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Rule #1 - Have Fun!

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"Another Rotten Day in Heaven.  Some Body Has to Do It So It Might As Well Be Us!"

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2024 Winter & Spring Events & Activities

John is now doing Public Speaking for Special Occasions and Events.  For more Information click HERE.

Note: You can view the fun events and activities of the 2023 Summer Events by Clicking (HERE)

* The 2023-24 ski season will be fun.  We will again track the number of days we ski in 2024 with our ski buddies.

Ski Season Hidden Valley
now NWAC*
Mountain Creek Away from the Mountain Creek Mt Peter Total Days on Snow
2023-2024 0 9 0 0 9
2022-2023 0 93 3 BIGSnow, Belleayre Mountain - 2 0 98
2021-2022 0 76 2 BIGSnow 0 78
2020-2021 0 88 2 BIGSnow 0 90
2019-2020 0 93

Belleayre Opening - 1, BigSnow - 2

5 101
2018-2019 0 112 2 Mt. Snow Vernmont 0 114**
* Mountain Creek & New Jersey Record for the most days skiing in one season.

*  A Christmas tradition was maintained a day late because of poor weather - giving Christmas cookies to our friends on the Mountain Creek staff to show our appreciation for their service in making our visits skiing fun.


MC friends receive Xmas cookies from Buffy

More Xmas cookies to the Sugar Slope staffers

And Xmas cookies for the Liftie at the top of Sugar

*  The 2024 ski season opened on Saturday, December 23rd with Buffy and John, as is tradition,  rode the first chair on the Sugar Slope with friend Dave.  It was great seeing winter buddies again and a great early Christmas present.


Buffy & John happy to be on the slopes

B&J in line with buddy Dave

B&J in the first chair of the 2024 season on Sugar

*  With the end of summer comes ski season.  To prepare for the upcoming ski season Buffy & John took a ski training trip to their favorite runaway, St. John in the US Virgin Islands from October 15thto the 29th.  It was wonderful and inspired the writing of a new book tentatively entitled, "Kids Learn About Friendship in St. John US VI".  Pictures to be posted shortly.


Buffy & John training for ski season at the Beach Bar St. John

The Jones' Annual Christmas Party was great as the smiles indicate.

*  On Friday, September 15th Buffy & John played in and provided photographic and PR support to the 8th Annual CHCM Fund raising golf tournament at the Tarry Brae Golf Course with team mates Bill and Steven Chamberlain.  Buffy brought honor to the team by winning the prize for both the women's longest drive and closest to the pin competition.  Photos can be viewed on Golf Event Photos Facebook.


The Whiting/Chamberlain Team - Steven, Dad Bill, Buffy & John

Golf Pro Geoff Walsh congratulates Buffy's Great Performance

*  September 3rd was Buffy & John's 40th Anniversary celebrated with the traditional golf at Ballyowen golf club followed by a delicious dinner at the Chateau Hathorne with friends Bonnie & Rich who were also celebrating their 40 on September 4th.  It was a wonderful anniversary!

B&J with Ballyowen starter Mrk

The celebration at Chateau Hathorn with owner/chef Dolf

Waitress cooking Chateau  Brian for Two for B&J

*  The weekend of July 19th was a busy and historical one.  On Saturday Buffy & John attended the baby shower celebrating the pending arrival of Amanda & Brandon's first born baby boy.  Amanda is Buffy's niece.  Buffy knitted a baby set to keep the baby warm after arrival.  Friends & family had a great time at the celebration.  On Sunday B&J joined sister Peg to celebrate sister Anne's birthday hosed by Anne's son Brian Mortensen and his wife Rachael.  It was a time to celebrate and get caught up.

Friends & Family celebrate at Amanda & Brandon's baby shower

Buffy knitted a cute blue baby outfit

Brian & Rachel's birthday party for sister Anne

*  Buffy & John met a nice couple for a round of golf at Black Bear GC on August 12th & teamed up for a match.   For the 1st time John honored his right to play from the Gold tees.  Giving Buffy 4 strokes the net outcome was a tie, John won match play 6 to 3 & Buffy won closest to the pin 2 to 1.  John won low putts 31 to 39 putts.  Another fun day of golf.

Buffy & John on the 18th at Black Bear with the A Team

The August 12th Score Card

*  Our car is a 2008 Subaru & a BEST friend that gets us to where we want to go.  It runs great & does not have all the modern gadgets that are a distraction & costly to repair.  When it needs TLC  I provide it.  The "Check Engine" light came on telling me a new intake solenoid was needed - so I did the research, got the new solenoid & made the repair making the car & us happy while saving $400+ in mechanic costs.


Check Engine tool showed  Intake Solenoid failure code

Check Engine light resulted in a failure at inspection

Old Intake Solenoid is waiting to be replac

Newly installed Intake Solenoid eliminates failure code


*  Sunday, July 23 meeting & having fun with new friends.  Another Rotten Day in Heaven!

Let the party continue at Emerald Point, Greenwood Lake, NY with friends!

*  Buffy & John played golf for the 1st time on July 21st since Buffy's eye surgery.  Walked 9 holes at Hidden Acres in 82 degree heat. Not a good idea & the score reflected it.  Celebrated with a calzone & a few "cold ones" at Flat Brook Tap House to make the day!

Another rotten day in hot heaven!

We survived but our score didn't!

*  Buffy & John celebrated the birth of America on July 4th with friends at the Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon and took photographs to support a news paper article written for the local newspaper.  They also celebrated the birthday of their friend and owner of Mountain Creek Joe Hession who was born on the same day. To view the July 4th album click HERE.

Buffy with MC Mascot "Vern"

Buffy & John with buddy Brian/Ryan

John & Buffy with Joe Hession Sr., family

* Buffy's cataract surgery on her 2nd eye was completed on Tuesday May 30th without a problem. A follow-up meeting with the doctor on Wednesday confirmed that all is well and Buffy now has bionic vision. With a couple more weeks of recovery and we will be ready to play some golf. 

*  May 27th was a BIG day.  It was a gathering of the Whiting family and friends to celebrate the graduation of granddaughter Lili Jones from Ohio State University (with honors) and remember the graduation of sister Meredith Jones who had graduated from Rutgers University during COVID 19 without the recognition she was due.  We are all blessed!

The GRADUATES celebration: (back  row right) Meredith - Rutgers U. & Lili - Ohio State U.   

* Spring has provided time to plant flowers and work on clocks and help our buddy Rich Calak celebrate his birthday. 

Homemade clock made from old clock parts & old cuckoo clock

Buffy& John planted flowers in their garden & a Lily for John

We watch Rich blow out the candle on his birthday cake  made by Buffy

 *  The arrival of Spring provide catch-up time for Buffy and John.  A fun part of Spring is the replanting of flowers including a beautiful Calla lily for John's Office.  It was also provided time to correct vision problems caused by cataracts in Buffy's eyes.  The eye surgery was under the direction of Dr. Daniel Ahn a member of the Horizon Family Medical Group.  The photos below capture the completion of surgery on the 1st eye and the great work of Dr. Ahn and his team.


John's Spring Flower

The  Ahn/Buffy team celebrates!










If you know a woman who might enjoy golf give her the gift of John's 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback and eBook editions. 



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