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The 2002 Winter Olympics - Day One

Arrival and Skiing Park City 


Buffy and John begin their trip at Newark Airport at 7:10 AM

A statue in front of the Canyons, the home of NBC TV coverage

A first view of the slopes at the Canyons Resort

The Snowboarding venue

The snowboarding venue grandstand

Buffy and John are on the lifts at Park City by 11:00 AM

The snow at Park City was like velvet

The slopes at Park City

Buffy takes a break on the Park City slopes

A view of Park City from the Summit

A view from the porch of the Empire House

The Empire House, Buffy & John's home at the Olympics

A fireplace that turns on with a switch

The breakfast nook

The living room

The bed room

The living room and kitchen

The view from the breakfast nook Tuesday morning


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