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The July 4th OpSail 2000 Review of the Tall Ships was a SPECIAL event! Enjoy Our Photographic Memories.

Page 1 * Arrival on the USS Kennedy

Front: John & Dennis, 2nd Row: Denise,  Allison & Arlene, Back Row: Patrick, Buffy, Jeff & Jarrod Waiting to go to the Aircraft Carrier Kennedy  

5:30 AM View of Hudson River at OpSail 2000 

Approaching the USS Kennedy

Buffy & John with Senator John Glenn & Wife Annie 

Attorney General Reno, Senator Glenn & Other Dignitaries Wait to be Introduced

Senator Dodd From Connecticut Greets Members of the Audience

Caroline Kennedy & Tipper Gore Greet Members of the Audience

Dr. Ruth Discusses Her Favorite Topic With the Navy


Senator Lautenberg From NJ Waves to John

Broadway Entertains While Waiting for President Clinton's Party to Arrive

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Last revised: July 06, 2000.

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