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2020 Summer & Fall Events & Activities

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* Golf season has come to an end.  At season's end Buffy was the overall leader in low net and closest to the pin, and John won match play and number of putts won.  Buffy dominated in total closet to the pin shots 86 to John's 57. 

The end of season Buffy & John Invitational Golf Classic was held on Friday, October 9th at the Black Bear Golf Club.  Buffy recaptured the 2020 Championship by scoring a net 83 to John's 88, winning low net and winning low putts.  John won closet to the pin.  To see the photo of the 2020 Champ and scorecard click HERE.

*   People ask "How do you calculate your golf scores for the Buffy and John season long competition?"  "Has our golf game improved since the beginning of the golf season."  The golf card below indicates how the statistics of the July 16th golf match were recorded and how Buffy earned the win in Low Net, Match Play and Closest to the Pin, and John won Low Putts.

*  Buffy and John are excited that the 2020 - 2021 skis season is about to begin.  To kick off the new ski season Buffy & John visited BIGSnow, America's 1st indoor ski area, to get in a few warm up runs.  It was a great day followed by a safe Outbacks celebration of another fun day and the coming Holiday season.

Buffy & John are greeted by Mark at BIGSnow

Buffy & John thank BIGSnow friends for a fun day

Buffy is ready to do a run at BIGSnow

and away she goes...

*  Thanksgiving was impacted by COVID19, resulting in isolation from family and traditional celebrations.  However the 2020  Thanksgiving was also wonderful because it was celebrated at home with Buffy making the best Turkey ever, a homemade apple pie topped off with homemade vanilla ice cream, all capped off with a Buffy's homemade Grand Marnier cordial.  It doesn't get much better than that.  We are truly blessed and have a lot to be thankful for.

Buffy & John giving thanks for all their blessings!

John continues to enjoy carving the best turkey ever!

*  Buffy & John celebrated Halloween in spite of the COVID-19 epidemic by carving a pumpkin into a scary jack-o-lantern and providing neighbor youngsters wit bags of candy and a lucky coin. 

*  Buffy and John provided photographic and PR support again to the 5th Annual 2020 CHCM Golf Outing at the beautiful Mansion Ridge Golf Club on Friday, October 16, 2020.  In spite of rain, the team of Buffy, John and Stephen Chambelain ended up with a even par 72 with John taking the prize in the straightest drive contest.

The Whiting and Chamberlain Team at the 5th Annual CHCM outing

Buffy and Stephen team up with Mansion Ridge Pro Ryan Fischer

*  The Buffy & John Invitational Golf Classic Championship was held on Friday, October 9, 2020 at the beautiful Black Bear Golf Club.  The Championship marks the end of season contest to determine bragging rights which John has had for the past two season.  However this year Buffy was not to be deterred.  With Buffy leading by 1 stroke in the low net competition and the two golfers tied 4 - 4 in match play after 9 holes, Buddy went on to card a 45 on the back nine to card a 91 gross and 83 net to defeat John by 5 strokes in the net competition and won the match play contest 6 to 8.  Almost completed a sweep winning low putts 36 to 32, but John's closest to the pin on hole 5 gave him the honors in the closest to the pin competition.  The winning score card is posted below:

John congratulates Buffy as the 2020 B&J Champion

Buffy holds her winning 2020 B&J winning score card 

The 2020 B&J Invitational Golf Classic Championship Score card

*  On Wednesday, September 23rd Buffy and John honored their golf buddy Pete De Graaf with a Black Bear medallion recognizing his graduation from the white tees to the blue tees based on his scoring a season low 73 at the Black Bear Golf Club and the improvement of his GHIN index to 7.  He went on to score an 80 on his first day of play from the blue tees.

Buffy & John present Pete De Graaf with a "Blue Tee" graduation gift

Yes it's us without masks - Congratulations Pete!

*  Buffy and John celebrated their Wedding Anniversary by playing golf at Buffy's favorite golf course, Ballyowen Golf Club.  After golf they enjoyed an adult beverage on the deck of Owen's Pub and toasted their blessings with Food and Beverage Manager Luis.  The Anniversary celebration was kicked off by surprise roses for Buffy from John.

Buffy & John with Starter friend Joe before tee off at Ballyowen

Buffy, F&B Manager Luis and John celebrate at Owen's Pub

Buffy with her Anniversary roses

*  The relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions by the state of New Jersey made it possible for the reopening of BIG Snow the 1st indoor ski area on Tuesday, September 1st.  Buffy and John were there to celebrate the opportunity to enjoy their 100th day on snow for the 2019-2020 ski season.  It was a blast!  Thanks Joe Hession and staff for making it happen.

Buffy & John on the top of the ski slope at BIG Snow

Two fathers with their daughters with Buffy waiting for the lift at BIG Snow


* After playing a round of golf at Black Bear Golf Club Buffy and John met their ski buddy Lou at Tony's Pizza in Stockholm for an adult beverage and some delicious pizza served by super waitress Sandy.  While there they bumped into their golf friend Dudley and his daughter Lisa with her new son John.

Buffy, John, Sandy and ski buddy Lou practicing Rule #1 at Tony's

Buffy with golf buddy Dudley, Lisa and little John

*  After a long time in semi-isolation (exception - golf) Buffy and John were invited to visit their ski buddy friends Bonnie and Rich at their beautiful home in Westtown, New York to enjoy a few adult beverages and some goodies prepared by Bonnie.  Buffy brought along a sample of her homemade "Buffy's Irish Cream" to toast our blessings and good health.  The talk was of fishing, skiing, a bit of golf and family with the conclusion that we are blessed to have good friends and healthy families in the face of COVID-19.

Buffy, Bonnie, John and Rich enjoy Buffy's Irish Cream to toast our good health and friendship

*  Buffy and John were the guests of golfing buddy Pete De Graaf and Steve Van Dyk at the Jack Nicholas designed Mansion Ridge Golf Club on Wednesday, August 5th.  It was a beautiful day on a beautiful golf course while complying with the COVID-19 Task Force Guidelines.  Thanks Pete for another fun day!

Buffy &John try to maintain social distance from golfing buddies Steve and Pete at Mansion Ridge Golf Club

Buffy and John celebrated the birth of America, July 4th, socially distancing on the Ballyowen Golf Course and then toasted America with their friend Luis, Food & Beverage Manager on the deck of Owen's Pub with a few adult beverages and lunch.  Later they toasted America again with some of Buffy's homemade Irish Cream Liqueur and a slice of Buffy's homemade lemon cake.  Happy Birthday America!  With all its faults we are blessed to be Americans.

Buffy & John toast America's birthday with a glass of Buffy's Irish Cream Liqueur

Yes, Buffy made the sweetest Irish Cream Liqueur used to toast the 4th of July

John celebrated Father's Day remembering his Dad, Marion T. Whiting, his children, Brad and Denise, playing golf at his favorite golf course Crystal Springs.  He was then treated to a delicious Father's Day dinner on the deck of their Hidden Valley home topped off with a homemade apple pie and homemade ice cream.  It was a wonderful Father's Day!

John's father Marion enjoying sailing

Father John with son Brad playing cards

Father John with daughter Denise hiking


Father's Day at Crystal Springs with Buffy

A Father's Day toast on the deck at home at Hidden Valley

* Buffy and John celebrated Memorial Day on the Black Bear Golf Course with Buffy taking the win in low net and low and match play and John winning closest to the pin and low putts.  They continued the celebration with a romantic dinner on the deck of their home at Hidden Valley featuring shrimp on the barbie and some of Buffy's delicious homemade Grand Marnier.  She has become and expert at making better than original homemade cordials.

B&J toast Memorial Day with Buffy's homemade Grand Marnier

The shrimp on the barbie cooked by John were delicious.

Buffy and John were joined bay a friendly Humming Bird.

Buffy and John ended 69 days of staying at home by playing their 1st round of golf at the Wild Turkey Golf Club.  The results posted above indicate that they tied in every category except closest to the pin which Buffy won by her closest to the pin shot on the 14th par 3.  Of course they complied with the COVID-19 guidelies.

Buffy & John wearing their masks on the beautiful par 3 7th hole at Wild Turkey

*  On Sunday, May 3rd Buffy and headed back to Hidden Valley Lake to see if their fishing luck had changed.  It did.  Buffy caught two fish and John caught one.  The pictures below document their success with a little help from Photoshop on the size of Buffy's 1st fish.  This was to show up our fishing buddy Lou.  Her second catch is more like the first she caught.  It was a beautiful day at the lake.  Just the two of us and no Coronavirus.

Eat your heart out Lou.  Your fish was bait compared to this monster.

John's only catch.  Don't ask why he has pants rolled up and no shoes.

Buffy shows off her second catch.

John keeps trying but he is unable to compete with Buffy. 

Inspired by our fishing expert Lou, Buffy and John tried their luck fishing at nearby Hidden Valley Lake.  It was a beautiful day but the fish were not biting.  However it was fun and we will try it again when the fish are hungry.

Buffy showing her expert fishing form.  Too bad the fish didn't know.

Buffy & John take a fishing break at the beautiful Hidden Valley Lake.

What do Buffy and John do after over 40 days staying home - they go to the Flat Brook to watch their friend and ski buddy Lou fish while maintaining social distancing (most of the time).  We enjoyed a couple of adult beverages and a picnic while Lou did all the work.  He even caught a fish.

The COVID-10 pandemic required that Easter Sunday be celebrated in isolation.  However families got together via the Internet through a Zoom conference. 

Easter bunnies Buffy & John enjoy a Zoom conference with family

Family members participated in the Easter celebration via Zoom

John & Buffy in their Easter Bunny ears

Three of Buffy's knitted friends joined the Zoom family Easter conference

*  If you are thinking about Christmas gifts for your wife, John has published his 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback and eBook editions. 

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