QUALIA LXC: Revisiting Issues of Time/Space and Dimensional 'Realities' versus Reality! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXC: Revisiting Issues of Time/Space and Dimensional 'Realities' versus Reality!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Concerning issues of reality versus 'reality'... I hope by now, with the 'application' of the Bose-Einstein quantum Laws and Principles, as 'applied' to most anything in Life or in 'Life', the student hereof such 'concerns', does certainly realize that he/she needs to absolutely be aware of exactly which side of the Fence one is referring to! (And I won't say, "... at any time!", because that would be limiting the discussion only to Corporeality, which is exclusively defined by Time and Space, when it is not meant to be so limited, because the discussion actually transcends Time and Space... and even Mathematics!) As well as the fact that most 'issues' and concerns do actually transcend the Fence itself, so that the investigator thereof has to at all times realize from what 'perspective', as to which side of the Fence, he/she is referring to.

  2. That said, let me briefly also clarify what I am talking about here, as to 'issues' and concerns. An 'issue' or concern is that matter, (quantum) 'dynamic', function or reality/'reality' of substance (and here I refer to literary substance, not corporeal substance, in that any concern relating to reality is nominally already a concern of substance, versus, if relating to 'reality', it is a concern of 'substance'!), which has a relationship to the discussion.

  3. And, as I have said, an 'issue' or concern, can have differing reality versus 'reality', depending on, again, which side of the Fence we are talking about. But, the further commonality here, as to any concern, is the Reason or Purpose, of/for that Reality/'Reality'! And that is because Reason and Purpose are the basic, fundamental building blocks, of any 'issue' or concern. If that 'issue' or concern is Barry Bonds, our perspectives thereupon do thusly transcend our invisible Fence, to encompass condensates of both reality and 'reality', which lie both within Corporeality and Incorporeality!

  4. So, if we are talking about Barry Bonds' Brain, we are, of course, already referring exclusively to any and every concern having to do with Corporeal Reality! And if we are talking about "What do you think...?", we are somehow referring to the 'dynamics' of Barry Bonds' Mind and the quantum processes therein! However, if we are talking about both the realities and 'realities' of the neurophysics 'interface' between Brain and Mind (the synapsial junctions of the Brain/Mind), we are then referring to both dimensions and condensates of Corporeality and Incorporeality! And, of course, then there are also the myriad 'dimensions' of Higher Incorporeality, which can also have Reason and Purpose 'issues' and concerns transcending dimensionality! (But not in relation to any, as of yet, discussion of Barry Bonds... in that he has not, as yet, 'transcended' the Corporeality of our Dimension!)

  5. And discussions of the 'dynamics' and interstitial-spaces of the Human Mind, and perspectives thereupon, can get a bit 'sticky', as to exactly what 'dimensionality' might be 'in play'... (Okay, I'll say it, but it won't actually apply, because Time may or may not be involved, depending on the 'perspective'!)... "...at any Time!"

  6. Specifically, if referring to the 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind via the 'interstitial-spaces' between the two condensates of the Local Mind, such a 'perspective' can always be said to be referring to the overall Condensate of Infinite Consciousness and Incorporeality of the Cosmos (i.e., God!), within which that Local Mind and its two condensates, of Upper Mind and Lower Mind, are contained. However, further discussion involving the 'mechanics' of such 'communications', inevitably then involves the 'issues' of Time and Space which have been 'created' to enable said 'communications', which, while instantaneous and temporary, are yet of corporeal reality (requiring the quantum forces, fields and gravity, of the Universe!) and not of incorporeal 'reality'... even though such 'communications' are occurring within the incorporeal 'reality' of the interstitial-spaces of the Mind! In other words, in a general and locational context (not referring to incorporeal Point-Locations!), when the 'perspective' refers to said 'communications'... we are merely talking about the 'reality' of the incorporeal interstitial-spaces, and the fact that such 'communications' are necessary to 'communicate' an 'output' from the Upper Mind to the Lower Mind, because the two halves of our individual Local Mind exist for differing Reason and Purpose... the Upper Mind, to process all of the instantaneous 'dynamics' of that Local Mind's functioning and then to pass the 'outputs' of those 'dynamics' (i.e., decisions) on to the Lower Mind, for 'action' thereupon by the Brain and the Human Body, and the Lower Mind, of course, to properly 'route' said decisions ('outputs', from the Upper Mind), to the proper area and synaptic-junctions, of the Brain, for proper processing by that Brain and Body! To summarize here: the Upper Mind condensate exists for one Reason and Purpose, while the Lower Mind condensate exists for another, very different, Reason and Purpose, and therefore the instantaneous and temporary (and temporal!) 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind are necessary, because of the difference in Reason and Purpose functioning!

  7. However, yet discussing our interstitial-spaces 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind, when we get into the specifics of those 'communications', it can become quite complicated! First of all, we are no longer discussing the Undifferentiated Relativity of the Cosmos, but now we are discussing the Differentiated Relativity of the instantaneous and temporary condensates/dimensions which are constantly being 'created' between Upper and Lower Mind by which to enable the necessary Time and Space 'communications' between two condensates/dimensions of differing Reason and Purpose!

  8. And an as yet unresolved argument (supposedly), can be presented here, as to exactly why any Condensate of Incorporeality, of one specific Reason and Purpose, should need to 'lower itself' to the level of physical Time and Space communications, in order to 'communicate' its 'output', to another Condensate of Incorporeality of differing Reason and Purpose? In other words, instead of such a basic 'means' of 'communication', between differing Dimensions, why cannot such 'communications' merely occur directly, within the non-Time/Space of Incorporeality itself?

  9. And there is a simple answer! While direct Dimensional 'communications' between differing Dimensions is certainly an aspect of all Condensates of Incorporeality and especially of the Higher Dimensions, it takes/requires something that does not exist here, in our necessary 'communications' between Upper Mind and Lower Mind. While both halves of our Local Mind do have differing Reason and Purpose and both halves are still Incorporeal, it is only the Upper Mind that can process incorporeal 'inputs', from the quantum axion particles! The Lower Mind cannot process such Higher-Dimensional 'input', and can only process the already-processed 'output' from the Upper Mind, which now exists in the form of the output-decision that-has-been-made-with-regard-to-whatever-the-issue-was-of-concern-of-that-moment-and-reality, and thusly that decision now needs to be passed/routed to the proper section/location of the Human Brain, in order that the Brain can put all of these instantaneous decisions together into a Whole... and thusly Activate some kind of Action or Response by that physical Brain/Body! (However, that 'Whole', or Action, to be taken by that Brain/Body, is yet so constituted under the Ultimate Direct Supervision of the Mind, whereby the Brain is actually 'piecing-together' all of the individual 'parts-of-the-puzzle', which can only be 'seen' as a Whole BY that Mind, and as 'supplied-to' that Brain, via the 'routing' of the Lower Mind and the synapsial-junction interfaces within that Brain/Body!) In other words, the Lower Mind is the 'routing-mechanism' or Map-of-the-Brain, whereby the Lower Mind knows exactly which, of the trillions of synaptic junctions of the Human Brain, any specific 'output-decision' needs to be 'routed to', and it thusly does so, via the corporeal neurophysics of the interface between Brain and Mind at each and every specific glial-cell/synaptic junction of the Brain/Body! The Lower Mind does NOT 'process' incorporeal 'inputs', nor render 'output-decisions'! Such 'dynamics' require the Soul...which a Lower Mind does not possess! Soul only exists within the Upper Mind of any Life-form, and it is the very reason why, in further answer to our posed question, Condensates/Dimensions at any level of Incorporeality, can thereby 'communicate' with each other directly... Mind-to-Mind, Soul-to-Soul!

  10. Getting back to discussion of our Local Mind 'communications' at the 'mechanical-level' of Time and Space, here is where, perhaps, some further investigation might be necessary, in order to ascertain the exact 'mechanics' of the operations here! I've already discussed elsewhere (in another Qualia document), the Point-Location 'realities' of the Landscapes of both the lower-side of the Upper Mind and the corresponding upper-side of the Lower Mind, as to the necessity to 'communicate' specifically with corresponding Point-Locations on the corresponding Landscapes!

  11. However, it may not have been made clear, the very reason that both Landscapes do exist, somewhat identical to each other instantaneously, even though both of our communicating halves of our two Condensates-of-Mind, do actually have differing Reason and Purpose! And the answer is, that while each individual half of the Local Mind does have differing Reason and Purpose, as to the functioning of each half, the combination of the two halves does still constitute the entirety of the Individual Local Mind, which in and of itself, encompassing both Upper and Lower Minds, does so constitute the singular Reason and Purpose FOR the very existence OF that Individual Local Mind! So, although the Upper Mind, the Soul, does the 'processing' of the Mind's 'dynamics', and the Lower Mind, does the 'routing' and interfacing-with-the-Brain, both halves do yet comprise the Totality of that Local Mind... which, as to overall Reason and Purpose, might be Barry Bonds!

  12. And to complete this discussion about the 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind, see my discussion about this matter elsewhere, where I have already discussed such as the necessity for the Landscape-of-the-Upper Mind, at Point-Location #106954, to 'communicate' only and directly with the corresponding Point-Location of the Landscape of the Lower Mind! Of course, Negativity comes 'into play', when Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', are able to effectively 're-route' this necessary 'communications' between Upper Mind and Lower Mind, at Point-Location #106954, to be 'received' by the Lower Mind, at Point-Location #106773, instead of Point-Location #106954! And thusly, Lucifer's Negativity has actually, at the quantum level of the Human Mind/Brain, changed an output-decision of Love (Point-Location #106954!), from one's Soul (Upper Mind), to be received by that person's Lower Mind, as a message of... Hate (Point-Location #106773!) Further details already elsewhere on the Website and in my Book.

  13. Of course, to finish the point here, every time that Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' can subvert, corrupt and influence, the actual 'routing' of 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind of every Human Being, he (Lucifer!) can thusly almost directly control all of the activities of Mankind, within the Dimensions-of-Reality (everyday Reality!), of each and every one of us, spreading his Negativities across the entire spectrum of Human Life and Existence! It is only by Living-In-The-Moment, and by Knowing Oneself, as to Who and What One Is, One's Reason and Purpose For Life and Existence, and much more, that Lucifer and his Negativities can be 'Overcome' by each and every One of Us and by All of Humankind, Working and Cooperating Together with Each Other, in Peace and Harmony! But it is a World, a Life and a Society, that we need to Create Ourselves... by getting Lucifer and his Negativities, out of our Minds in the First Place!

  14. Okay, continuing here, there is one other place where the 'Reality' of the perspective is important! Actually, in that it is so instantaneous here, discussions of this 'perspective' might be irrelevant! However, Time and Space instantaneous 'communications', ARE temporarily 'created', WITHIN the 'processing' of the instantaneous 'dynamics' that are taking place within the Upper Mind (or ANY Condensate/Dimension of Incorporeality!) Such instantaneous 'communications' (outputs/inputs, levels-of-Chaos-and-Order, levels-of-intermediate-and-incomplete-processes, etc., where an instantaneous 'process' is 'carried-forward' into another 'process', as a result of the necessity or absence-of-inputs) take place constantly, as the 'dynamics' of 'processing' occur! As also noted elsewhere, when such does occur, within the temporary 'Dimensions' that are 'created', a nominal 'issue', concern, of Classical Newtonian Physics, does/might arise, and that 'issue' is Entropy! For further discussion on this 'issue', see discussions elsewhere concerning the 'Refresh-Rate' of the Human Mind!

  15. I trust by now that the student of QUFD Physics/Incorporeality realizes the importance of 'keeping things in perspective', because there can literally, and sometimes physically, be a World-of-difference, between the actual Realities of one (Corporeal) Dimension and the transparent 'Realities' of another (Incorporeal) 'Dimension'! And most importantly involved with all of this, is always the quantum axion particle of Consciousness and 'Reality', which actually releases and provides the very (Corporeal) quantum forces, fields and gravity of the Universe... Which I shall again repeat here! The quantum forces, fields and gravity (Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, Electric, Magnetic and Gravity) of the Universe... ARE CORPOREAL! And they ONLY exist within a Dimension/Condensate of Corporeality (such as Barry Bonds' body!), where they provide the Time and Space, for the actual functioning of that Dimension within Corporeality! Time/Space and the quantum forces, fields and gravity... are contained within each and every quantum axion particle, which ONLY exist within Incorporeality! The quantum axion particle(s) release the quantum forces, fields and gravity, when a Dimension of Corporeality, a Condensate of Corporeality, is created, in order to produce the necessary Time and Space within that Dimension, which is further of necessity for all corporeal functions therein said Dimension! It is also to be noted that the quantum axion particle, as an 'output' from another Condensate of Incorporeality, does 'create' a new Condensate of Incorporeality, however since the new 'Dimension' is already Incorporeal, Time/Space and the quantum forces, fields and gravity of the Universe, are not included therein. AGAIN: Time/Space and the quantum forces, fields and gravity of the Universe... are ONLY found within Corporeality, NOT Incorporeality!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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