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"Another Rotten Day in Heaven.  Some Body Has to Do It So It Might As Well Be Us!"

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2023 Winter Events & Activities

John is now doing Public Speaking for Special Occasions and Events.  For more Information click HERE.

You can view the fun events and activities of the 2022 Summer Events by Clicking (HERE)

* The 2022 ski season should be fun.  We will again track the number of days we ski in 2002-23 with our ski buddies.

Ski Season Hidden Valley
now NWAC*
Mountain Creek Away from the Mountain Creek Mt Peter Total Days on Snow
2022-2023 0 93 3 BIGSnow, Belleayre Mountain - 2 0 98
2021-2022 0 76 2 BIGSnow 0 78
2020-2021 0 88 2 BIGSnow 0 90
2019-2020 0 93

Belleayre Opening - 1, BigSnow - 2

5 101
2018-2019 0 112 2 Mt. Snow Vernmont 0 114**
* Mountain Creek & New Jersey Record for the most days skiing in one season.

*  We could not resist skiing one more time.  On March 30th we headed for Belleayre Mountain to be first chair on the lifts and make first tracks to begin two great days of skiing.   It was so special we decided to stay another day and have something to eat at two of our favorite spots, the Peek-a-Mouse and Brio's.  The photos below capture these special days ending a wonderful ski season.

Buffy & John are 1st Chair to end a great ski season

Buffy & John thank Vernon buddies for tribute to Dot Nebel

The Peek-a-Moose horse is no longer upside down

Great skiing on groomed corduroy

Buffy & John pose by new lodge

The ride up the new Gondola was relaxing

March 24th was a fun day and sad day for John & Buffy.  It was the last day of skiing at Mountain Creek for the 2023 season.  The Resort remained open for 5 days following Pond Skimming much to the thanks of the dedicated staff, Tim Stone, Louise Staley, Emma Katterman, Kinks Manager Greg Klause and his staff.  Needless to say we made it a fun time on the slopes and a chance to celebrate and thank our friends at the Resort for a GREAT season.

Thanks friends at Kink's for great food, drink & fun this season!

Last day celebrated with friend Scott Snow

Thanks Tim, Louise & staff for providing 5 extra days of skiing

*  Sunday, March 19th was scheduled as the last day of the season on the day of the fun Pond Skimming competition.  Buffy and John celebrated another great day of skiing in Kink's hosted by Manager Greg (center rear)  and many of their ski buddies and the announcement that the ski season would be extended into next week.

Let the party (and skiing) continue!

St. Patrick's Day is a special holiday celebrated by Buffy and John by skiing with friends and enjoying some delicious corned beef and cabbage at home.

Buffy & John celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends and Staff

St. Patrick's Day with Ski Patrol friends at south.

*  March 14th was Buffy's Birthday, another excuse to have fun and party and we did!  We had predicted "Buffy's Blizzard" for months and Mother Nature cooperated.  The photos capture the Birthday celebration.

"Snow Man" documents "Buffy's Blizzard"

Buffy helps clean off the car

Lift buddies wish Buffy happy B'day

Staff buddy Connie wishes Buffy happy B'day

MC staff & Maintenance staffer join in

Buffy celebrates "Buffy's Blizzard at South

Kyle & South F&B staff join celebration

Party continues at Schuss with Sparta friends

Another rotten day in heaven on the deck of South on Thursday, March 9th with friends following a great day of skiing and our MC lift attendant buddy Daniel.

John spent his 28th (he is dyslexic) birthday skiing and partying with friends at Mountain Creek and at the end of a wonderful day with Buffy who baked delicious shrimp parm dinner and a wonderful Caribbean cake.

Buffy & John on the Cab lift on March 2nd

Buffy & John celebrating on the deck at MC South with ski buddies

Buffy toasts John on his birthday prior to a delicious meal.

John blows our the candles on his birthday cake

When the skeptics were saying skiing was almost over, the true believers knew that Buffy's Blizzard comes in March.  Mother Nature could not wait.  She celebrated the end of February with an early snow storm.

View from our window of new snow

Our Snow Measuring Man does his job!

He tells us we got just over 8 inches of snow.

Valentine's Day is a special day to remind us that love is wonderful and the alternative is a waste of life.  We celebrate Valentine's Day by giving Valentine chocolate kisses to our Mountain Creek friends who work the lifts and do other work to make skiing fun.  Following skiing we had a fun Valentine's lunch on the deck of MC South with Rich, Bonnie, Lou joined by Big Teddy and Aaron.

Buffy & John share Valentine Kisses with MC staff friends

Buffy & John enjoy a Valentine's party with friends on the deck of MC South

*  Skiing in February continues to be fun.   The fun is meeting new friends like young August, his brother and Mom and helping Auggie learn to ski and the deck parties on MC South's deck with ski buddies after a fun day on the slopes.

John with ski buddy Auggie and his snowboaring brother.

Lou, Raymond, Otto, Aaron, John, Terrance and Troy with Buffy party at South

Another Rotten Day in Heaven on the slopes at Mountain Creek even with Mother Nature refusing to cooperate with cold weather and snow.  It is more fun when the day of skiing ends on the deck at South with friends and couple of cold adult beverages.  Let the party continue!

The last snow gave us only 4" in early January

Bonnie & Rich, Lou & Buffy & John celebrating on the deck at MC South.

Skiing is a blast!  Not only today but in the past with many friends who we continue to see on the slopes.  One friend from Hidden Valley days who is back on the slopes is Keith Hala who we met on January 7th.

Buffy & John with ski buddy Keith Hala who joined the MC race program

*  On Christmas, Buffy & John enjoyed their favorite Christmas present, skiing at Mountain Creek.  It provided an opportunity to continue the tradition of giving cookies to our lift attendant friends as thanks for their friendship and help in making skiing fun at Mountain Creek. To view more photos click HERE.

Xmas cookies for lift buddies at the Cabriolet Lift

Xmas cookies for our lift buddies at the top of the Cab

Xmas cookies for our friends at the Sugar Lift

Mountain Creek opened on Sunday, December 18, 2022 and we were there to say "Hi" to our MC friends and ride the 1st chair on the Sugar Slope again.  We then visited MC South to celebrate the opening there.

Buffy & John Ride 1st Chair with buddy Dave

Supervisor John and Lift Staff at the Sugar Slope

Buffy & John check out the opening at MC South

*  Buffy & John check out snow making and get in line to ride 1st chair at the season opening of Mountain Creek.  They get their 2022-23 ski season Mountain Creek season lift passes and are ready to ski.

Buffy gives a thumbs-up to snowmaking prior to opening

Buffy & John who they are in line to ride 1st chair at opening

Buffy & John get season passes form staff buddies

We are waiting for Mother Nature to provide the temperatures needed to blow snow at Mountain Creek.  To try to get in shape for the ski season we visited BIGSnow on Wednesday, November 30th with our ski buddy Rich Calak and wrote a newspaper article about our visit.  We celebrated the day with an adult beverage or two and pizza at our favorite watering hole Toney's Pizza on Route 23 in Stockholm.

Buffy & Rich on the slopes

The 3 Mountain Creed Die-Hards with GM Mark.

Rich, Buffy & John celebrate a GREAT day at Tony's

*  Buffy & John Spent another wonderful Thanksgiving at the home of Buffy's sister Arlene & Jeff Santora with family.  The food was delicious and we are thankful for all the blessing enjoyed.

Buffy's Family & Significan Others take a break for a Thanksgiving Photo

Buffy's siblings: Dennis, Irene, Arlene & Buffy (absent Mickey)


Ire Vernon friends gathered for Urll Fest to invoke the power of the Nordic God of Winter Urll and to support the Joseph P. Hession Foundation on Saturday, November 13, 2022.  Read the posting by the Advertiser News.

Buffy with friends, Urll, Keith Collins & friends at Urll Fest

Buffy with more friends ready for the snow to fly

The honored guests of the Joseph P. Foundation

*  We enjoyed a wonderful 15 days in our favorite vacation site, St. John.  The weather was perfect, our home away from home was cozy thanks to our hosts, the Phillips, the snorkeling with our fish friends and partying.

View of Coral Bay from our deck in St. John

A beautiful day at Trunk Bay Snorkeling

A friendly Iguana joins us on the beach

In an attempt to begin to prepare for the upcoming ski season Buffy & John went on a ski trip to BIGSnow to do some warm-up runs.  John also took some photos of their visit along with a visit to the McAfee Ski Shop to be used to support a newspaper article in the Advertiser News entitled "Skiers & Snowboarders Get Ready for the 2022-23 Ski Season" published online & in print. Check it out! Click on the title hypertext.

Buffy tries out her new skies at BigSnow

Buffy with Uncle Steve & the staff at the McAfee Ski Shop

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