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Buffy & John's 2002 Ski Party

Music and friend, perfect together!


The kids hanging out in the slanty room

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon after skiing 


Ken, "The Bo" and Tom entertain John 

The Powers in the kitchen with Buffy


Bud is the center of attention with the ladies

Ken adds a few tunes of his own


What do you think they are talking about, skiing? 

Ken plays background music for the ladies and John.


Stephanie shares memories with Jerry and Keith

What do you think this group is laughing about?


Tom and "The Bo" get down to it

Who's got the shoe?


Are these pool players serious?

The boys, Matt and the Chadster, doing time


Tom and Jimbo were great entertainment

Background photo: "View from The Hidden Valley Summit"  taken by John T. Whiting


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