QUALIA LXXXIX: Exploring Today's Worldwide Societal Realities: 'The Big Picture', with Insights from The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXIX: Exploring Today's Worldwide Societal Realities: 'The Big Picture', with Insights from The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, some Readers hereof these words will have 'reservations', about the use hereof The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, in these 'Explorations of Reality', but, the fact is, The NewsHour is, quite frankly, the acknowledged 'Leader', or #1, 'News Reporting Source', of all American News Media, and is certainly accepted as such, by all intelligent persons everywhere!

  2. That said, I am going to 'explore' here, certain and several perspectives, of 'The Big Picture', with 'inputs', of various facts, realities and news, as reported on The NewsHour. The Reader hereof, is thusly hereby enjoined, enlightened and encouraged, to thereby and subsequently, 'Do Something' about 'The (Societal) Situation', by Taking The Necessary 'Actions', whatever such might be, to so Change Our Societal 'System' and Our World, to thusly Make This A Better World, For One and All! (Enlightened: Bringing to the Reader's 'awareness', such Facts and Realities, as are deemed to be pertinent; Encouraged: By putting these 'perspectives' within 'The Big Picture', we might, hereby, thusly encourage Individuals and All of Humanity, To Take The 'Actions' Necessary, To Change The Situation; and Enjoined: Whereby Those Who Can, Might Come Together With Those Who Wish To... In Order to Effect, and 'Activate', Those Desired Changes, For The Benefit of Us All!)

  3. First of all, from the perspective of the 'Big Picture', we have got to realize... All of us, just exactly Who is 'In Control' here, as to our World, its various 'structures' (Economic, Political, Educational, Financial, Cultural, Governmental, Military, Justice and more!), and the Institutions thereof! All of which, as I have already extensively written about on these webpages, have all been 'created' by Man, with the 'assistance' of Lucifer!

  4. But, as I have also hereby so documented and noted, almost all of our World's 'Institutions' (i.e., structures, as hereinabove noted), are really controlled and operated, and have been created for... the Rich, their progeny and such 'Inheritors-of-said-Riches'! (See the entire Part Two of my latest Book, and the several webpages, discussing such!)

  5. All societal institutions and realities, are devoted to exactly these purposes... and while everyone in Society (except for the disadvantaged, dispossessed, disenfranchised, disabled and destitute!) happily 'goes-their-way', within their own 'Class-of-Birth', Doing-and-Living-Their-Everyday-Life, As Just Another 'Reality' and another 'Normal Aspect' of such Everyday Life... The Reality IS... That ALL of such Societal 'Structures and Institutions', are really just a great big 'Ponzi-Scheme'... designed to Keep The Rich People Rich, and the Poor People (or Lower Classes!)... Poor!

  6. And almost no one Knows any different! We have all been 'corrupted', and brought into 'The System', such that most of us do not Know any better, NOR even where 'The System' starts/stops, and what meager 'Rights/Realities' we do yet possess, begin or start! And that means all of us! That 'Happy, well-off Life' which you are Living... is just part of the 'Sham'! EVERYTHING about your Life, is actually Controlled! (Yes! 'Shades' of the 'Matrix'!) You 'think' that you have 'Free Choice', to 'Do' just about anything, economically, financially, religiously, educationally, and more... Freely, Independently, of Your Own 'Free Will'! But, You Don't! Because, no matter What it is that You might Do... it is still being Done, within Your 'Cage', that Cage of-your-own-Making, that is Your Life! "Everything outside of My Cage, does NOT exist! I don't Care about anything, but My Life (and My Cage)!"

  7. Well, if you haven't also become one of the hundreds-of-millions of addicts, within our Society... Yeah! You say that you are NOT an 'addict'? Tell me, WHAT is the NUMBER ONE Addiction-in-America, and why YOU... cannot stop your addiction to... FOOD? Just try to stop eating, not putting food-in-your-mouth, for a simple three days! (As recommended by the National Institutes of Health, which recommends that, in order to be a healthy human being, every person should fast for three days, every month! If you have not been doing so, then a medically-supervised fasting-period of up to 2 weeks and more, is recommended!) EXACTLY WHAT all the Hollywood Celebrities (Beyonce, Ellen, etc.) do, when they go to 'Rehab', and pay $50,000/day for such 'Rehab' services! Anyway, just try to stop putting food-in-your-mouth for three days, and then tell me that you are not an addict!

  8. The Reality IS... We are ALL Living in-our-own-Cages, of our own making, but with the help-and-assistance-of-Lucifer... via The System, and all of its 'Structures and Institutions'! And the Rich People are really 'running' our Lives... and we can't do anything about it, BECAUSE we don't even Know it! We are all, just Happy-Go-Lucky-Campers, i.e., 'citizens', of Society, of Culture, and of our World! All of us, happily and joyfully 'contributing', to the 'Pots' and pockets, of the Rich!

  9. Oh, Yeah! Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bono & U2, and all of those 'Rich People', who have their various 'Ways & Means', of 'contributing', to the Poor, Homeless and the Refugees, throughout the world... Have all done their 'Good Deeds', as shown by their public 'record'! But, as I have also extensively written about on these webpages, what is NOT shown is their IRS 'record'... whereby that $5 million, which was 'donated' to a homeless shelter, was also 'deducted' on their IRS Tax Return, as a 'Charitable Deduction'... in effect making that person $10 million RICHER, by way of the taxes that that Rich Person did not have to pay to the IRS! (In America, it has been said, that the only people who pay taxes, are the Poor! The Rich don't pay taxes!)

  10. And on and on it goes! I especially love the 'charitable-giving', by such as Oprah and Angelina Jolie! Don't those Darfur refugees, just look so 'cute', while receiving a few $ thousand-in-aid, from the likes of Angelina! But, in the meanwhile, she and Brad, own three or more 'Mansions', in London, Hollywood, New Orleans, and elsewhere, including that custom-built 'Floating-Mansion' of a Yacht/Ship, that they are having especially built for themselves in Italy, at a reputed cost of $140 million! (Gee! I wonder what Angelina 'knows', that the rest of us don't know! But then, perhaps she has also seen Al Gore's Documentary-Movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", wherein all of the world's scientists predict that the world's ocean levels are going to rise 100 feet or more! Angelina! How big is your 'Ark'? And how many of Humanity, will you 'save', when the oceans rise?)

  11. And so it goes, with the Rich versus the Poor, in today's Society and World! But, Guess What? There actually might be some HOPE, on the horizon, for Humanity! BUT, as I have said in my Webpages, in the Final Analysis... IT IS UP TO ALL OF US! To just get rid of, ALL of Lucifer's Negativities, throughout our entire World! And we won't be able to get Lucifer out of our Minds... UNTIL WE DO! We have got to eliminate ALL of his Negativities: wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial (and dysfunctional!) relationships (both political and personal!), competition (WE NEED COOPERATION... NOT Competition!), and everything else, that Lucifer has 'foisted' upon us, within our Minds!

  12. However, to get back to the point I just noted hereinabove... there is HOPE! Because, Guess What? The World Situation is just getting so complicated, that CONTROL of 'The System', might actually be 'escaping' (getting-away-from!), even the Rich! Rich individuals and nations (and even Multi-Nationals!), it seems, are 'losing control', of even those situations-of-control-within-their-grasp!

  13. For example, I guess we all know by now, that President Bush actually has very little control over the situation in Iraq! But first, let me tell you a little bit of History, about both the Afghan and Iraqi wars, and President Bush's 'holdings' in them both!

  14. Actually, all I have to do, is look on the lease papers for the apartment that I live in, a relatively nice but modest penthouse apartment, in the downtown of a major California City. The landlord/owner is a nice, personable Lebanese fellow, whose Real Estate Partnership, actually 'owns' all of the buildings (apartments, offices, stores, restaurants), in this entire downtown block!

  15. But, what becomes more interesting, is when the documents show the actual Name, of the Real Estate Investment Trust, from which my landlord/owner actually obtained the 'financing', in order to buy most of this downtown city (and other Real Estate 'holdings', all over the world!) Because that REIT, is the largest REIT in the world, with 'holdings' worldwide!

  16. It is... the Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia) - Bush (Texas), Real Estate Investment Trust! Now, don't get me wrong here! It is Osama's brother and family, NOT Osama! And it is President Bush's father, Prescott Bush, who went into partnership originally with the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia! And these facts have been reported already in the News many times, and President Bush has, a long time back, duly placed all of his personal 'holdings' in different Trusts, removing them from his 'control' (and, in effect, hiding them, so that such investment 'holdings' are no longer of any interest to the News Media!)

  17. But, the point here is, that Osama, although not 'connected' with the REIT, is yet a very Rich Man himself, with money 'buried' all over the world! And his 'philosophies', his 'politics', his 'religion', is just so different, from that of his Family and the Bush Family, that it has become, as elsewhere over the centuries of Mankind's 'Histories', just another 'battle', or fight, between Rich people, over land, possessions, ideas and money! In other words, the 'wars', between Osama and his family, the Bush family, and the Western nations, more or less just 'boils down' to a fight between Rich people, over their 'Riches'! Which is, again, somewhat like the old-time 'battles', in the hill-country of Tennessee/Kentucky, between the Hatfields and the McCoys!

  18. BUT, in this case, the 'battle', between these opposing Rich peoples, HAS SPILLED OVER, into the rest of the world, and is affecting millions upon millions of people... especially Poor peoples... across the globe! And President Bush is the 'proxy', for this 'battle', between the Hatfields and the McCoys! All to Our, and the World's, despair!

  19. But, speaking of President Bush, it seems that it even goes further, not only as to the 'background' and History, of our present-day conflicts, but also as to the 'mechanics-of-the-war', in two very different ways!

  20. First of all, President Bush has always been very concerned (however somewhat ineptly!), with the military aspects of the war. But, as the NewsHour just revealed today, in the News about the Iraqi Government attempting to 'banish' all Blackwater 'Private Security Contractors' from Iraq, the 'reality' of the war situation in Iraq, is that the U.S. and Coalition Forces-in-Iraq, are NOT the largest 'belligerent-force' on-the-ground in Iraq! As reported on the NewsHour, compared to the U.S. Forces of 130-160,000 (to be 'drawn-down', from 160 to 130 soon!), the Blackwater 'Security Forces' (mercenaries), throughout Iraq, number almost 200,000! And they have, as 'private contractors', been closer to the war, than even our own troops! (Whereby Bush, et al, by the 'use' of such 'alternative' military-forces, have attempted to reduce American troop casualties, by somewhat removing our troops, from the most 'surreptitious' attacks, especially upon military, governmental and U.S. Embassy personnel, which are now all 'protected' by Blackwater 'security agents'!)

  21. Okay, so Blackwater is the largest 'army' in Iraq! Being paid $Billions of dollars more than our own troops! But still, the conflict in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and elsewhere across the globe, is eluding the Bush 'touch'! And just why, is that?

  22. Well, on the NewsHour again today, Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, offered some 'perspective', from his latest Book, "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World!" Because, coincidentally with our modern world being controlled and 'run' by Rich people, including those infamous Multi-National Corporations, of whom it might even be said, that their very existence and functionalities, have far exceeded even the reach of most governments, the United States included! For example, quite a few number of years back already, the story is told of a small Chinese manufacturing company, way off in Western China, down a long, dusty, dirt road, where a branch of the Manufacturing Division of the Chinese People's Army, had a contract with (Multi-National!) Boeing Aircraft, of Seattle, Washington, USA, to produce a small, very special and critical part, for the very latest of Boeing's gigantic jet airliners! All of which, was merely another example of the now-days 'reach' of such Multi-Nationals, who were 'doing business' across the globe, and truly making our World a 'New World', beyond even the nefarious and sometimes contentious 'reach' of sovereign nations worldwide, including, as I have said, the U.S. itself!

  23. But, Alan Greenspan's 'perspective' even went beyond those Multi-Nationals, to encompass and recognize two major Historical 'events', that have, in effect, Changed the very Face and Substance of Our World! Such that, today, it can almost be said, in Truth, that neither the U.S., nor any other Nation anywhere on the Face of this Earth, nor those recently and globally-spread Multi-Nationals... NOR any Rich Man anywhere, including Osama Bin Laden... did, or does, any longer, 'control', or 'run', our World! Oh, Yes! All those Nations, Multi-Nationals, and Rich People everywhere... are still trying, and they do still control Societies, Schools, Universities, Economic Systems and Governments, but... they all now have... Oh, and I hate this word, but it is the Reality of the current situation! Competition!

  24. COMPETITION? From Whom? Who in the World, is powerful enough to 'Overcome' the very Riches of our World? The answer is... Us, You and Me! The 'Common Man'! (Ah, Yes! I can hear it now! Joan Baez, singing, "We Shall Overcome...!") People COOPERATING, and/or acting together, or 'In Concert', with each other! In ways that actually Bring Real Change To Our World, such as had not been seen in a long time, at least since the Rich People had 'ruled' our World!

  25. Actually, Alan Greenspan's book notes two very separate but distinct, instances of where the 'Common Man' actually has 'taken action', such that the effects of those actions are yet being felt worldwide today! Perhaps one might remember the 'Orange Revolution', of recent days in Eastern Europe! We could say that these two 'events' were somewhat similar, but they were even more 'globally-resonant' than even the 'Orange Revolution'!

  26. The first 'event' that Greenspan recognizes, is the Fall of the Berlin Wall! Everyone today recognizes that this 'event' had a tremendous significance, not only for the whole of Europe itself, but economically, politically and much more, throughout the entire World, and in the resulting culmination of the very Soviet Union itself, as a 'State' and as a Government!

  27. But, and here is where Greenspan differs with History, and thusly recognizes the 'impact' of that event, in terms of the 'Common Man'! Because, in the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent Fall of the Soviet Union... what actually happened, was that Billions, of the Communist/Collective 'Masses', the 'Common Man' of Sovietry, the 'peasants', those People, WERE NOW RELEASED FROM THE BONDAGE of 'Collectivism'! THIS... these Peoples, are the Masses, of the 'Common Man', who are NOW, today, Changing the Very Face of Europe, Russia, Asia and the World, in their 'desires, hopes, experiences and achievements', toward Making This A Better World!

  28. BUT wait! Greenspan recognizes yet another, second such 'Revolution of The Common Man'! However, this time, it was in China! And it was coincidental with the lessening of the Chinese Governmental 'control' upon the Masses! To this extent, what happened in China, was that Billions (again!), of Humanity, of the 'Common Man', in this case, 'Marched', or left, their peasant-shacks/homes and Lives, in the country-sides of China, and MOVED TO THE CITIES... to find work, homes, new Lives, and all of the things that their Soviet 'peers' had likewise 'voted-with-their-feet', to find and to cherish! (It might be said that this event, here in China today, was, in effect, a 'reversal' of the historical Communist-led 'Long March', to the country-sides of the olden-days, whereby the Chinese peoples were 'dispersed' throughout China, to 'farm-the-lands' and collectively support-the-Communist-System!)

  29. SO, both in the old Soviet Union, now Russia, et al, and in China, the 'Common Man' HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE, and is still doing so today! It is the 'Common Man' WHO IS CHANGING THE WORLD! It yet involves both Cooperation and Competition, to a certain extent, but it is primarily those Peoples, seeking a New and Better Life For Themselves, just as the Early Immigrants-to-America did likewise, back in the Early-days of this last century!

  30. These two 'events', Greenspan recognizes as the 'Turbulences', that are now 'driving' the World-Engine, of Reality and Consequence! And from these two 'events', will come the New World-of-Tomorrow! Showing that, Mankind's Future, CAN BE of His/Her Own Making! All Mankind needs to do, is to Take Matters Into His/Her Own Hands, and To Do That Which Is Right And Needed! EVEN if it brings down Governments, and the Rich and Powerful! Because, as I have herein previously noted, what ALL of Us Need to Do, is to Completely ELIMINATE ALL NEGATIVITIES, of every kind, wherever found! THAT is the Key to Reclaiming Our World, and Bringing a New World and Societies, Of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, for One and All Worldwide!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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