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Aunt Helen's 90th Birthday Party

April 15, 2004

The Guest of Honor - Helen Wilson



Friends and Family Celebrate Aunt Helen's Special Day


Helen in her Birthday Hat.


The VIP Table

Steve looking to sample the birthday cake.


... and Bobby and family make sure that the cake doesn't catch fire.

The birthday cake looked good and tasted good.


Is Aunt Helen looking at that cake?

Lorraine Collins introduces Aunt Helen to one of the girls.


John Wilson, family and friends enjoy the party.

The Farley and friend pose with Aunt Helen.  Did you know that Aunt Bea is 95?


One of the youngest celebrants takes a break from the party.

The Shirley Clan enjoys the party.


Molly and Buffy take a break from the fun. do Jarrod Santora and Dennis Parsons.  Where are your guitars?


Allison "Ally Cat" Santora and Molly pose for a photo.

Amanda Parsons and Ally take a break from the party for another photo.


John Shirley enjoys a break from the kitchen as he celebrates Aunt Helen's "B" Day.

The Parson Kids: Dennis, Irene, Mickey, Arlene and Buffy.


The Bobby Wilson Family waiting to sample that cake.

All photographs by Dr. John T. Whiting

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