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Jackie Shirley's Christening

September 8th, 2002

Congratulations Gerry & Debbie


Family shares the day with Debbie, Gerry & Jackie. 

Proud Mom & the Celebrity . 

The proud God Father and his own son.

Yes this photo is out of focus...but I thought it was good anyway.

Diane and the girls chat.

Father France shares his homily. 

Who is that behind the plate?  Mike Piazza?

Kids share in the calibration. 

Father Francis gets help from the kids.

Rainy & George (and the girls) share in the Christening.

Baby Jackie, the Parents & God Parents. 

The Christening.

Jackie likes the candle...

...Doesn't she?

"Who is this strange guy?" Jackie asks.

The Celebrants.

God Parents with Jackie.

Dad, Mom, God Parents and Jackie.

Grand Ma Patty gets a hug from Buffy.

Proud God Father and Jackie.

Does this man seem proud of the day's event? 

One last picture of the principals.

The star of the day.

Family shares in the celibration..


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