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The Baptism of 

Patrick Reilly Jones

August 17, 2003


DadPa and Reilly in the Baptism Gown sewn by DadPa's Father's Mother  

Denise and Reilly waiting for the service to begin. 

Reilly is ready for the celebration.

What is Reilly thinking? 

Denise with Reilly wait on the Church Alter.

Shall we pray?

The baptism is celebrated by the entire Jones family.

The family waits as Reilly is introduced to the congregation.

Lillianna watches her little brother get baptized.

Meredith checks on her little brother.


...and Lillianna...

...and the sisters together.

Patrick Reilly and Patrick following the service.

June and Heather watch Reilly get introduced to the congregation.

Reilly is enjoying the entire experience. 

Denise and Reilly... 

...sharing the special event.

...a special moment...

And a moment of prayer...

...what a nice guy that Reilly is...

Denise and Reilly.

DadPa enjoys a moment with the guest of honor.

Mom enjoys the moment.


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