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2022 Winter & Spring Events

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You can view the fun events and activities of the 2021 Summer by Clicking (HERE)

The 2021 - 2022 began with a special pre-Christmas gift on December 23, 2021.  The number of days skiing will be tracked again on the chart below.  Think snow and have fun!

Ski Season Hidden Valley
now NWAC*
Mountain Creek Away from the Mountain Creek Mt Peter Total Days on Snow
2021-2022 0 74 0 0 74
2020-2021 0 92 2 BIGSnow 0 92
2019-2020 0 93

Belleayre Opening - 1, BigSnow - 2

5 101
2018-2019 0 112 2 Mt. Snow Vernmont 0 114**
2017-2018 0 100 2 Mt. Snow Vermont 0 102
2016-2017 0 86  3 Waterville Valley 3 92
2015-2016 1 61 0 0 62 (ugh)
2014-2015 0 104 1 Belleayre 0 105
2013-2014 0 100 1 Camelback 0 101
2012-2013 0 85 5 0 90
2011-2012 61 8 10 0 79
2010-2011 75 9 13 0 97
2009-2010 85 3 8 0 96
*  Hidden Valley Club is now called The National Winter Activity Center & is closed to public skiing.  ** a new on snow record replacing the last by 9 days!

*  St. Patrick's Day this year was celebrated in spite of the rain and in spite of missing a day of skiing for the first time in memory.  The pictures tell of our celebration at home in the homemade Irish sweaters made by Buffy.

The rain may have prevented skiing but it did not prevent having fun

Thanks to friend Bonne the celebration continued at home

*  Buffy's birthday celebrated on March 14th not only was time to celebrate her special day but also the promise of new snow.  This was true again this year.   The photos below document the new snow and a full day of birthday celebrations at the lift where friends and MC staff sang "Happy Birthday", honored her by first chair and first tracks followed by another celebration on the deck at MC South with more ski buddies.  It was a fun day.

Buffy points at measured "Birthday" snow

Lift attendants & ski buddies sing "Happy Birthday" Buffy

The Birthday party continues on the MC South deck

*   For years John has been well served by his old Rossi skies.  As a late birthday gift Buffy sourced a pair of replacement skies the could not be resisted since the old skies were on their last legs.  John gave the oldskiers a kiss and said good bye and celebrated the new skies on the lift at Mountain Creek.

John kisses his old skies good by after years of service.

Then donates them to the great ski heaven in the sky.

John & Buffy with new skies on the Cab at Mountain Creek

*  John's birthday was celebrated on March 2nd with friends skiing, enjoying après ski on the deck of Mountain Creek South and capping of a GREAT day with a delicious cake and homemade ice cream with Buffy.

John Enjoys celebrating his birthday with ski buddies

John ready to blow out the candles on Buffy's ski cake

John ready to blow out the candles on Buffy's ski cake

 *  Buffy & John continue to support and have pride in the Adaptive Sports Program at Mountain Creek they helped found.  They enjoyed skiing with their friend Nick Cerrato the young man who inspired them to start the program along with Tim Stone and Steve Baumann who administer the program.  To see more Nick skiing photos click HERE.

Buffy with Tim, Pattie, Nick and Martin prior to Nick's skiing

Nick heading for the slopes after leaving the Cabriolet lift

*  Tuesday 2/2/2022 was made more special than it being 2222 by some of our ski buddies from our days as ski coaches at Hidden Valley showing up to enjoy a day on the slopes at Mountain Creek.  It was a fun reunion.

Rich, John, Buffy with Gary Jimbo, Davy & Super G on the Sugar Slope

 *  Buffy & John kicked off the month of February with a "Blue Bird" ski day at Mountain Creek that began at Vernon North at 9 AM with excellent runs on perfect corduroy until 11:30 when the couple headed to Mountain Creek South for a few more runs on new corduroy on beginning at 12:00 noon.  It was the best ski day of the season celebrated with a few adult beverages on the deck with friends Rich, Bonnie and many of the regulars.

Buffy & John celebrate another rotten day in heaven at Mountain Creek South

*  Half the fun of skiing is après skiing on the deck of the lodge at South.  Buffy, John, Rich and Bonnie enjoyed another rotten day in heaven with a few adult beverages at South on Tuesday, January 25th to complete a fun day on the slopes.

*  Buffy & John attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration of the opening of Hef's Hut at the Great Gorge Golf Club and produced a press release for the local papers to share the news.  Great Gorge is on the site of the old Playboy Club and where the Buffy & John learned to play golf.  Additional photos can be viewed on Facebook by clicking HERE.   See the article posted online by the Advertiser News by clicking HERE.

Buffy & Mayor Howard Burell & Chamber of Commerce President

Buffy with some of the guests celebrating Hef's Hut opening

*  January 2022 delivered some of the coldest days in recent memory with the temperature falling to 0 degrees on Sunday, the 16th but that did not prevent Buffy and John from hitting the slopes.  Neck cowls knotted by Buffy helped keep out the cold.

Snowboarding buddy Mark took this photo

Buffy took this selfie on the Sugar Lift

*  Ski season was advanced by the first real snow of the 2022 season.  our snow man snow depth indicator measured 3.5 inches.  With the gift of fresh snow we headed to Mountain Creek for our 15th day of skiing.

1st snow of 2022 measures nearly 4 inches

Buffy enjoys some runs at Mountain Creek in the fresh snow

*  The 2021-2022 ski season kicked off at Mountain Creek on Thursday, December 23rd with a early Christmas gift of cold snow making weather from Mother Nature.  Buffy & John were again given the honor of riding the first chair on Opening Day with friends Mike and Lou.

* Buffy & John continued the tradition of thanking their lift attendant friends with a gift of homemade cookies following Christmas Day.

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