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Oswego, NY Harborfest 2002

 July 26th - 28th

Three days of great music hosted by Buffy's brother Dennis Parsons, a professor at Suny Oswego.  Thanks for the invitation Dennis.  We had a ball!


Our Harborfest Host Dennis Parsons with Buffy & John

A view from our 3 day home at Parson's Mansion in Oswego.

Buffy & Den by a SUNY Oswego Building Mural

Trolleys provided us with transportation between 5 music venues.

Friday began with Irish music and dancers by "Cherish the Ladies."

Buffy, Tina & Dennis enjoy the music in their portable chairs. 

Another band performs on the banks of the Oswego River.

World famous Eileen Ivers presents her special Irish music at the Lake Stage.. 

Dr. Pockets rocked the crowd Friday evening at the Port Stage.

Dennis, Tina and Buffy rock to Dr. Pockets great music.

Saturday begins at the Jazz Stage with the sounds of E.S.P.

Buffy & Dennis pose for a photo during the jazz performance.

The Fort Stage features the sounds of Ceili Rain prior to the fireworks show.

Buffy gets the lead singer from Ceili Rain to sign their CD.

Fireworks followed Ceili Rain at the Fort Stage.  They were awesome. 

The 2nd night ended with more rock n roll at the Port Stage by Frost Bite.

Day 3 started with more jazz.  Salsamba and Kevin Mahogany were super.

Tina joins the group after a morning of biking.


Kathy, Tina, Buffy, Al and Dennis enjoy the music at the jazz stage. 

Kathy, Tina and Buffy do the "girls" thing.


Its back to the Lake Stage for the closing performance of Wilson Pickett.

Dennis is ready for the final show.

Wilson Pickett rocks the crowd with songs like "Mustang Sally."

Wilson Pickett says "Hi!"

The Wilson Pickett performance brings smiles to the crowd.... 

...and more smiles from a member of the audience.  


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