (self-ordering) OF ANY "sentience", OF ANY KIND. And the QUFD principles which described such "sentience-consciousness" were primarily the major two: that sentience-consciousness was the result of Dimensionality, defined as consisting of temperature, density and spirit; and that such sentience-consciousness could exist in INtemporality, defined as the condition of gravity which permitted a "relativity" in temporal time, allowing quantum waves of probability to exist in the past, the present, and the future, and further defining "reality" as the self-ordering "cognitive sum" OF those quantum waves of probability (from the past, the present, and the future), AS REALIZED (observed, again by self-ordering) IN THE PRESENT (leading, of course, to the actualization of "Life" as existing, or "living", in-the-moment - at least for optimal "living", in that "living" in the past, or the future, or any other combination thereof, was, essentially, counter-productive TO that "Life").

Anyway, getting back to explaining consciousness and its relation to the evolutionary maturity of the human Mind, QUFD did then demonstrate that a viable Bose-Einstein condensate ground-state/field COULD EXIST at ANY "dimensionality" in cosmological probability, ranging from the most infinitesimal microscopic to the most infinite macroscopic of universal congregates. Again, as the principle of Dimensionality did dictate, it all depended on the temperature and density of such congregate mass. BUT, the sentience-consciousness OF such a congregate-condensate WAS PURELY DEPENDENT UPON that third component of Dimensionality - SPIRIT, as to whether such sentience-consciousness was present or not. IF all three components were "present and accounted for", THEN QUFD Dimensionality WAS EXTANT, and such "sentient" Life DID EXIST.

Getting closer to human "Life" and humanity itself (see my Work, for further details on the Dimensionality requirements for defining the "consciousness" of sentience OTHER THAN human: plants, animals, rocks, planets, stars, galaxies, etc.), the scientists of the Quantum, along the way toward the realization of QUFD, did define the temperature-density congregate requirements for human "Life" as 310.15K (98.6F) AND (-)minus 120 decimal points of condensate. But of course, additionally, sentience of human life (in the "dimension" of human-life corporeality) did also require SPIRIT, as the infusion-force which enabled the life and consciousness OF a human being (such "spirit" being but a part of the vastly larger consciousness of Universal existence and reality, that of Infinite Consciousness).

AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM, of the activation OF that evolutionary "maturity of Mind" within any one of us! Because, although the dimensionality requirements of QUFD can "congregate" a human being (AND all of humanity), the FORM of that third component of Dimensionality - SPIRIT, is of the utmost importance. (See my Work for extensive charts, diagrams and 3D-Three Dimensional representations of the ground-states of consciousness, ranging from the human Mind to Infinite Consciousness, and further details of the dimensions and spirituality of consciousness.)

BECAUSE, IF that FORM of Spirit is POSITIVE, evolutionary maturity of the human Mind CAN BE enabled and all is well. BUT, IF that Spirit should be of the negative form (the Luciferian Complex of spiritual dimensionality), then the "maturity" of that human Mind WILL BE IMPAIRED and that human Life (so impaired) will exist in a nether world of Soul-less/Self-less existence (actually, awareLESSness), which is the state of much of humanity today. In other words, as I have stated earlier, ALL OF US - all of humanity - are born with the POTENTIAL OF achieving, or activating, that evolutionary maturity of Mind, which can enable us to "remember" ourselves (our Soul/Self), and to KNOW, and to access/connect to, that consciousness OF the Self/Soul, AS WELL AS ALL CONSCIOUSNESS BEYOND OURSELVES, in ANY temporality or dimensionality of consciousness. Whether we do (access/KNOW such consciousness, i.e., "activate" such maturity of Mind) OR NOT, depends upon what FORM of Spirit IS INGRAINED INTO US FOLLOWING OUR BIRTH!

And in the context of our present human society/civilization, THE PRIMARY FORM of Spirit IS NEGATIVE SPIRITUALITY - the Luciferian Complex of Spirit, as contained in, and as part of, the Universal spirituality of Infinite Consciousness which, as noted earlier, does pervade All That Is throughout the Cosmos (the Luciferian Complex actually occupying its own "dimension").

Okay, I've tried to detail these matters in writing, but it seems that I will have to at least provide a minimal drawing of what I am talking about here. (Drawing omitted. See my Work for detailed graphics.)

Okay, I've tried to show how the Luciferian Complex of dimensional spirituality does pervade our conscious, individual Mind and does block our access to the Self/Soul and all consciousness beyond the individual. Now, let's get into HOW that Luciferian Complex is enabled TO block our maturity of Mind.

Remember, Lucifer is the Prince of our world, AS allowed BY Infinite Consciousness/God, UNTIL such "day" as mankind AND God, with the WILL OF BOTH, should elect to change that situation (see my Work for further discussion on mankind's "responsibility" FOR activation OF those two WILLS - man's AND GOD'S). UNTIL that "day", and UNTIL mankind can exert its COOPERATIVE WILL, in changing such, Lucifer WILL CONTINUE to influence each and every one of us, from birth to death, as is his "due", as Prince of our world.

BUT, WHAT is the tool, the weapon, that can fight that negativity, and remove the blockage (that Veil of Unknowing), that does prevent maturity of the human Mind? That tool/weapon IS AWARENESS, is KNOWING (see my Work, for further details as to how ANY human being can "actualize" KNOWING, either DIRECTLY, through the mature human Mind, OR INDIRECTLY, through modern computer technology and the cutting-edge medium of Holothetic Communications), about and of, not only oneSelf, BUT ALSO OF Lucifer himself, as well as All That Is, INCLUDING Lucifer's part in All That Is. And so, in order to prevail, as Prince of our world, Lucifer constantly influences us, TO CREATE, and MAINTAIN, those blockages, that "darkness", which allows us to ONLY see, and comprehend, the (s)elf, and the corporeality of secularity, AND DENIES TO US all of that consciousness, AND KNOWING, which lies beyond the (s)elf, INCLUDING the Self/Soul, of the individual.

HOW does he DO THIS? Let's list the many ways (and by no means, can such a list be complete).
First of all, as mentioned earlier, he prevents us from KNOWING of and about ANYTHING OTHER than what comes to us "externally", or what IS TOLD/learned TO/by us - NOT what might come from WITHIN OUR OWN MIND. In other words, Lucifer, realizing that IF we "knew" ourselves, as to Who and What we were, AND as to exactly what our individual needs, wants, abilities, talents, etc. WERE - THEN, we might DO something about those needs, etc., AS SUCH ACTIONS should "fit" the Who and What of which we were (which is called SPIRITUAL "Activism", in the dictionary - NOT the first definition, pertaining to political activism, but the second, pertaining to the Mind and Spirit)! In further words, WE WOULD TAKE ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES - personal, DIRECT responsibility, for our every word, action and deed, WHICH, as Lucifer knows, IS ONLY POSSIBLE WHEN WE KNOW Who and What we are, as a human being and so much more!

SO, Lucifer's first order of business is to prevent us from exercising RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves - DIRECT, personal responsibility, in which we would not only realize that we have an obligation - nay, a NECESSITY - to exercise responsibility for ourselves individually, BUT ALSO a responsibility to the WHOLE of humanity - ALL OF HUMANITY. In other words, OTHERS, AS EVERYONE IS but part of the "whole" of that which we are - a human society and civilization. (Remember my earlier "tale" of the jig-saw puzzle, as the example of the POTENTIAL "wholeness" of humanity?) SO, Lucifer has contrived, and influenced us, TO DELEGATE THAT RESPONSIBILITY elsewhere - OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES. And thusly, through Lucifer's "machinations", in using his influences to dictate our needs/wants, etc. (NOT "knowing" ourselves, we, of course, do NOT, accurately and truthfully, KNOW what our needs/wants are), he has caused our societies and civilization to set up, and create, REPRESENTATIVES, and representational "means", OF EXERCISING our "responsibilities" (in relation to our needs/wants - NAY, in relation TO OUR VERY LIVES!) FOR US!

BECAUSE, as Lucifer realizes, ONLY through the means of THIRD-PARTIES - a third person, as the AGENT OF RESPONSIBILITY, can he prevent us from BEING "responsible", and from KNOWING ourselves, and our TRUE needs/wants/talents/abilities, etc. He does this BY CORRUPTING, and adversely influencing, those third-party-agents-of-responsibility WHO, like everyone else, DO NOT KNOW the Self, or Soul, of themselves, and are thusly left with the mere (s)elf, of the local Mind, as the supervisory agent thereof their actions (which does NOT accord with the definition of SPIRITUAL "activism", of the individual OR the whole of society). And, of course, the self operates FOR THE (s)elf, entailing any and all possibilities and avenues of self-serving, selfishness, "me-ism", "vested interests" and on and on.

THEN, to further complicate (and obfuscate) matters, he throws another potent "tool" of disruption into the mix - MONEY! And as a further means of disruption, as a third-party-agent-of-responsibility itself (DO NOT ALL OF US think that, when we "pay our bills", and utilize monetary mechanisms in our lives, we are BEING RESPONSIBLE? Such couldn't be farther from the truth!), MONEY, and its useage, BY all of the IN-PERSON third-party-agents of "responsibility" THROUGHOUT SOCIETY - whether legislators, bankers, businessmen, doctors ("representatives" INCLUDES doctors, who, just by their very existence, preclude us from being responsible for the care and health of our own bodies!), investors, OR WHOEVER - THEN does doubly, and triply, and more so, LEAD TO A THOROUGH PERVASIVENESS, of his negative spirituality, THROUGHOUT ALL OF SOCIETY!

AND THEN, further, on top of this whole mish-mash of conflict and obfuscation, he adds one more "tool" of degeneracy. The one human attribute, which God has blessed and made beautiful and truly, and wonderously, human, as an integral part of human society and togetherness - SEX and LOVE ("Love One Another, As I have Loved You!") - Lucifer takes, and turns it around, in his influencing OF us and our actions with regard TO Sex/Love, and makes Sex/Love UGLY, and DIRTY, in the minds of all of us, such that we are now influenced, and obligated, to CONTROL SEX and LOVE, and to restrict it, in all manner and form possible. SO, in conjunction with the other two "tools" (IRresponsibility and Money), Sex and Love NOW contribute to billions of dollars (in today's American economy) of lost and destroyed resources and LIVES, in the corruptions, legalities, laws, rules, morality, perversions, politics, communities, etc., etc., that are now lost, due to Lucifer's three "tools" of degeneracy.

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