QUALIA CIII: Ramblings... on the Human Skin/Dermatology, Infections, Self-Healing of the Body, the Brain/Mind Interface, the Human Nervous System, Upper/Lower Mind, Consciousness and more! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CIII: Ramblings... on the Human Skin/Dermatology, Infections, Self-Healing of the Body, the Brain/Mind Interface, the Human Nervous System, Upper/Lower Mind, Consciousness and more!

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By Father Jerome

  1. As I sit here today (on Mother's Day, 2009, for whatever that is worth!), waiting for an expected phone call, my Mind finds itself 'going into Consciousness', in reflection upon numerous realities of both Corporeality and Incorporeality (which are, as to Incorporeality, therefore 'realities', rather than corporeal realities!), and finding itself, the Mind, thusly 'receiving back', from Consciousness (the herewith and henceforth un-Named Entity-That-Is 'Consciousness'!)... such 'Ramblings', as I do hereby present, for the Reader's consideration.

  2. First of all, in reflection upon a personal medical condition, I have pondered over the exact etiology (?), of the human dermatological layers of the skin, with reference to what is known as 'infection', to the medical community and medical science. To wit: There is quite a difference between what happens to, and upon, the outside of the body's skin layers and the inside of said layers, and the medical science relating thereto.

  3. When we are talking about the inside of those skin layers, we are talking, really, about exposure, and possible infection thereof and thereto, the cells, nerves, organs, existing within that skin layer, and the subsequent exposure of those inside-of-the-body entities, to air, bacteria, funguses, diseases and anything else, that does thusly lead to, what is known as, 'infection'. The specific point here being that, infection occurs ONLY with exposure to the inside of the skin layer! Which, with relation to skin-burn, sunburn and other externally induced 'fracturing' of the skin layer, thusly inducing damage into and under said skin layer, is also covered under the term infection.

  4. However, the relevant point here being, that when said skin layer is NOT broken, damaged or destroyed in any way, WE DO NOT have 'infection'! Specifically here, I am talking about a medical condition where the actual skin layer has been 'stretched', bloated, swollen-up, beyond normal (as in edema), such that the skin layer is so tight, that the very cells of the skin layer itself, upon the OUTSIDE surface of the skin, blister and burst, releasing their inherent cellular fluids, OUTSIDE of that skin layer! The cellular fluids then 'run down', upon the skin surface, eventually solidifying into a crystalline 'scab' upon that surface, and binding/bonding with the skin layer itself, providing what might be considered to be a visually-thought 'infection'. But, such a condition is NOT an 'infection', in that there is NO interaction with air and microorganisms, bacteria and such, UNLESS such are induced into the blistered areas. IF the blistered areas are kept relatively 'pure', said scabrous formations and their etiology DO NOT constitute 'infection'!

  5. However, the further point here then becomes the fact that, in binding/bonding to the skin layer itself, said scabrous formations and the skin layer individual point-locations involved, become individually 'stressed-tight' point-locations of the skin surface of the body, which are thereby intensely sensitive to the 'sensory-awareness' of the nerve-cell-endings at each such point-location. (OR, as well, the remaining nerve-endings, of damaged nerves!) However again, the point is that we now have the necessary requirements for self-healing-of-the-body, at such a point-location. I will also say though, that it is entirely possible for self-healing to also occur WITHIN the body's skin layer, but such a process occurs via a completely different and thoroughly corporeal process than what I will be discussing here and thusly I will not be covering such inside-of-the-body self-healing!

  6. Specifically here, I want to discuss the self-healing that can occur OUTSIDE of the skin layers of the body, and exactly how the process of self-healing thereof such a condition might so occur! In order to do this, I will next have to turn to a discussion of both realities-of-the-corporeal-body as well as of incorporeal 'realities' beyond the body itself! Because such bodily self-healing does truly, and scientifically, involve forces of both Corporeality and Incorporeality!

  7. I've said that the 'blistered areas' are point-locations of individual 'stress', said stress that is thusly felt by the individual nerve-endings at such individual stress-point-locations. And each nerve ending, as a part of the total nerve system of the body, does so contribute immensely to the self-healing that I will be discussing here!

  8. Now, in order to get a more holistic and overall picture of the processes involved here, I must hereby note to the Reader hereof, that there are several 'levels-of-processing' involved here and several 'levels-of-distribution/routing' as well!

  9. First of all, I will need to note herewith, that (from the extensive details relating thereto elsewhere on the pages of this 'QUFD Textbook') there are both, again, Corporeal and Incorporeal processes at work here. The nerve-endings that I have just mentioned, all provide sensory-input to the gad-zillions of synaptic-junction-neurons throughout the corporeal brain and body, located in the brain, in the spinal cord and the ganglionic extensions thereof, in the lower-body extremities. Such that each and every nerve-ending point-location, of the entire corporeal brain and body, is connected to the synaptic-junction system of the body.

  10. And, as discussed extensively elsewhere already, the synaptic-junctions of the human body, are that body's 'interface', between the human brain and the human mind, whereby the Mind actually controls and supervises, the actualities of both the Brain and the entire Body! The human 'interface' between Corporeality and Incorporeality! (Much more, again, has already been discussed elsewhere here!)

  11. Getting back to our medical condition and the potential self-healing thereof, via the nervous system and the Brain/Mind Interface... Our nerves have now 'detected' the abnormal conditions existing at said individual nerve-ending point-locations and now 'upload', or transfer, that 'input', to the Mind, via the back-and-forth 'flow' of nerve-signals and information (largely, in this case, via the autonomic system of the body), across the gad-zillions of synaptic-junctions existing within the body.

  12. And when I say 'across', I mean not only within the Human Brain, from one nerve to the next (i.e., from one corporeal Brain 'function/area', to the next corporeal Brain 'function/area'), across a specific synaptic-junction, but I also mean, primarily, across the 'interface' that also exists between the Brain and Mind, at that specific synaptic-junction location.

  13. Thusly, those 'inputs', from the sensory-nerve point-locations, flow upward, to the Mind, to be 'processed' by the Mind, along with all other pertinent 'inputs' of that specific moment, necessary to produce the necessary self-healing of the body that is required. I should also note here, that when we say, 'self-healing-of-the-body', we actually are talking about the Mind, which is actually doing the 'self-healing', by and through its control and supervision of all of the physical/corporeal human body processes!

  14. And thusly the Mind then delivers its 'output-decision' (after all of the 'dynamics' of the Mind have done their 'thing'!), again across the synaptic-junction 'interface', unto the specific nerves that are required to effect the desired self-healing at the specific point-location of the body.

  15. And thusly the question might be asked, "Okay, but how does the Mind/Body know how and where to deliver and accomplish such self-healing?"

  16. Well, getting back to the Mind... As has been discussed elsewhere, the Lower Mind, not only processes and uploads, via the autonomic system, the necessary sensory data, to and from the Upper Mind, but that Lower Mind also contains the 'routing system' and map, of the entire corporeal Human Brain and Body, by which the Human Mind 'knows' of each and all individual bodily point-locations everywhere within the human body, as well as the necessary and specific synaptic-junctions (or individual and specific synaptic-junction), necessary to reach any desired specific point-location of the corporeal human body!

  17. Thusly, the human Mind 'knows' exactly where, in the Human Body, 'self-healing' is needed to repair a damaged nerve-ending, and that Mind also 'knows' exactly how to 'route', or deliver, the necessary electrical-charge, that will re-energize and repair that damaged nerve-ending, and thereby effect overall 'repair' and 'self-healing', of the injury, infection or whatever!

  18. A further point here is that, with this self-healing process, the Body and Mind have the ability to go way beyond the mere 'resources' and abilities-of-the-body (and beyond the possible electrical-potential levels inherent just within the body itself), to 'reach out', via the Mind itself, into Consciousness and the immense energy-levels extant within the Cosmos itself! Because, in order to 'deliver' an intense 'jolt' of energy, which is 'realized' as an intense 'jolt-of-pain', instantaneously and momentarily, AT the specific point-location of the nerve-ending that requires the repair thereof... The Upper Mind, after consideration of all 'inputs' thereto, and the processing of the 'dynamics' thereof, said Mind can then 'reach' into Consciousness, 'accessing' beyond that Local Human Mind itself, to 'gather-up' the needed 'energies', to be delivered to the Human Body, in the 'out-put' therefrom, that Local Human Mind.

  19. Incidentally, an old-school reality, that is not much heard any more today, is that "Pain is good for you!" Pain indicates that the nerves are yet alive and that the body is attempting to heal itself. By taking pain-pill drugs and medications, a person is actually preventing and suppressing the body from actually being able to heal itself! Also, the same applies to anti-histamine drugs and medications, used in suppression of allergies! Because, the reality about allergies, is that they are really the body's means of telling us that we are abusing our body in some way, with relation to that which is 'causing' the allergy-to-occur. Food allergies mean that food is somehow being abused, or is not being tolerated by the body, or that the body has become (or is!) deficient, as to a nutrient or something, that is necessary for the normal processing of foods. Other allergies can also occur, such as air, pollen, wheat/grain, sugar, carbohydrate and many more, as the natural consequences of the body's reactions to the foods that we eat. Foods are the major cause of allergies, illnesses, diseases and more, as the body 'reacts', perhaps maybe 20 years later, to the total accumulation of all of the foods (as well as drugs!) that we have put in our mouths, during our lifetime! Also, it is a reality, that anyone who is allergic (to anything!), is also either hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic, both of which result from food reactions and sensitivities within the body!

  20. Which reminds me of a once-upon-a-time personal friend of mine, a Dr. Correll of Berkeley, California who, like Dr. Linus Pauling (the Founder of Orthomolecular Medicine), was the Founder of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, which, contrary to the psychiatric medications used today, once-upon-a-time proved that any psychiatric condition whatsoever, was merely the deficiency of a needed nutrient/vitamin/mineral within the body! I specifically remember the case of one of his patients, a young woman who, once-a-month, at that specific time-of-the-month, was such a 'bear' to be around, as experienced by her husband and children. She had visited many Doctors and Clinics and no one could help her. She finally saw Dr. Correll and had a nutrient test. It came back that she was perfectly fine, not needing to take any supplementary vitamins or minerals... except one! She was tremendously deficient in one of the B vitamins! Dr. Correll gave her daily doses of a high-level of the deficient B vitamin... and she was just fine again, no longer a once-a-month 'bear' to anyone!

  21. Getting back to our discussion here, of self-healing, since the Lower Mind, of that Local Human Mind, 'knows' exactly where, in the Human Body, the 'jolt' is to be delivered to (via the Map and Routing-System, resident within that Lower Mind), that jolt-charge then 'flows-across' the specific synaptic-junction (determined by the routing of the Map-of-the-Body's synapses), onto the specific neuronal pathway leading to the exact and intended nerve-ending point-location... And thusly... the Body 'feels' the 'jolt', and the pain thereof, at a pain-level way beyond any pain-level electrical-charge that might even be possible within that human body... and the person, feeling that momentarily intense jolt-of-pain, 'jumps', or unconsciously 'moves' the body (or, as it has been said, 'the-body-goes-flying'!), and also cries-out, screams, at-the-top-of-their-lungs, in their experience of that instantaneous pain! But, at the exact same time, another specific and individual nerve-ending point-location... has just been 'healed', repaired, and is now, once again, functioning normally! I've personally had this 'experience' several times in my life, first from recovering-from-a-severe-and-paralyzing-auto-accident, where I first realized that, with every 'jolt', one more nerve-ending had been repaired and was once again working, such that I could now feel that point-location and specific area of my body!

  22. One more point I might make here! The human body can heal itself, within itself, with the medications and treatments that the medical profession-of-today usually delivers to an injury or infection. But, the reality is, that much of that internal 'healing' occurs much slower than it might, because that self-healing is actually 'fighting' to do so, in opposition to the usually harmful effects and side-effects, of those prescribed drugs, medications, treatments and therapies! However, in deference to such medical 'marvels', I'd say that at most, the beneficial effects of modern medical therapies, do contribute to suppressing and 'killing-off', such auxiliary disease and infection, that might so hinder the actual healing processes of the body itself. Thusly, such medical practices do have value and merit, in suppressing any auxiliary-possible-cause/infection that might, or does, occur, but, at the same time, such medical practice, is really slowing-down, and hindering as well, the natural, normal, healing processes of the body itself!

  23. So, the continued point here being that, given the chance/opportunity, it is always more beneficial, to have the body normally and naturally heal itself... by completely allowing its natural and normal 'access', to the more-intense and healing energies-of-the-Cosmos-and-Consciousness, as so 'delivered' thereto the Human Body, via the Local Human Mind!

  24. Finally, I might note, a pertinent definition from the Dictionary. In most any Dictionary, there is the term 'iatrogenesis', which means illnesses, diseases, and maladies, occurring as the result of 'seeing' your Doctor, or receiving medical drugs, treatments and/or therapies!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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