QUALIA CV: In Honor... of Soldiers, the Fallen, Heroes, Students... and Americans! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CV: In Honor... of Soldiers, the Fallen, Heroes, Students... and Americans!

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By Father Jerome

  1. Yes! Here it is, 6:45PM on 9/9/09, and President Obama has just concluded His Speech to the American Congress and People, on the need for Health-Care Reform. Although his speech and ideas were certainly commendable, yet he still got one thing wrong, about the whole issue of the Basics of Health Care! I will address that problem shortly herein this discussion.

  2. But primarily, herein this discussion, I want to Honor... actually, I want to express my firm opinion, on how America and the American People themselves, can effectively Honor... all those Americans who most surely deserve the Honor of Our Nation, with regard to their achievements, their efforts, their courage and their continued steadfastness, toward the very Goals and Ideals of America and its People!

  3. Starting with Our Soldiers! From our Colonial Armies (and even before, to the valiant Early Colonists themselves!), to those Soldiers of all of America's Wars and Battles, even of both sides during our Civil War, and up to today, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. All of our Soldiers, have bravely fought and sacrificed, for the Values and Ideals that American stands for, in not only this modern World of Today, but of the Past as well.

  4. And the Fallen... of the many Wars and Battles, who did not return alive, to the waiting arms of their Loved Ones and to the American People themselves who, no doubt, likewise committed these Fallen to the Battlements in the first place, all in the Defense and Honor, of those same American Values and Ideals, of God and Country!

  5. And the many Heroes, of all kinds, throughout all of American History, from the Boston Tea Party, to the Continental Congress and the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, to Heroes everywhere ever since, who have tried to uphold the very Values and Ideals that America stands for!

  6. And our Students everywhere, at every level-of-Education, who are striving to learn and understand, exactly what it means to Be-An-American, and to Be-A-Part-of-this-Wonderful-Nation-of-Ours!

  7. I wish to Commend and to Honor all of them! And I want to tell them, of the one, Most Important thing, that All of these Most Honored, as well as All Americans... can Do Today, to Honor Themselves, God and Our Country!

  8. You... can BRING IT ALL CRASHING DOWN! Yes! Tear it down! Destroy the ENTIRE SYSTEM!

  9. Because today, the America-of-today, has NOT the Values and Ideals, that you have so valiantly fought and sacrificed for! The America-of-Today... is corrupt, greedy, money-grubbing, heartless... and cares not-a-whit, for Humanity nor for Life!
    (From http://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qualia104.html )
    5. I'm going to insert here, the lyrics of an old Vietnam-era song that was not really sung, but more so 'voiced', by Johnny Sea. Some of the noted realities, of that era, may no longer be valid, but the entirety of the lyrics are just as valid today as they were back then, in the voiced-indictment of American Society of then-and-now! Here is Johnny Sea's "Day for Decision":
    Day for Decision
    Johnny Sea [Warner Bros. 5820]
    (Allen N. Peltier) [Moss Rose Pub. BMI]
    The other day I heard someone say, "You know, America is in real trouble."
    It's true. Old Glory has never fallen so close to the earth. Our embassies
    are being stoned. Our diplomats are often in fear for their lives. And we're
    involved in a half-dozen nameless, winless conflicts spilling American blood
    on foreign soil. Our young men are dying for ideals that don't seem to mean
    much to Americans anymore.

    The truth is America's real trouble doesn't lie in the rice paddies of Vietnam,
    in the masses of Red China, or in the diabolical intrigues to the south of us.
    The real trouble lies in the playgrounds of St. Louis, the hillside mansions of
    San Francisco, and in the slums of Chicago. A disease which is slowly eating
    away at the heart of America lives in the small Southern towns, the fishing
    villages of New England, and in the hot dusty streets of the Midwest.

    This is the age of the American cynic. The year of the unbeliever. The day of
    doubt. We've killed all the sacred cows and destroyed all the images. And
    there's nothing left to respect. Old fashioned love of God, country, and family
    is passé. We stare at our shoelaces when they play the national anthem. We
    wouldn't want to be seen at a political rally or a town hall meeting. And we
    don't want to be caught with our eyes closed during public prayers. We've
    decided the only way to get into public office is to buy it. Our heroes are the
    fast guys who get away with things. Patriotism, the old hand-over-the-heart,
    flag-waving singing patriotism, has been condemned. Think about this.
    Patriotism. When you tear away the fancy phrases and crepe paper, it's plain
    and simple pride. It's a new car-prettier girl-bigger house sort of pride in
    country. Somewhere along the way we've lost it. Our form of government is the
    same. We still say America stands for the same things. But next time you're at
    a party, ask someone to sing "America the Beautiful", and see what happens.

    The basic ideals and structure of America haven't changed. We have. You and
    me. Our enemies know it. They've seen the newsreels of the discontented
    marching around the capitol. They've distorted and blown up our mistakes.
    They've been putting steel wedges in our wall of solidarity. The new idea is:
    Don't attack America; wear it down gradually; it'll eventually fall under the
    weight of its own corruption. And did you know, it's working?

    This sneering complacency, once stamped out by the bloody feet of a tattered
    Continental Army in 1776, once drowned beneath the keel of the U.S.S.
    Arizona in Pearl Harbor Bay, has risen again. This deadly "Let George do it"
    attitude lights the way for the Viet Cong in the swampy jungles of Vietnam.
    This "Better Red than dead" cancer is more feared by the American soldier than
    all the communist mortar shells. It kills the vitality and spirit of America.
    Democracy is a frail and fragile instrument. Made of hope, prayer and Yankee
    ingenuity. It is held together by a fourth-of-July flag-waving patriotism. And
    we've almost exhausted our supply of it. Try this test. Lift your eyes to a
    flag, then sing out as loud as you can that old out-worn antiquated freedom
    hymn you learned so many years ago.

    For purple mountain majesties (for purple mountain majesties)
    Above the fruited plain (above the fruited plain)
    America (America)
    America (America)
    God shed His grace on thee (God shed His grace on thee)

    Now if you feel a little pride welling up inside of you, if you feel a little mist in
    your eyes, then thank God for you, mister, you're still an American!

    (America, America,
    God shed His grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea)

  10. Now... if you feel a little pride welling up inside of you... THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Bring the Values and Ideals of America BACK! TEAR DOWN THE SYSTEM! And restore an American Democracy... NO! Let's create a World Democracy! A World Democracy, where EVERYONE CARES! A Nation and a World, "Of The People, By The People, and For The People!" A Participatory World Democracy, where everyone Participates, 100%! Where everyone agrees, 100%, as to exactly What the SYSTEM needs-to-be-doing, in Service to its Peoples, Our World and The Environment! Where Money is no longer, the evil-corruption that it is today... because MONEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Everyone "Does Unto Another..."... for Free! 100% Efficiency! No corruption, no greed, no money-laundering, no monetary 'vices' at all, because everyone knows that they need to Treat Each Other As Human Beings, Giving-and-Receiving equally, that which anyone has to Give Unto Others, in order to Likewise Receive Equally, and Freely, From Others!
    (See: 'Imagine the World As One!', at: http://www.fiwd.org/Institutes/Imagine/ImagineOne.htm )

  11. I said that I would comment on President Obama's Speech regarding Health Care Reform. He did specifically say that His Plan was to "fix the system", rather than 'tearing-it-down-and-starting-over'! "Mr. President! I respectfully submit, that you should have chosen the latter option... to Tear It All Down!"

  12. Because we are already dealing with a Health Care System that costs the American Economy Trillions of Dollars, and the President specifically stated that the 'cost' of his Health Care Reform Plan, would be a mere $900 Billion! Money-on-top-of-Money! Just for Health Care!

  13. But, here's the 'kicker'! Health Care, and the Insurance therefor... is NOT the problem! The 'problem'... is the Medical System itself! Because, the Medical Practices, Procedures and Processes... are NOT 'serving' the Patients at all, but in fact, are doing more HARM THAN GOOD! The Medical System... DOES NOT WORK! And I don't even need to mention all of those Prescription-Drug Commercials-on-TV every five minutes, trying to persuade Americans to 'tell-your-Doctor' to give you this-or-that pill, for your skin rash, allergies, high blood pressure or what have you... and then legally having to include the required Disclaimer about the potential 'side-effects', wherein every Drug commercial MUST TELL the viewers, that "this Drug may kill you!"

  14. Money... that is what today's Medicine is all about, and it is ruining the American Economy and its Peoples! 90-some percent of Americans, would be much healthier and better off... by NOT 'seeing' a Doctor AT ALL! Back in the 'olden-days', of as little as 60-70 years ago, farmers and lots of other people, would never think of constantly 'running-to-a-Doctor' for every little ache-and-pain. In those days, one saw-a-Doctor ONLY in the utmost emergency! THAT is what Doctors were for... THEN! Today, Doctors, Health Insurance, Billing Procedures and other Medical System Processes... do nothing but increase the financial burden on individuals, health insurance carriers and the government! It is ALL A SCAM! And it is not only ruining the People and the Economy, but the Environment and our World as well!

  15. Eliminate the Medical System! Eliminate Money! Eliminate 'Representative Democracy'! Create a Government-and-a-System, "Of The People, By The People and For The People!" Participatory Democracy!

  16. Incidentally, Representative Democracy was needed in the olden-days, when you 'charged' your neighbor to get on his horse and ride 300 miles to Cast-a-Vote for You! But today, with the Internet, EVERYONE can vote-from-home, so there is the possibility of 100% voter participation... if the System can just 'get-it's-act-together'! Participatory Democracy!

  17. But the KEY to any and everything is... NO MONEY!
    (See: http://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Moneyless.html )

  18. "Do Unto Others..." and "Love One Another..."
    (See: 'Imagine the World As One!', at: http://www.fiwd.org/Institutes/Imagine/ImagineOne.htm )

Aum, Peace, Amen

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