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Buffy's Knee Injury Update 

Tuesday, March 18, 2003 - Dr. Kenneth Koval looked at Buffy's x-rays, checked the scar and said, "Looks good!  See you in a month." 


Buffy's x-ray of the bone fracture below her knee.  A tibia plateau fracture.   X-ray taken 1/16/03.

A view of the post surgery plate and 8 screws that repaired the break.  2/11/03

Dr. Koval shows Buffy where the screws are 3/18/03.

Updated x-ray from 3/18/03 visit.

A second view 2/11/03.

...and a 3rd view 2/11/03.

Updated x-ray 3/18/03.  Can you tell the difference?.

Another updated x-ray 3/18/03.

Buffy and the surgical team, Dr. Kenneth Koval and his assistant 2/11/03.

Before the stitches are removed 2/11/03.

Buffy watches while the stitches are removed.

After the stitches are removed.  Ready for therapy 2/11/03. 

Buffy happy to have the stitches removed 2/11/03 and... 

The scar after another month of healing and therapy 3/18/03.


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