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2021 Winter & Spring Events & Activities

You can view the fun events and activities of the 2020 Summer by Clicking (HERE)

The beginning of the 2020 - 2021 ski season was kicked off by a visit to America's 1st indoor ski area BIGSnow on December 10th.  The number of days skiing will be tracked again on the chart below.  Think snow and have fun!

Ski Season Hidden Valley
now NWAC*
Mountain Creek Away from the Mountain Creek Mt Peter Total Days on Snow
2020-2021 0 88 2 BIGSnow 0 90
2019-2020 0 93

Belleayre Opening - 1, BigSnow - 2

5 101
2018-2019 0 112 2 Mt. Snow Vernmont 0 114**
2017-2018 0 100 2 Mt. Snow Vermont 0 102
2016-2017 0 86  3 Waterville Valley 3 92
2015-2016 1 61 0 0 62 (ugh)
2014-2015 0 104 1 Belleayre 0 105
2013-2014 0 100 1 Camelback 0 101
2012-2013 0 85 5 0 90
2011-2012 61 8 10 0 79
2010-2011 75 9 13 0 97
2009-2010 85 3 8 0 96
*  Hidden Valley Club is now called The National Winter Activity Center & is closed to public skiing.  ** a new on snow record replacing the last by 9 days!

Buffy and John got there 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot on Tuesday, June 20th, 2021.  We are liberated and looking forward to getting our lives back in just 14 days.  We are thankful for our blessings.

Buffy gets her 2nd COVIID - 19 shot from our friend Dr. Quickdraw

John show courage as he get his 2nd COVID  - 19 vaccine shot

*  Buffy and John celebrated Easter at home with a delicious ham dinner, wine and a chocolate cake.  Easter represents an opportunity to be thankful for blessings and a chance to refocus life on respect for all people, kindness working for equal opportunity and having fun.  That will continue to be their Easter celebration commitment.

Buffy & John toast to an Easter commitment to kindness and fun

Buffy made a delicious dinner, Easter cake & homemade ice cream

*  On March 27th Mountain Creek announced the end of the 2021 ski season.  Needless to say Buffy & John and their ski buddies made the best of the last day by skiing with buddies including the Easter Bunny (Rich Howes) and toasting the mountain on the Deck of South and at Ryan-Brian's last day parking lot barbeque.

Buffy & John with George, Sharon & Dave on Sugar for last runs

Easer Bunny Richie Howes joins Buffy & John for a final run

*  Buffy & John enjoy the best of "Spring Skiing with ski buddies Sharon, Mark, Lift Ops Chris and Ski Patrol buddy Mike who cautions the group that there is Thin Cover to avoid.  It was another fun day on the slopes.  They all hate to see it coming to an end.

Buffy & John get in their 89 day on the slopes with ski buddies in spite of Thin Cover

*  Buffy and John got there 1st COVID-19 vaccine shot following day 87 on the ski slopes with friends.  They celebrated another rotten day in Heaven with a pizza and a couple of adult beverages with bartender friend Susan at Brick & Brew.

Buffy gets her 1st COVId-19 vaccine shot at Walmart without fear

John gets his 1st COVID-19 shot and tries to be as strong as Buffy

Buffy & John celebrate at Brick & Brew with friend Susan

*  Buffy and John celebrated St. Patrick's Day on the slopes at Mountain Creek with friends and at a St. Patrick's Day Mountain Creek South parking lot barbeque hosted by Ryan Brian celebrating a great ski season and toasting the Mountain Creek Management for the hard work in making the 2021 COVID-19 impacted season so enjoyable.

Buffy & John with ski buddies and Mountain Creek staffers celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Skiers and Riders celebrate a GREAT 2021 Ski season in the South Parking Lot 

*  Buffy's birthday was celebrated the way Buffy wished, skiing at Mountain Creek, celebrating with some of our ski buddies and having a romantic dinner with home made cake, ice cream and Buffy's Gran Manier as a after dinner cordial.  It was a GREAT day.

Friends celebrate Buffy's Birthday on the deck at South following skiing

The celebration is complete with a delicious homemade Birthday cake

*  Enjoying the last days of the ski season is made possible by many of our friends who work at the Mountain Creek Ski Resort.  Not only has the skiing been fun but enjoying the friendships with our friends like Tiffany at the Biergaten and the lifties.

Buffy & John enjoy Après Ski with Tiffany at the Biergaten at Mountain Creek

Buffy with our friends who work the Cabriolet lift at Mountain Creek

 *  Spring skiing is the best time of the year for skiing and riding.  The snow is perfect, the temperature is mild and everyone is ready to celebrate the ski season and party.  With John's birthday in the rear view mirror, ski buddy Otto's 89 birthday on March 12th and Buffy's birthday on March 14th there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and party.  On Tuesday, March 8th the die hards got together on the deck of Mountain Creek South to celebrate and Buffy and John returned the next day to enjoy a snack with Mountain Creek staffers Kyle and Corin.  We are blessed!

Buffy & John join ski buddies to celebrate a GREAT ski season

Buffy & John on the South Deck with Kyle & Corin

Buffy & John enjoy another rotten day in Heaven on South Deck

*  It was John's 80th birthday on Tuesday, March 2nd.  His birthday wish was to be able to ski with Buffy and some ski buddies and he got his wish.  Buffy made a "skier" lemon birthday cake which they could not resist sampling the night before.  The celebration continues with a romantic dinner of shrimp parm, red wine and a Buffy Grand Manier cordial all with music and candle light.

Ski buddies wish John Happy Birthday on the slopes

Buffy made John a special "Ski Cake"

The cake had John doing figure 8s on the frosting ski slope

Buffy and John share a Birthday toast.

Buffy lights the birthday cake candles

John tries to blow out the candles to get his Birthday wish

*  Friday February 12, 2021 marked the 51st day on snow for the 2021 ski season for Buffy & John.  The photo below was taken by ski buddy Chris on the Sugar Slope at Mountain Creek.  The other photo taken on the same day documents that the snow has survived since the snow fall of February 1st and 2nd.

Buffy & John on the Sugar Slope at the Mountain Creek Ski Resort

The Snow man measuring the depth of snow on 2/12/2021


*  How did we make out in the snow storm of Monday and Tuesday, February 1st and 2nd?  The photos below tell the story.  According to our Snow Man measuring guide we had approximately 2 feet.  We dug out late afternoon on February 2nd so we could hit the slopes at Mountain Creek on on Wednesday February 3rd.

The December 17th snow storm was 20"

The February 1 & 2nd snow storm covered our Snow Man

Buffy measures another 5" making the snow fall 25"

*  When she is not skiing or cookie and exotic dinner, Buffy continues to grow her knitting business, Buffy's Bargains.  The recent invention of a spindle rack for up to 14 different color bobbins has made it easier to make multicolored items such as the golf club cover being produced by Buffy.  Her Yoda doll has become a favorite.  Many of the items ranging from baby blankets, hats and booties to golf club covers are made to order. 

Buffy working on a special golf head club cover

She made this golf club cover for John

This Yoda has become a favorite gift for children

*  Christmas eve day was celebrated skiing, Zooming with family, enjoying a delicious flounder stuffed with crab meat dinner and watching the 1946 Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life".   It rained Christmas Day causing Buffy and John to miss Christmas Day skiing for the first time in recent memory.  However Zooming with son Brad and family and a delicious prime rib dinner made the day.  We are blessed and thank God every day for our health, fun activities, friends and family.

John celebrates another great dinner by Executive Chef Buffy

Buffy & John give a romantic Christmas toast to all their friends and family

*  One of the fun things about skiing is sharing a great day on the slopes with friends.  Buffy and John have been ski racing and skiing with the Howe family for many years.  Now the three bothers are enjoying free skiing, Tom with his wife Heidi and their two sons Landon and Lucas with uncle Richie providing some coaching support.

John, Buffy with Heidi, Tommy and Landon with Lucas in front

*  Mother nature delivered an early Christmas gift - over 15" of snow at Hidden Valley.  The good news is that the Mountain Creek Ski Resort would open on Thursday, December 17th to great powder conditions, but the bad news was that  Buffy and John were snowed in on top of Hidden Valley and would miss opening day for the first time in recent memory.  However they were ready for the lifts to open on the second day.

The snowman snowfall gauge at our home noted 16 inches

The car was buried in snow but covered to allow ease of removal

Buffy with Bob Faasse Supervisor of lifts on 2nd day

*  On Tuesday, December 15, 2020 Buffy and John took the final steps in getting ready for the 2021 ski season by picking up their season ski passes.  They celebrated the event with Mountain Creek Assistant General Manager Evan Kovach and two ski buddies from West Milford, Lauren and Paul Ferguson.

Mountain Creek’s Evan Kovach, John & Buffy Whiting & Lauren & Paul Ferguson celebrate receiving their passes

*  Buffy and John are excited that the 2020 - 2021 skis season is about to begin.  To kick off the new ski season Buffy & John visited BIGSnow, America's 1st indoor ski area, to get in a few warm up runs.  It was a great day followed by a safe Outbacks celebration of another fun day and the coming Holiday season.

Buffy & John are greeted by Mark at BIGSnow

Buffy & John thank BIGSnow friends for a fun day

Buffy is ready to do a run at BIGSnow

and away she goes...

*  If you are thinking about Christmas gifts for your wife, John has published his 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback and eBook editions. 

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