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2021 Summer & Fall Events & Activities

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You can view the fun events and activities of the 2021 Winter Events by Clicking (HERE)

*  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to stop and remember all that we are thankful for.  This year Thanksgiving was celebrated with Buffy's family at the new home of Arlene, Jeff and Allison Santora in Saugerties New York.  It was a delicious and fun day!  Thanks Santora's for hosting.

Front: John, Buffy, Jeff, Allison, Back: Dennis, Robin, Arlene, Irene, Mickey & Patty

The Sisters:  Buffy, Hostess Arlene and Irene

*  Buffy & John visited Martha & Steve Boshart to see her beautiful pottery in November.  The visit turned out to be a Hidden Valley Ski Resort race coach reunion.  The friends stopped for a photo.

John, June, Super G, Mike, Buffy, Martha & Steve - a HV reunion of ski buddies and friends

*  With the end of golf season Buffy & John decided to train for the upcoming ski season by taking a vacation from their permanent vacation at their favorite location, St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It was a wonderful training trip with days spent with the fish and turtles snorkeling and an adult beverage or two following a day at a beautiful St. John Beach.

Sunrise from our home on St. John's Coral Bay

One of the beautiful beaches at St. John

One of our bartender buddies, Kate with friend

* It was a fun golf season again for Buffy & John.  They held the Annual B&J Golf Championship was held on October 3rd at the Ballyowen Golf Club with the outcome the closest it has been in years.  John won the 2021 Championship with a net score of 96 to Buffy's 97.  They tied with a 5 to 5 holes in match play, 1 to 1 in closest to the pin and tied in the lowest putts competition with 34 putts each.

The final season golf competition standings are reported below.  This season long golf tournament establishes bragging rights for low net against GHIN handicaps, match play, closest to the pin for a beer and low putts. 

* Buffy & John played in the traditional friends and family Columbus Day Golf Classic at the Windham Country Club in New York at a time when the fall leaves were at their best.  The event was followed by a party and awards event hosted by Mickey and Pat Parsons.  It was fun!

The 2021 Columbus Day Classic golfers

Buffy & John take a moment to enjoy the fall colors on the 17th hole

*  Sunday September 26th our buddy Barry was celebrating his 60th birthday and we were there to help him celebrate.

*  Celebrated another Rotten Day in Heaven with sister Peg at Emerald Point on Greenwood Lake, New York on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.  Photo below captures our fun day.

John, Sister Peg and Buffy overlooking Greenwood Lake at Emerald Point

*  Buffy & John spent the early part of their September 3rd Wedding Anniversary playing golf at the Black Bear Golf Club with their buddy Pete and new friend John.  The photo below includes their starter friends John and Bob.

Buffy & John enjoy their Anniversary at Black Bear GC with John, Pete, Buffy, John & Bob

*  On Sunday, August 2nd Buffy and John visited the Pine Island Tap House to hear cousin Christian Mena and his band play and enjoy a few adult beverages with their ski buddies Rich and Bonnie Calak and some new friends from Highland Lakes in Vernon.

The Christian Mena Duo entertain us at the Tap House

John, Rich, Bonnie & Buffy enjoy the music & beverages
We join some new Highland Lakes friends in the fun.

*  On July 4th we celebrated the blessing of being an American by playing golf at Buffy's favorite golf course Ballyowen and with a few friends at Emerald Point on Greenwood Lake New Your.

Buffy & John on the par 4 6th at Ballyowen GC. Both pared the hole!

Buffy & John celebrate 4th with cute bartender buddies & friends at Emerald Point


*  So far this summer we have blessed with blooming rose bushes after last year's lack of roses.  The photos below capture a rose growing on the bush and the beauty of the roses indoors.

Beautiful rose on our outdoor rose bush

The roses adding beauty to our home

*  Buffy & John continue to enjoy golf with their two golf buddies, Pete and Craig.  The photo below was taken by our friend Jimmie at the Wild Turkey Golf Club.

*  Playing golf for Buffy and John is not just hitting the little white ball.  It includes seeing non-golfer friends watching us.  After golf a beer on the deck allows us to watch our Golf Shack bird friends.

A family of deer watch us tee off at the Wild Turkey GC

Two occupants or the Golf Shack wait for new arrivals

*  John continues to use his antique clock repair hobby to help friends who have antique clocks in need of repair.  One friend, Greg Sciscoe had two clocks with some family memories attached that were not working.  John gave them some TLC and Tick Tock goes the clocks.

Greg and John admire his 140 year old Ansonia antique clock

Greg and John say  "It's working!" about his antique 1909 Mantel Hat Clock

*  Buffy and John began the coming of summer events by taking their 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Shot.

Buffy gets her 2nd COVIID - 19 shot from our friend Dr. Quickdraw

John show courage as he get his 2nd COVID  - 19 vaccine shot

*  If you know a woman who might enjoy golf give her the gift of John's 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback and eBook editions. 

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