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Congratulations to Our Friend Margaret on Her 50th Birthday!!

The night began with deception.  Margaret thought she was going to a bridal shower.  Was she surprised!!!


Congratulations Margaret!  This night was for you!!

A spectator watches a tennis match.

The Birthday was a family event!

Margaret was the center of attention. 

The MC is looking for some volunteers to dance.

How about Margaret and George?

The MC has a good student....George

George says, "This is fun!"

I guess it is time for the cake and the speeches.

The cake was beautiful and tasted good. 

Margaret cuts the cake.

Did you know that Mary was a poet.  Well her poem was great.

Mary acknowledges the recognition...George liked it too.

And then there was Frank.  He ought to be on the stage.  When's it leaving.

John records Frank's speech as George laughs at one of the memories.

It looks like George was ready, but he let the kids be center stage.

...And they were GREAT!!!

Yes that's Margaret's ear listening to the kids talk about their Mom.

Everyone enjoyed the presentation, especially Margaret.

Long time friend Buffy possess with Margaret and family.

Old friends celebrate Margaret's special day.

Photographs brought back old memories.

Friends celebrate the day.

...And more friends.

John & Mary are enjoying the night.

More friends share the special night.

The girls pose for a photograph.

Margaret enjoys a moment with some friends.

Everyone is enjoying the night and no one wants to go home.

A toast by Margaret George and Buffy to Margaret's special night.

Background photo "Margaret's Birthday Cake" taken by John T. Whiting

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