QUALIA LXXXVIII: What is Reality? : The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, as the Most Respected NewsHour on TV : What Do the People of the World, NOT See, that They Should See? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXVIII: What is Reality? : The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, as the Most Respected NewsHour on TV : What Do the People of the World, NOT See, that They Should See?

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By Father Jerome

  1. Every day (weekdays), the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, brings us both News and Analysis, from the 'Front Lines' of our World... and that is exactly what they are, as to all of the wars, conflicts, animosities, adversarial relationships (personal, professional, societal, national, political, worldly, etc.), competition and more, that every day leave our World, and ourselves, Less-at-Peace than ever before! The 'Front Lines'! Yes, occasionally, the NewsHour sometimes brings us 'Good News', of some sort but, in our World of today, more often than not, it is few and far between!

  2. The 'analysis', on the NewsHour, is usually with and from respected pundits and 'talking heads', of every 'stripe', so the NewsHour certainly does 'render' an objective 'viewing' of Current Events, as they Most Certainly are... with all pertinent 'sides' equally 'represented'! But there, in and of itself, lies some of the 'problem'... being, of course, 'Representation', and the 'opinions', facts and 'realities', of those who are 'charged', by Society, with 'representing us', in some manner of form, whether politically, economically, militarily, financially, medically, healthfully, and so on! Because, as I have constantly 'stressed' on these Webpages... when we, Society/Humanity, have our 'elected' or designated 'Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility', 'represent' us... Of course, we have, in effect, completely abdicated any and all 'Responsibility' FOR or BY Ourselves, and have given such 'Responsibilities', unto any and all 'Representatives', such that we no longer, have any 'Responsibility' whatsoever! We are, individually, NO LONGER Responsible, for Our Words, Actions and Deeds! THAT, is the America, and the World, that we Live In! NO ONE is 'Responsible'... For Anything! As long as we have 'Representatives'!

  3. And thusly, What goes On... with Representatives? (And, if you will remember, the BIGGEST 'Representative', of Ourselves, or 'Third-Party-Agent-of-Responsibility'... is Money!) And, if you will remember, from Reading Part Two of my Book, or at least my Qualia3 Document (and if you are reading this Qualia Document, you should certainly, by now, be able to quickly and easily find, anywhere in my Book or on 'The QUFD Textbook' Website, anything to which I have referred herein this current Document!)... If you will remember, that Money is one of Lucifer's, and our World's, BIGGEST Negativities!

  4. So, let us get back to the NewsHour! Because, if one has seen this Program long enough, with all of the various Presidents, Secretaries of State/Defense, and other Posts, etc., Congressional 'Representatives', Foreign and Governmental 'Representatives'... Remember when Benjamin Netanyahu was 'Representing' the Israeli Government, after the Six-Days War? ... as well as the various pundits and 'talking heads' from various 'Think Tanks', Universities, Research Institutes, etc... I believe that we can truly say, that all such 'Analysis' offered, was the Best available!

  5. BUT, was it truly 'the Best', when viewed from 'the Larger Perspective', or the 'Big Picture'? And here, I want to inject here a Personal 'item', in order to make a point! When I moved into the medium-sized penthouse apartment that I occupy, I happened to notice something of importance, on my Lease Documents! My Landlord, or the nominal Owner, of the entire building, also 'owned' all of the buildings in this downtown city-block, of a major California City, as well! However, the Landlord, a pleasant-but-efficient Lebanese gentleman, had actually procured his 'financing', for his Real Estate holdings, from the largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the world... which, in effect, actually 'owned' my entire downtown city-block!

  6. And exactly who/what was it, who owned my city-block? A Real Estate Investment Trust that, quite surreptitiously, 'owns' major Real Estate holdings all over the world, making the Partners, and 'Holders' of such investments, among some of the Richest people in the World!

  7. So, Who/What were/is these people? I am talking about none other than the... Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia) and Bush (Texas), Real Estate Investment Trust! Of course, it was founded by Prescott Bush, the Father of the current President Bush, in Partnership with old-time Bush-family Friends, the Bin Laden Family of Saudi Arabia! Now, here we are talking, today, of the Brother of Osama, and his Family, and NOT of Osama! And the current President, George W. Bush, has 'divorced' himself quite carefully, via further indirect 'Trusts', of all of his 'Holdings' in such 'Family-Business', and even though this information is quite well and widely known, for all intents and purposes, as a 'News Item', it might as well be well-buried... enough so, that it no longer generates any 'News'!

  8. But, the point here, is that Osama has quite a bit of money (Yes! He is a 'Rich Man'!) And his Brother and Family, and the Bush Family, ALSO have quite a bit of money! And the 'conflict' here, between these 'Families', is not only over 'holdings', but also economics, politics, religion, and so much more, overflowing into the World, its Peoples and the Entire Middle-East and further! In effect, this just like in the 'olden-days', of the hill-country of Tennessee and Kentucky, when we had the famous 'Family-Battles', between the Hatfields and the McCoys! BUT HERE, we have a 'conflict', between 2 of the Richest 'Families' in the World!

  9. And Guess What? If you read Part Two of my Book, and at least my Qualia3 Document, you will understand exactly what I am talking about here! In our ENTIRE World... What is it all about? The RICH versus the POOR! BUT, more than that, ALL OF THE CONFLICTS, Wars, etc., etc. (the Negativities!) OF our World... are actually CONFLICTS, between the Rich and Powerful, versus OTHER Rich and Powerful! Whether it is Politicians, Statesmen, World Leaders, or just Businessmen, Economics, Religion (and Religious Leaders!), etc., etc. ... Guess What? It is just a continuous 'Battle Royale', BETWEEN the Rich People of this World... who are all trying to make themselves Richer yet, and using their POWER, and 'Powers', to get all of the Rest of Us, i.e., the Poor, to 'Fight Their Battles For Them'! ('Shades' of the English Kings, and others, who did the same thing, using the slaves, peasantry, and Poor People, to Fight in their Armies, and to Kill and Die, for the Rich Man's 'Lucre'!) In the famous Hollywood movie,"The Agony and The Ecstacy", Pope Julius II (I think it was!) 'commissioned' Michaelangelo, to paint the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. But where was the Pope while Michaelangelo painted? The Pope, and His Holy Armies, were out conquering Europe, and 'Fighting Infidels', in the Name-of-the-Pope! In other words, another Rich Man, 'Fighting' over money (lucre!), power and more!

  10. And the exact same thing continues today! (Of course, because Mankind has NOT 'Learned the Lessons-of-History'!) Iraq (Shiia, Sunni, Kurds); Yugoslavia (Croatia-Roman Catholic, Serbia-Orthodox Catholic, Bosnia-Herzevogina-Muslim); Albania-Kosovo-Macedonia; Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan-Russia; Afghanistan-Russia; Afghanistan-U.S.; Vietnam-U.S.; Korea-U.S.; WWI-WWII; East Timor; Philippines; Indonesia; Cyprus-Turkey; Ottoman Empire; Roman Empire; Darfur-Sudan; Rwanda (Tutsi-Hutu); and on and on, in every time and location, across the Face of Our World!

  11. IT IS THE RICH and the POWERFUL... who 'Fight', and Us, the Lower Classes and the Poor, in their 'Struggles-With-Each-Other' (the Rich!), to Our Regrets and Losses (the Poor)! As I have said in my Works... The very Purpose, of ANY Civilization, Society, Government, Educational System, Culture and so on, is to Keep The Rich Rich, and The Poor Poor!

  12. The only times that I know of, in modern History, when GOOD was the Result of ANY Struggle, was when The Poor actually 'Rose Up', and overcame the 'machinations' and schemes and 'functionalities' (societies, institutions, etc.) of the Rich! The Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Orange Revolution, and such!

  13. Because it is the 'Masses-of-Humanity', who truly want Peace, Harmony, Justice, Love, Joy and Happiness, in this World... i.e., the Common Man! But, instead... What do we get? Wars, divisiveness, conflicts, etc, ALL BECAUSE we are 'Told What To Do'... instead of 'listening to our own 'Inner-Selves', and Doing That Which Is Right For All!

  14. The Rich have one thing in their Favor, a Negativity that they have 'influenced' upon the entire World, in order to 'Pep-Us-Up', into supporting each and every one of their 'Expeditions-For-More-Riches-Power-and-Glory'! And What is that? COMPETITION! Competition, in just about everything in our Lives, leads us astray, and Brings on our Miseries... while leaving someone somewhere... Rich!

  15. Competition is one of Lucifer's Negativities! He certainly does NOT want the opposite of Competition, which is COOPERATION, by ALL of Mankind, in EVERYTHING that Mankind does, which would result in a World of Peace, Love...

  16. WHAT DO YOU WANT? The Reader hereof! And How much longer will Mankind have to wait, and struggle, from one Rich Man's War to the next one... or from one Team's 'Win', to the next... for us all to finally realize, that it is no longer worth it... the Loss of Human Lives, of Human Souls, of our Sons and our Daughters... (The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, again today, had its usual Daily Honor Roll, of our Service Members, killed in Iraq and Afghanistan! And today, that Honor Roll included again, another Female Soldier! Making over 100 now, of Women Members-of-the-Military... killed in conflicts!

  17. HEY, is it me, alone, who thinks so? OR did the Guy/Gal Upstairs 'create' Women-To-Be-Women, in these Societies of Ours, and to thusly DO, and Behave, as Women-Are-Born-To-Do-and-To-Be! WOMEN... to Be WOMEN! MEN... to Be MEN! Enough of this damn 'competition-between-the-sexes', and men-and-women 'fighting' the damn 'Money-Game', for Power and Riches and... We need a Society in which Women-Are-Women, and Men-Are-Men! And they KNOW it! Where Sexuality, Love, Children, Family and all such, ARE LEGAL, and are directly 'influenced', enacted and entrusted TO... Women! WHERE ALL Children are taught Love, that Love might so reach throughout the Whole-of-Every-Society, and thusly Make Us Whole... In Love, By and With Each Other, and All! No more Wars! No more Rich People versus Poor People! ALL of Humanity... EQUAL and Egalitarian, and comfortably Living Their Lives In Peace!

  18. WHAT is it going to Take... To Bring such a 'Reality', into Being? As My Friend Upstairs has said, "Love One Another, As I Have Loved You!"

Aum, Peace, Amen

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