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The Kahl's 12th Annual Triathlon

Sunday, July 15, 2001

The 12th Annual Kahl Triathlon Participants


The Kahl 12th Anniversary Triathlon Winner!


Gerard gets a registration number from Char. 

Participants wait for the start of the competition. 

Heather gives instruction briefing to swimmers.

Heather gives more instructions to swimmers.

Heather gets ready for start while Dave video tapes.

Kelly finishes the swim...and finished the Triathlon.

Melinda and Nicko enjoying the day. 

"Super G" and Jack are ready!

The "WOW" Team is ready!

Simmers await last minute instruction!

The WOW team is anchored by Patty Backman.

Tommy Malley finishes without breaking a sweat.

"Super G" finishes with a splash!

The WOW Team gets a Gatorade bath.

The event is topped of by an air show!

Heather at the finish.

A Carolyn Wiley Photo

The Party moves to the lake.

A Carolyn Wiley Photo

"Alright, who took my...............drink?"

A Carolyn Wiley Photo

The 12th Triathlon Partiers keep cool.

A Carolyn Wiley Photo

The party went down hill from here.


Background photo: "125h Annual Triathlon"  taken by John T. Whiting

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