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"Sail For America"

A Celebration of a Great Country's Future - 09/14/02

Page 1 - Arrival & Let Freedom Run 


Our trip to Battery Park was VIP through security.

We were the only ones on this closed road because we had "Official" ID.

A fireboat gives a water cannon salute to kick off the day.

The sailboats gather.

The signs on the building tell the story of September 11th.

We arrive via a closed highway due to our "Press Credentials.". 

A sign on a Downtown building.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton overlooking Battery Park and the harbor.

The Ritz Carlton was the "Ritz".

We stopped by the Organizing Committee Headquarters to say "Hi"

"Let Freedom Run" was being run Downtown.

A finisher with a flag.

A family participates in memory of a lost sister. 

...And they take time after the finish for a photo.

The TV Press was there to record the event.

People stop to look at the Sphere that survived.

The damage to the Sphere was very evident.

The eternal flame was burning in front of the sphere.

Lady Liberty is visible through Battery Park. 

A giant eagle in Battery Park.

The Coast Guard guards the NY Harbor.

More finishers.  The American Flag was everywhere.

A WPIX TV Cameraman takes a break from his taping assignment.

A bomb scare closed down the Statue of Liberty Ferry for an hour.vbm.  

The Korean War Monument stands in the Park.

The "Rescuers" are ready to offer help. 

More sailboats gather in NY Harbor.

A disabled runner approaches the finish line.

...and another with a companionl. 

More runners complete the race.

A group representing the US Army round the last turn.

A "Staffer" begins to give directions, but ends up.... racers "High Five."

The Race was held in the shadow of wall street next to "Ground Zero."

All photographs taken by Buffy & John Whiting

Background photograph "Sail America 2002" taken by John T. Whiting

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