QUALIA LXXXVII: Recent Posts to an Online Forum, in Explanation of the Basics of QUFD Physics. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LXXXVII: Recent Posts to an Online Forum, in Explanation of the Basics of QUFD Physics.


Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome


The following several online Forum Postings of recent days, are herewith included as ‘Explorations of QUFD Physics’, in this Author’s attempts to explain QUFD Physics Basic and Fundamental Laws and Principles and Reality, to the ‘Common Man’, in this case an online Forum.  For the website Reader, the following might be a further, somewhat brief, overview of both the Website and my latest online Book, in any Readers attempts to understand and clarify the very concepts of QUFD Physics and the Science(s) of Incorporeality within their Minds!  Enjoy!



Tue 09/04/07 08:06 PM

Ok, Abra, if you are as aware of Physics as you say you are, then you will, in all honesty, admit that there are numerous 'Science(s)' of Physics, which I am not even going to attempt to ennumerate here. All I said, in reply to your comment, was that the 'Science of Physics' (certainly NOT a singular 'entity'!), in the particular manner you obviously implied it, was, to my knowledge, one of the Sciences of Corporeality and the Known World... obviously on this side of the Fence, within Corporeality, when the 'Fence' actually now delineates any and all 'definitions' of anything, as to whether one is talking about, say, Physics of Corporeality (commonly known as Reality, or the Known World!), versus Physics of Incorporeality (commonly known as 'Reality', or The Unknown World!)

The 'Science of Physics', as the new scientific terminology defines it, that you seemed to be referring to, would be classified 'on this side of the Fence', and would include Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics, to list but a few of the 'Sciences of Physics' that are extant within Corporeality, or this side of the Fence!

All of which... such Corporeal (or 'Traditional', or 'Old School'!) Sciences, I know very little about, in that they just do not apply to Incorporeality at all! Classical Newtonian Physics, Quantum Mechanics, etc., have no relevance on 'the other side of the Fence', within Incorporeality, where, as I have noted, everything is Unitary, One, and of Undifferentiated Relativity, as Einstein has so defined such!

That is why the Library of Congress has defined any and all Sciences of Incorporeality, as a completely new and unique 'Body of Human Knowledge', that Mankind has never before known of!

Except, that Incorporeality, and everything that exists within Incorporeality, i.e., 'on the other side of the Fence', was, as I have said, actually discovered by Einstein, working with the great Indian Theoretical Physicist Satyendra Bose, who, together, were the Founders of the scientific Laws and Principles of Bose-Einstein Condensates... exactly what defines Incorporeality, versus Corporeality!

Einstein, as I have noted, actually discovered his long-sought-for Unitary Field, before he died, but he did not realize it, because he was looking for a Mathematical Definition, which he could not find! BECAUSE, in a Unitary Field, all is 'Oneness', or Unity, or Undifferentiated Relativity, and therefore Mathematics, which can only define separate entities, or Differentiated Relativity, DOES NOT APPLY! But, Einstein is still credited with a 'Discovery' that he did not even know about, because Einstein's Unitary Field CAN ONLY BE DEFINED Philosophically! In other words, Incorporeality, and the Sciences of Incorporeality, are all defined as a/the PHILOSOPHY OF PHYSICS!

But that, in and of itself, does not detract at all from the fact, that all of Scientific Law and Principle, CAN (but not necessarily, as with Classical Newtonian Physics!) yet still apply to Incorporeality! But, it is PRIMARILY the Science(s) of Incorporeality that apply! Especially Bose-Einstein Condensates! NOT Condensates of Matter, but, instead, Condensates of Non-Matter, or Incorporeality!

As I have also said, the Human Brain, body, heart, Barry Bonds, the United Nations, the Iraqi Nation, molecules, atoms, etc., etc., are all Corporeal, and exist on this side of the Fence, where they are subject to Classical Newtonian Physics and everything else that defines anything and any dimension, on this side of the Fence! (Yes! Your heart is a dimension, of Time and Space! Barry Bonds, is a completely different dimension, of Time and Space! The United Nations is also a man-made dimension of Time and Space!)

On the other hand, the Human Mind, the Human Spirit, Consciousness, God, Lucifer, the Nether-World, Carl Jung's 'Collective Consciousness of Humanity' (where ALL of Human Memory and Experience resides, which can ONLY be 'accessed' BY the Human Mind and Soul, WITHIN Consciousness!), and many more 'Worlds' and 'Dimensions', of Incorporeality and Consciousness, that exist 'over there', on the other side of the Fence, which Mankind is only now beginning to explore!

Let me quote one of my Mentors, Dr. June Singer, who was a Student/Protege of Carl Jung (and also, once upon a time, the Dean of Students, at The California Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (CITP), in Menlo Park, and also the Author of many books, including "Boundaries of the Soul", "Androgyny", "The Energies of Love", and more!) The following quote appears on several of the webpages of my website:
(Actually, changed my mind... instead of the quote alone, I am hereinthefollowing, providing 4 links, to 4 rather old webpages, that are yet extant on the QUFD Website, which are Lectures, from about 1994, explaining to Students then, the Basics of What I have been trying to explain here, and Lecture 3 does include Dr. Singer's quote!) Following are the 4 links:

YES, Abra! If you are referring to ‘Old Science’… this is not Old Science! It has already been recognized as New Science, in which case, many definitions of Reality (or Corporeality!), just do NOT APPLY, ‘over there’, in the Unitary Field of Incorporeality, that exists ‘on the other side of the Fence’!

Incidentally, if you were to study such ‘New Science’, you will find that the ‘other side of the Fence’, actually has many names: the Unknown; Incorporeality; Spirit; Parallel Worlds; Parallel Dimension; Higher Dimensions; Non-Locality versus Locality; Condensates of Corporeality versus Condensates of Incorporeality; Oneness; Unity; Unitary Field; Undifferentiated Relativity; Consciousness; the Human Mind/Soul; the Cosmos; and… Infinite Consciousness (God)!



Wed 09/05/07 08:23 AM

Ok, Red. Simple fundamentals, and I will try to be as brief as possible. (I think my 5 year old friend Henry is critiquing this, so I will have to be as accurate as possible or he will send me back to the Dunce Bench in the corner of the room!)

Satyendra Bose and Einstein, together, originally discovered Bose-Einstein Condensates, which have been further investigated extensively ever since. Briefly, a Bose-Einstein Condensate is equivalent to the following: If a bunch of chemicals is somehow poured into a container... and in this case a 'container' may be an electric-magnetic or otherwise field, that limits the chemicals to the boundaries of the containment field...

Anyway, researchers have found that such a 'condensate', can begin to exhibit the following properties:
1. the basic 'amalgamation' of the chemicals, can be said to be the Basic 'Ground-State', of the containment area, upon which the further 'actions' begin to take place, otherwise known as the 'Landscape', upon which those actions, or 'dynamics' take place.
2. this 'Ground-State' is thusly said to be, scientifically, 'coherent' (like a laser beam), of Oneness (the basic chemical 'stew'), Unity, Wholeness, and such.
3. However, researchers then did further observe, that the 'Ground-State', over time, and especially with the further addition of additional 'inputs' to the basic 'stew'... For some reason, the whole 'mess', gradually started to 'self-organize itself', in varying ways and means, depending upon the basic 'Ground-State' as well as the 'inputs'
4. 'Self-Organization' then further produced 'Adaptability-to-Complexity', as the self-organizing 'areas' in turn started 'interacting' with each other.
5. As this occured, certain areas built-up themselves, by reinforcement and other means, to higher levels of intensity and reality, truly becoming 'hills, mountains, valleys, plains' of 'self-organized Reality', based upon the Reason and Purpose FOR the 'self-organization' of that specific area.
6. And since each 'self-organized' area was high, low, depressed (a valley), or whatever, relative to the Reason and Purpose for that area's exclusive existence, the entire condensate thusly had 'self-organized' itself into a 'Landscape'!
7. And as that 'Landscape' further interacted with itself, its various areas/realities and further inputs, higher (more intense) levels-of-Reality were produced in some areas.
8. These higher levels were called 'perturbations'.

However, I need to go back here, first to explain some further basics. Modern researchers, observing some (if not all!) of these characteristics, have called this the 'Science' of Condensates-of-Matter. And that is where most researchers are today, investigating 'condensates-of-matter' (the chemical 'stew') in their laboratories and research facilities!
However, Father Jerome, taking these basic Laws and Principles of Bose-Einstein Condensates-of-Matter... then, did 'Step-Over-the-Fence', and did apply those very same basic principles, to Incorporeality and Consciousness.
Thusly, we now have the addition of the quantum axion particle (the very Unit of Consciousness!), into the Condensate. Actually, the quantum axion particle has now totally replaced the previously existing 'condensate-of-matter' (which was composed of the 'matter', i.e., the chemicals) with the axion particle itself, which is NON-MATTER! So we now have a Condensate of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, which is yet 'self-organized' by/from Reason and Purpose, but consists solely and exclusively of quantum axion particles. And that Reason and Purpose, now, comes FROM the quantum axion particles!

Let me explain further:
9. In that the very basic 'Ground-State' of a Condensate of Incorporeality, consists exclusively of ONLY quantum axion particles, therefore:
10. Since there are two 'flavors' of axion particles (Positivity and Negativity), the Basic 'Floor' of any Incorporeal Condensate, is thusly comprised of BOTH of these particles, intertwined about each other. (This is the Basic Ground-Floor of the Universe, as a Condensate-of-Incorporeality, and of Infinite Consciousness, wherein, as stated elsewhere, by definition, each and every quantum axion particle (of whatever 'flavor'), exists everywhere in the Universe simultaneously!)
11. Now, within any larger Condensate-of-Incorporeality, when 'self-organization' occurs, what is actually produced is a smaller 'condensate', which is now exclusively self-organized around the exclusive Reason and Purpose FOR that new 'condensate'!
12. And even though ALL axion particles, throughout the larger Condensate (the Universe!), are yet 'coherent' and unified, certain PORTIONS of those very same axion particles, due to 'self-organization', have now formed the completely new 'condensate', which is based exclusively on the Reason and Purpose FOR, the very existence of that new Condensate.
13. And that Reason and Purpose exists exclusively within the 'boundaries' of that new condensate.
14. Thusly, a new 'Floor', or 'Ground-State', of this new Condensate, is required. And so, within the 'boundaried area' ONLY, of the new Condensate, the quantum axion particles, that comprise the 'Floor' of the new Condensate... now unravel themselves from each other, and thusly create the 'Ground-State' or 'Landscape', upon which all 'dynamics' (processing-of-inputs!) will occur.
15. So, the Basic 'Ground-State-Landscape', of any Condensate-of-Incorporeality, now consists of the very Basics, which are required to enable any further processing of inputs (called 'dynamics'). And those Basics are: the Positive axion particles, known as ORDER; and the Negative axion particles, known as CHAOS!
16. Upon a foundation of Positivity/Negativity, Order versus Chaos, all subsequent 'Inputs' to that Condensate, are provided by the quantum axion particles thereof that Condensate, which exist everywhere in the Universe, and so gather any and all PERTINENT Inputs, from EVERYWHERE, and thusly deliver them into the 'mix', to be processed! This is a Basic Function of the quantum axion particle, and it is known as SENTIENCE! (The ability to both Know the Reason/Purpose of a Condensate, and then search out, throughout the entire Universe, any and everything that pertains to that Reason and Purpose!)
17. Next, all 'processing' of such 'inputs', the 'dynamics', occurs INSTANTANEOUSLY, and is NEVER ever repeated! Thusly, each instant (of Oneness and Unity!), of such 'dynamics', can produce either: higher levels of self-ordering; peaks-of-criticality (especially when a 'peak' of Order, occurs deep within Chaos!). And 'Peaks' can become 'Perturbations', and 'perturbations' can become OUTPUTS!
18. An 'Output' can be transferred to another Condensate-of-Incorporeality, to become an 'Input' thereto... OR, that Output can become a NEW Condensate-of-Incorporeality... which is known as the Creation of a new LIFE-form!
19. And since a new Life-form now exists exclusively on-its-own, as a new Dimension (of Incorporeality!)... that new Life-form Condensate-of-Incorporeality, is yet within the overall Unitary Field of Consciousness of the Cosmos, or Infinite Consciousness (God). And it is One, Whole and Unity, with everything else within that overall Condensate!
20. Also, that new Condensate exists as the Consciousness and Spirit, of that new Life-form-that-is-to-be-Born-from-that-Condensate-of-Incorporeality! The internal 'dynamics' of this new Condensate-of-Incorporeality... now OUTPUTS another new Condensate, but this time it is a CONDENSATE of CORPOREALITY! A new Dimension has been 'Born', having the exact same Reason and Purpose as the Incorporeal Condensate of Spirit, which has created the new Dimension of REALITY and CORPOREALITY (physical materiality)!
21. So, now, two 'condensates' exist! Both having the exact same Reason and Purpose for their existence! Incorporeality (Spirit!), has begotten Corporeality, the physical/material!
And these two 'condensates/dimensions', will forever go through their lives together (AFTER 9 months, that is!), as the duality of Physical Reality (the Corporeal dimension), and the Invisible/Spirit 'Reality' (the Incorporeal dimension).
22. Oh, incidentally, every Corporeal Dimension-Condensate (such as a heart!), exists within the Time and Space of its own dimension. Its 'twin', or Spirit-condensate, has only the quantum axion particle(s), of its Reason and Purpose for existence, which exist in the Unitary Field of Consciousness of the Universe! In other words, when Spirit begot/created the new 'dimension', of Time and Space, it was the quantum axion particle, that released from within itself, the quantum forces, fields and gravity of the Universe, that exist within that new Dimension, and thusly have, in turn, 'created' the Time and Space, within that 'dimension', which has physically grown into a heart!
IN OTHER WORDS, on one side of the 'Fence', are ALL the physical 'dimensions' of the Known World, including that singular dimension which is the Human Brain! Also, on the Corporeal side of the Fence, any physical dimension exists within its own Time and Space! On the other side of the Fence, are all of the invisible and Spirit dimensions of Incorporeality and Consciousness, all of which are Unitary and One, and are comprised exclusively of the quantum axion particles, the Unit of Consciousness. Also, a single (or any) axion particle, and all axion particles, existing within that Unitary Field, thusly has no Time and Space, and Past/Present/Future is Unitary! However, all of the quantum forces, fields and gravity, which create Time and Space, and which form any/all dimensions/Realities, WITHIN CORPOREALITY (the quantum forces, fields and gravity of the Universe, are themselves CORPOREAL!)... are contained within a single quantum axion particle of Consciousness, which releases those quantum forces when a Condensate-of-CORPOREALITY (a dimension!) is created! Those quantum forces of the Universe then provide Time and Space within that dimension, for atoms, quarks, molecules, etc. to further form the larger organs, etc. INCORPOREALITY (the quantum axion particle) BEGETS CORPOREALITY! SPIRIT BEGETS REALITY!

23. Accordingly, any Life-form, and its dual-twins, of both Physical Reality and of Spirit 'Reality', might be: Barry Bonds; a tree; a rock; the United Nations; our planet; a pulsar; and on and on! Qufd Physics has a 'Scale of Life', from the largest (Infinite Consciousness) in the Cosmos, to the most infinitesimal! However, all Life, is based upon Consciousness and Sentience, and the Quantum Axion Particle, which is the Unit of Consciousness!
(Enough for now! QUFD Physics explains all this and much more!)

And Sorry, here, but the aforegoing is Basic and Fundamental, and can usually be easily understood by any intelligent person of any age, and of any level of education, who might merely commit themselves to reading, just as though they were reading a new book.

But the Result here is, that once an individual understands the Basics of Reality and Existence, they can then apply such Knowing to their own Lives, and thusly OWN THEMSELVES, and their own Reality (without listening to anyone else 'telling them what to do'!) And such an Individual, who Knows WHO and WHAT they ARE... can Change This World For The Better (and stop the body bags)!



Oh, one thing more! I might as well throw this in, to clarify the previous Post!

When I variously refer to 'the Universe', one needs to be careful as to which side of the Fence I am talking about, Corporeality or Incorporeality!

The Basic Unit of Consciousness, the quantum axion particle, is the ONLY particle existing on the Incorporeal side of the Fence! So when I say that each and every axion particle is 'searching' and gathering, 'inputs', from everywhere-in-the-Universe... I mean the 'Universe' ON THE INCORPOREAL, or Spirit, side of the Fence! In other words, the DUAL-TWIN 'Reality', or Spirit, of the physical/material CORPOREAL Universe, which exists within the Reality of Physical/Materiality, on the Corporeal side of the Fence!


The quantum axion particles, of the SPIRIT of the 'Universe', are on one side of the Fence! Those axion particles (OR a single axion particle!) have released the CORPOREAL quantum forces, fields and gravity, INTO A DIMENSION, a Condensate-of-Corporeality, ON THE physical/material side of the Fence, and then 'provided' that Dimension (via those quantum forces of the Universe!) WITH both Time and Space, which then further created all of the lesser Dimensions-of-Reality (pulsars, black holes, etc.), that exist in the physical Universe!

The Universe has its DUAL-TWIN Reality versus 'Reality'! Everything Corporeal in the Universe, exists on this side of the Fence! On the other side of the Fence, is the quantum axion particle, of Consciousness, Sentience, Unity, and much more! FROM WHICH our very Universe WAS CREATED!

Incorporeality... and Infinite Consciousness, is what exists as the TWIN-DUALITY, of the physical Universe! In other words, when you 'step-over-the-Fence'... you are within the Realm(s) of... GOD, and much more!



Red... I lost my Posting here. Will have to start over.
Okay, I can see that you are 'enlightened', because you have, apparently, been 'Reading Your Bible'! As a 'Stupid Nobody' (as apparently thought of by others here!), which I am, I am cheered when someone of obviously higher intelligence than mine, can understand my words! And I do believe that you are coming to realize, that 'my stupid words' have obviously, and truly, been written for 5 year old kids! In other words, they are relatively simple to understand, if one would but read them! But most people enjoy rendering their opinions, without necessarily reading the textbook and/or doing their 'homework', which you admit to doing! Again, Thank You, for truly rendering an honest opinion!

As to Abra... What can I say, but that your 'opinion' is to be Respected... even if it has no substance, in that you, admittedly, claim to have not 'Read your Bible'! And I do not wish to sound harsh here, but your comments obviously show that you have not read anything of which we are discussing here, beyond the immediate Forum, and not even seemingly that! All I can say, as My Good Friend Upstairs would say, is "Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged, But Judge Only For Thineself Alone!"

Abra, you started with seemingly honest analysis, but somehow, perhaps, in refusing to 'step over the Fence', you got tangled in the same web that most orthodox and 'Establishmentarian' scientists-of-today find themselves! And thusly we had, for example, just this last year, the Documentary Hollywood movie, "What the @!#$%(bleep)*%&$#???", which purported to show the 'latest in cutting-edge research', on the Mind and Consciousness... as supposedly existing WITHIN the Brain, rather than without of the Brain! In other words, the 'Scientists' couldn't 'step over the Fence', into the Unknown and Consciousness, to 'see' what is there, because they were still 'hiding behind' their laboratory equipment, theorems, and related 'research', all based upon BELIEF... i.e., attempting to 'prove', something (a theory!), that they BELIEVE in, to be so!

Well, continuing to follow that 'line-of-investigation' will lead nowhere, certainly not to God, as I have noted, GOD CANNOT BE PROVED, and if there were to be 'presented' any 'Proof'... it would obviously be fallacious, because God exists in a 'Field' of Oneness and Unity, of Consciousness and Incorporeality, and, as Einstein has so defined, UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY... meaning that EVERYTHING is Coherent, One and Unitary... NOT of Differentiated Relativity, where everything is separate and distinct, and can thusly be MATHEMATICALLY 'defined'!

Thusly the 'Fence' MUST EXIST, delineating Corporeality from Incorporeality! And all the scientific discoveries, of Bose-Einstein and others, CAN BE APPLIED to the 'other side of the Fence'... BUT ONLY PHILOSOPHICALLY! Yet, such is STILL Science... the Philosophy of Science, as I have so honestly stated! BUT, in using those exact same Laws and Principles, ALL THE DETAILS, FACTS and TRUTHS, of God and much more, CAN BE described and told, to the utmost satisfaction of ANY 'Questing Person', who wants to KNOW!

And THEN, when that Person understands both such scientific Realities and 'Realities', as Corporeality and Incorporeality, i.e., BOTH sides of the Fence... THEN that Person can TRULY understand exactly What is 'going on' in our World, and with Ourselves, Our societies, Our Governments... OUR REALITIES! AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALL! Like stopping the Body Bags!

My Works are not 'speculation', which is more so what most Scientists are doing today! And there is NO 'experimentation/investigation/research' needed, because the very FACTS themselves exist within our very Lives, by and through our very Existence! Correlation... okay, Relativity! EVERYTHING IS Correlative and Relative! This is neither opinion, nor 'speculation', but neither can it be PROVED! GOD exists, in Spirit, Oneness AND 'REALITY'... which DOES NOT NEED TO BE PROVED (nor can it, at least Mathematically!)... but just IS! (And unproven Facts, are just as 'Real', as Real Facts!) It is called Reality versus 'Reality'! But IF one's Life is to be of any 'Service', to the Rest of Mankind, one NEEDS to understand BOTH Reality AND 'Reality'!

Red, back to you! Let me try to answer your points, which left me a bit confused!

Okay, first of all... and this is already noted at the very top of several of the Opening Pages of 'The QUFD Textbook'... the Term 'God', as defined herein these webpages, is strictly a SCIENTIFIC TERM, having nothing whatsoever to do with any Religion, religious doctrine/dogma, New Age 'fantasy', Madame Blatavosky or otherwise 'Spiritualism', or even Metaphysics! As I have said, Just PURE Einsteinian Science, AND the accepted Laws and Principles, of Quantum Physics, Bose-Einstein Condensates, and such other Sciences (such as Psychology, Genetics, Neurophysics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, History, Paleontology, Ontology, Epistemology, Geophysics, Medical Physics, and such as does apply thereto!)

Oh, as to both your, and Abra's 'concerns'... No, QUFD Physics has not been yet accepted by the 'Scientific Establishment', although several noted Researchers-of-Renown have 'discussed' QUFD Physics, the quantum axion particle and other research, in emails with me over recent years, and those emails are copied upon the webpages of the QUFD Website! But, Scientists, Researchers, Academics, Professors, Students, and other Web 'Cognoscenti'... are every day Reading, and Referencing, 'The QUFD Textbook', QUFD Physics and my latest Book! As has been noted already, over 13,700+ Readers PER DAY, are Reading/Downloading my Book, from the Internet... so my Book must surely have something that they want to KNOW! And 13,700+ Readers PER DAY, is over a million+ Readers per year, getting close to the Total Worldwide Book Sales of "The Da Vinci Code"! But my Book is entirely FREE!

Also, as I have already noted in an earlier Posting here, QUFD Physics and the Science(s) of Incorporeality, have already been accepted by the Library of Congress, as a new and unique 'Body of Human Knowledge', that has never previously existed, and which is soon to be Listed in the Library of Congress Catalogue!

And all of my Research, as I have also herein noted, has recently been Submitted to the PREMIERE Scientific 'Accrediting Agency'/Foundation, the John Templeton Foundation, for Review and Consideration, which is yet in Progress! (Incidentally, the Templeton Foundation sponsors the Templeton Prize, to Outstanding Scientists and Research, which is always double that of the Nobel Prize for Physics!)

My Application to the Templeton Foundation, as I have noted in my previous Post here, does note that all pertinent Research and Investigation, as to QUFD Physics, is COMPLETE and already online, as FACT and Established Science, based upon existing Scientific Laws and Principles and Realities! Accordingly, I have asked not for a 'Research Grant', but instead, for Funding, to 'convert' my Research and Findings (my Book and Website!), into a Video/Film Documentary Science Series, to be Produced and Directed by George Lucas and LucasFilm/Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), which PBS-TV is already waiting to 'air', on PBS. (Due to the complexity of the subject matter, PBS could not Produce the Documentary!) Lucas' ILM will have to use their high-end computers, to 'visualize' the 12-dimensional 'Realities', that are described in the Book!

As to your question about 'Duality-Twins'... the answer is simple, and is already detailed in Section 24 (I think!) of the Definition of a quantum axion particle, in Father Jerome's Dictionary, online. By that Definition, every human being... in fact, every Corporeal dimensional-Reality! But lets stick with human beings for now! Section 24 tells us that the human body and all of its 'parts', including the Brain, exist as a Condensate-of-Corporeality, or a complete Time-Space Dimension, on this side of the Fence! That human body, however, has a 'Twin'... its Spirit, and more, which exist on the other side of the Fence! Spirit, the Human Mind, and Consciousness, are Incorporeal, and thusly invisible! But these two 'entities', exist side-by-side, throughout the entire Life of any Corporeal Condensate/Dimension! The Corporeal side exists within a Dimension of Time and Space... which was actually created BY the 'Twin', on the other side of the Fence, the 'Twin' always being invisible, because it exists as a Condensate-of-Incorporeality, in the Unitary Field of Consciousness, and therefore has NO Time and Space! In fact, the quantum axion particles, of your 'Twin', your Spirit, are exactly what has created the Dimension-of-Reality, of your Corporeal Body/Condensate, which exists within the Time and Space that has been 'released' FROM the quantum axion particle(s) of your Spirit, in order to create the atoms, molecules, etc., OF your physical body! (Which required your 'Twin' to 'release' the quantum forces, fields and gravity, of the Universe, that are contained within the quantum axion particle!)

SO, your 'Twin' is invisible... but it was there, along with your physical body, when you were born! Your body exists in the Time and Space, of the quantum forces of your physical Dimension/Condensate-of-Corporeality! Your 'Twin' exists within NO Time and Space (invisible!), because it is Spirit, Consciousness and Incorporeal... and part of Infinite Consciousness (God)! It is also composed of only quantum axion particles, of Consciousness, Sentience... which exist EVERYWHERE in the Universe! (But, your 'Twin' Condensate, of Incorporeality, does yet exist within the 'boundaried-regions', of the Reason and Purpose FOR... the Existence of You! So, although quantum axion particles exist everywhere in the Universe, yet within your 'Twin', they exist SOLELY for the Reason and Purpose, of creating, maintaining, etc.... You!) Oh, your 'Twin' also includes your Mind, both Upper and Lower, and your Soul... as explained in detail online! And all of the 'dynamics' that take place, instantaneously, within your Mind (including the invisible genes, of the Mind!)... do actually 'Control' and Supervise, EVERY neural synaptic-junction of your Brain/Spinal Cord and Ganglia... Neurophysics, here! All invisible, but thoroughly detailed, by QUFD physics!

So, as my Works have shown, Science, and QUFD Physics, can show and detail, both the Realities and 'Realities', of God, the Human Mind, Consciousness, and much more! Yes, this is Philosophy of Physics, because everything about Incorporeality is... "Here one instant, gone the next, NEVER to BE REPEATED!" It is NOT 'theory' nor 'speculation' nor 'opinion', but is based upon pure Universal and Scientific Law and Principle, that has already 'weathered', over the years, any and all 'Investigation'!

As to 'References', I could dig-up, as my Memory seems to recall, specific Scientists at CERN, who had proven the Basic Principles of such as Non-Locality, quite a few years back aready... or other Scientists, from the Santa Fe Institute, University of Chicago, Harvard, MIT and others, with their Scientific Studies, as reported in 'Science' (magazine), Discovery, Nature (the British publication), Physical Review, and numerous online Resources, over the years of my Research... but such 'References' are just not available anymore, except to the extent that they are sometimes indirectly quoted on my webpages!

As to your quote, "Anyway, researchers have found that such a 'condensate', can begin to exhibit the following properties"... I believe, if you search Scientific American and Science magazines, going back even into the 1990's, you can therein find numerous scientific reports about Bose-Einstein Condensation, that present beautiful colored pictures and diagrammatic 'representations', of the 'dynamics' that begin to take place within Bose-Einstein Condensates (of various chemical composition!) It is all fascinating, but as far as the Incorporeal side of the Fence, and everything that 'goes on' over there... it is only the resulting, and scientifically established, Laws and Principles, that are important!

Have I answered your questions? As you might thusly surmise here, I may be a 'Teacher' (as a Professor, I did Teach/Lecture and Research, for 5 years, as a Visiting Scholar, at the FIWD Institute, in London (OA/OWB)!), but in this present-day world and society, I am Nobody! But I Know what I Know, and I have put it all online, for the entire world to Read and to Judge, on its Merits! So, if any of you is to 'Render Judgement', please refrain such 'Judgement' to the Merits of my Works (IF you first Read them!), and do not 'Judge' me personally, as I am but Nobody! BUT, my Works are DEDICATED, to... "LOVE, One Another...", Peace, and To Changing This World For The Better! As John Lennon has said, "You are either with us, or...!"
(Copied from the QUFD Website)

IMAGINE, by John Lennon

Imagine that there's no heaven,
See if you can try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky.
Imagine all the people,
Living for today...
Imagine there are no countries,
It isn't hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
And no religion too.
Imagine all the people,
Living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world can be as one.
Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for grief or poverty,
A brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the people,
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one,
I hope some day You'll join us,
And the world can live as one!

Aum, Peace, Amen! Father Jerome
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