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The Kelly & Poppa Lou Friends & Family Golf Classic

The 2004 9th Annual Golf Classic was held  July 24, 2004



The 2004 9th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Classic Champions

John Whiting, Buffy Whiting, Denise Jones & Patrick Jones



Organizers John & Buffy Whiting, Kelly Parsons and Founders, Bart Leverich and Gerry Cross

Event originators Bart and Gerry (on the right), organizers John and Buffy (Lou's Daughter) Whiting with Kelley holding the perpetual trophy honoring winners of the event. 

Poppa Lou at Colonial Golf Club

Poppa Lou at Colonial Golf Club


The Tournament is played at the beautiful Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort.  For more information about the Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort, directions and how to make reservations click on the bouncing golf ball:


2004 9th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Friends & Family Golf Classic Participants

Denise Jones *
Patrick Jones
John Whiting
Buffy Whiting
Jack Powers
Super G Hawkins
Dino Marilli
Dave Scheffel
Mike Dittus*
Tom West
Brian Howe
Riccardo Lavarreda
Dan Howe *
Bob Howe
Bill Skinner
Rich Conway
Liam Kenny
Liam Kenny Jr.
John Kenny
Dennis Brown
Skip Flannery
Brian Flannery
Vince Fantozzi
Sue Fantozzi
Dermot Farley
Brendan Farley
Mark Dupre
Chris Helsmoortel
Ed Gunn
Christian Comito
Glenn Lindsay
Tracy Peck
Fran Gunn *
Pete Tobin

Ken Cross
Ian Leverich
Patty Backman
Jim Backman
Kyle Backman
Laura Backman
Terrance Farley
Greg Owen
John Lerchenmueller
Bart Leverich
Kevin Leverich
Mickey Parsons
Joe Comito
Danny Murtagh
John Wenzel
Mike Cecelia
Dennis Montella
Ed Peyton
Gerry Peyton
Gerry Shirley
George Collins
Jerry Cross
Ray Fernandez
Ken Minkalis
Jeff Resbell
Ed Lorentz
Artie Awe
Mike Wicke
Jay Stark
Joan Kisielis
Kevin Kisielis
Shane Kisielis
Allison Kisielis
Darrin Hirst
Neil Murtha
Mike Daniells
PJ Moon
Jason Scolaro
Jason Scolaro Jr.
Steve Scolaro
Pete Tobin Jr.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown Jr.
Ryan Brown
* Past Poppa Lou Champion Team

                       Background photo: "The 'Beautiful 17th Hole at Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort" taken by John T. Whiting



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