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Welcome to the World

Joseph Thomas Whiting

Joseph Thomas Whiting

Born: February 14, 2003

Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz * Height: 20 inches


Joseph Thomas Whiting takes a break after his entry to the world.

"This life is not so bad as long as they let me sleep."

But Buffy has to hold the new baby.

And DadPa has to take his turn with JTW.

The proud parents, Sue, Brad and Joseph Thomas.

...and Aunt Denise anticipating events to come.  She is due in April.

Dad provides a comfortable lap for JTW.

Mom holds JTW.

Buffy and DadPa, proud grandparents.

Sue with JTW, April 17, 2003

Sue and Stephen with JTW, April 17, 2003

Big brother Stephen with JTW, April 17, 2003

DadPa with Sue & JTW, April 17, 2003

Stephen's birthday gifts to baby Patrick Reilly & Aunt Denise.


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