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The Christening of 

Joseph Thomas Whiting

May 18, 2003

Family and friends gather to celebrate Joseph Thomas' Christening


The family gathers for the celebration of JT's christening.

"Hellos" are said outside the church.

The honored guest, Joseph Thomas Whiting, waits patiently for the event.

Buffy and JTW's Great Grandmother get caught up on past events.

Buffy and family members and JTW's God Mother.

The Deacon blesses Brad and Sue.

Dad, Brad is blessed by the Deacon.

Grandpa Tom, family and Brad.

The Christening of Joseph Thomas Whiting.

Brad lights a candle as God Father looks on.

The God Parents with Joseph Thomas Whiting (enjoying the event).

Brad, Sue and God Parents with JTW.

Deacon blesses JTW as God Mother looks on.

Stephen celebrates the Christening of his little brother JTW.

Stephen and his brother Joseph Thomas. 

Sue shows of the 100 year old Whiting Christening gown (Brad, Brad's Dad, Brad's Dad's Dad were all Christened in the Gown as were his Sister Denise, Denise's children, Meredith & Lillianna and Granddad John's sisters Peg and Anne).  Did I miss anyone?

Brad, Sue and Joseph Thomas Whiting.  A special day for the friends and family of JTW.


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